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Meet the Team

Meet the Pure-Ecommerce Team!

Pure-Ecommerce has assembled a team of top-notch ecommerce experts to complete our team.  These dedicated team members live across the country and most of us have never met in person.  The reality of the internet makes this possible.  We communicate online by email and in chat and on the phone constantly daily.  Many of our clients marvel at how dedicated and committed our team is when we don't work in an office building under one roof.  Distance doesn't hamper our efforts, if anything it probably makes us more creative in what we do. As you will notice, the majority of us own our own ecommerce businesses which gives us a very unique perspective.  We have been in our clients shoes.  We know what they're facing and feeling and we can help them achieve a start to their dreams.  Reading the comments of our team members will show you the dedication we feel to Pure-Ecommerce, to our clients and to each other!

Jennifer Varner
Jennifer Varner
CEO & Founder of Pure-Ecommerce - Hawaii
As the former owner and founder of one of the largest online maternity clothing companies on the web, I have been where you want to be. My goal, when creating Pure-Ecommerce, was to allow clients the ability to step into a complete ready-to-go ecommerce business, while offering them someone to personally mentor them through the process of running an ecommerce business. It's an amazing privilege to be part of a budding entrepreneur's dream.


Jeff Varner
Jeff Varner
Managing Partner - Hawaii
I understand about the passion that goes into building a business from the ground up.  Meeting new clients and really focusing on what their vision is - that's my favorite part of every day.  It's exciting to show people that their goal is well within their reach!


Brittany Fullerton
Brittany F.
Lead Project Manager - Arizona
I have been a member of the Pure Ecommerce team since the beginning, and it has given me the ability to be home with my children as well as meet wonderful new business owners. I am so grateful for each and every client that I am able to build a relationship with.


Amber Layton
Amber L.
Lead Web Designer - Washington
Visually bringing a client's idea to life is so rewarding for me. Every project gives me the opportunity to create something new and unique. I take pride in my work, and will never leave it "good enough" - my work isn't complete until you love your design.


Noel Vermeire
Noel V.
Marketing Administrator | Executive Assistant - Florida
With a background in business administration and marketing, I feel right at home working at Pure-Ecommerce.My passion is customer service so I love consulting clients on Step 3. It is a joy to work with the clients of Pure-Ecommerce and help them bring the dream of owning and running their own ecommerce business to fruition!


Melissa Wright
Melissa W.
Full Charge Bookkeeper & Client Consultant - Michigan
Owning an online business is familiar territory to me. As the owner of a successful online retail site for nearly 5 years, I understand the excitement and dedication necessary to nurture this venture into success. I am honored to share my knowledge and experience with each of my clients, and enjoy consulting with each one on step 9.  It really makes me feel that I'm invested in their project right along with them, and there are few things so rewarding as watching your (or someone else's) dreams take life!


Lori Hanks
Lori H.
SEO Team Leader & Lead Client Consultant - Pennsylvania
I’m so excited to be helping clients fulfill their dreams of owning their own business. As SEO Team Leader and a Client Consultant for Pure-Ecommerce, I’m able to share my knowledge and experiences with clients to help them achieve suceess. My experience in owning my own business gives me that real life experience of ‘been there, done that’ to offer my clients. I’m thrilled to be a part of Pure-Ecommerce and love being a part of bringing dreams to reality.


Susie Bilodeau
Susie B.
Project Manager - Quebec, Canada
I am a mom as well as an online business owner since 2007.  I’m glad to have the opportunity to be part of the amazing Pure-Ecommerce team and to share some of my experiences with others. As a Project Manager, it gives me great pleasure to know that I will be a part of helping others achieve a goal!


Linda Hale
Linda H.
Project Manager & Client Consultant - California
I am blessed to have survived a 30+ year career in the retail industry! I married my college sweetheart 31 years ago and have two wonderful, adult children and full complement of pets!
I have always loved selling and service and as a Consultant for Pure-Ecommerce I have a unique opportunity to share my experience and knowledge. As a current site owner of my own since 2011, I am happy to help clients begin their journey with Steps 1, 2 & 4. I am grateful to be a part of this exciting time in the world of eCommerce.
I look forward to meeting and working with each one of you as you begin your new venture!


