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10 Reasons Why Ecommerce Will Replace Shopping Malls One Day

ecommerce vs shopping malls

By: Noel Vermeire

Shopping malls out ~ Ecommerce in….Be on the wave of the future for retail!

Ecommerce has opened many virtual doors for consumers, they no longer have to drive to a mall or shopping center to find the products they need to fulfill their lives. They simply use their tablet, personal computer or mobile phone to research and purchase pretty much anything they want or need with a few simple clicks! This is the driving force of why ecommerce will one day replace shopping malls.
Here’s 10 important points we would like to share with you to give you a better understanding of the impact online shopping has on our society.
  1. Ecommerce is a Multitrillion Dollar Market. For some of the latest statistics about the ecommerce industry jump over to
  2. In the future we will see more and more malls go out of business as the 20 and 30 something’s simply buy online as that is in their “nature”. They have been raised to go online to find pretty much anything they desire. This will lead them to continue this through life and eventually trickle down to their future families. This create a ripple effect to continue on for generations.
  3.  In the future there is a huge imbalance of too many buyers and not enough sellers.
  4.  Drop shipping allows you to not have to invest in the overhead of inventory. Find out more about drop shipping here >>>
  5.  Ecommece allows you to not have to invest in the overhead of rent or commit to a lease.
  6.  You can at any time purchase inventory if you like.
  7.  There is always the option of Just in Time Inventory.
  8.  All of our sites are mobile-friendly which means customers can shop anywhere and at anytime. Learn more about having an ecommerce business that is mobile-friendly by going to
  9. You will enter into this opportunity with an instant exit strategy which is the ability to sell your business at any point.
  10.  An ecommerce business is like real estate. The more you work on your business the more it’s worth. As you increase it’s placement in Google, add products, increase the brand awareness the business now becomes worth more money.
To find out more about owning an internet business visit Be sure to review the Common Questions page at and check out our informative Video Library at

2 Responses to 10 Reasons Why Ecommerce Will Replace Shopping Malls One Day

  1. Kris says:

    Ecommerce businesses are so versatile with how you want to grow your business. As Jennifer brought up you can have a Dropship website but you don’t have to only stick with Dropshipping if you would like to offer other types of products on your site and you would like to hold inventory, that is always an option – but you don’t have to hold the inventory for all the products you offer because Dropshipping vendors are always there.

    Pure-Ecommerce has a great concept for their businesses in a box and 10 step process that includes 40 hours of consulting to help you through the process – which is great help when you are first starting out and getting everything ready to go!

    • Kris, thank you for your feedback and kind comments about the services we provide at Pure-Ecommerce. We appreciate your support! Ecommerce is very versatile and you can “mold” your business into what works for you. Whether it be drop shipping only, holding inventory or combining both – it is really up to you.

      If anyone is interested in an ecommerce business, please visit to request more information about our drop ship ecommerce businesses. Thanks so much!

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