Julie Lewis
Julie L.
Project Manager & Client Consultant - Florida
As a Project Manager and Client Consultant for Pure-Ecommerce, I am thrilled to be part of this amazing team that turns a client's dream into reality. As a new owner of an online business- I've been there, so am I able to share what I have learned and experienced with our clients.

Nothing gives me a sense of accomplishment and more pleasure than helping others fulfill their own dreams of owning a business.


Dawn Cockell
Dawn C.
Project Manager - Mississippi
Experience from having owned an online business has given me the opportunity to help others with their new adventure. As a Project Manager for Pure-Ecommerce,I get to fufill my creative side. I love getting to help bring the websites to life. It gives me pleasure knowing that I have helped someone achieve their goal.


Samantha Kirya
Samantha K.
Project Manager & Client Consultant - Colorado | Africa
Owning an online business is very rewarding! As a mother to 3 beautiful boys and a successful owner of an online business since 2011 I can absolutely understand the desire of wanting to control your own destiny. It is such a pleasure to be working with Pure-Ecommerce and helping other business owners fulfill their goals and dreams.


Linda Rood
Linda R.
Admin Assistant & Client Consultant - Indiana
I am a very proud mother and grandmother. I am really excited to be part of Pure-Ecommerce.   I will be able to share what I have learned through Pure-Ecommerce and others businesses I have been part of. This experience has helped me to be able to help others.


Christine Rincon
Christine R.
Web Designer - Virginia
My background in Advertising and the Graphic Arts allows me to really understand the relationship between business and design.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to use this knowledge with Pure-Ecommerce in their Web & Maintenance department.  I enjoy working with our customers daily in an effort to keep their business in its best light.


Yvonne Goueffic
Yvonne G.
Project Manager - Alberta, Canada
As the owner of a Pure-Ecommerce business, I look forward to helping others achieve their goals. I believe that my own personal experience along with that of our amazing team, have the knowledge to help you realize the pleasure of owning your own successful business.


Sharon Shea
Sharon S.
Project Manager – Arizona
I live in Arizona, have 2 children, and have been married to Mike, the love of my life for 15 years. I am enjoying the opportunity to work with the Pure-Ecommerce team, as a project manager.


Lisa Copeland
Lisa C.
Client Consultant – Missouri
I am excited to be part of the Pure-Ecommerce team. One of my greatest passions is to work with people and be a part of helping them achieve their goals and watching their dreams become reality. I have a B.A. Degree in Business Administration and experience in sales/marketing and administration. I look forward to using this experience when working with clients. On a personal note, I have a wonderful husband of 22 years, a beautiful daughter and an adorable son. I truly feel blessed.


Florame Parilla
Florame P.
Client Support Team - Philippines
I am glad to be part of Pure-Ecommerce Support Team. I enjoy working with the team to deliver good results to Pure-E clients. I feel privileged to work with Pure-Ecommerce whose goal is to help aspiring entrepreneurs realized their dream business online.


Catherine Perry
Catherine P.
Client Consultant - North Carolina
I am thrilled to be a consultant for Pure Ecommerce. As a former trainer for financial services professionals, I have a passion for helping others understand information and concepts that may be new to them, and in doing so, enabling them to be successful in their endeavors. As an owner of an e-commerce website myself, I am “in the trenches” and can truly empathize with other website owners’ concerns and issues. I am committed to providing excellent service to my e-commerce clients to ensure that they have the knowledge they need to lead them on the road to success! I have two adult married daughters, a grandson and granddaughter, a 94-year old mom, a wonderful husband, and a Westie named “Monty” that I adore!


Karen Hufman
Karen H.
Client Consultant - Kansas
I am excited to be part of the Pure-Ecommerce team. One of my greatest passions is to work with people and be a part of helping them achieve their goals and dreams. I look forward to using my knowledge and experience with Quick Books both for Windows and for Mac when working with clients.


Jennifer Williams
Jennifer W.
Client Consultant – Texas
To become a winner, you must first become a contestant. Now that you've come up with a general game plan, let me be your coach. With over seven years of experience with creative content, marketing, design, advertising, and analytics, together, we will continue to grow and excel, not stopping until we find your personalized winning combination.


Cathy Braughton-Bazant
Cathy B.
Project Manager - Oregon
Combining my management and operational experience from 30+ years managing large operations in Corporate America, I'm having a blast running my own ecommerce business, learning something new every day, and unleashing my creativity. I loved working with Pure Ecommerce as a client and I’m excited to be part of the team helping others realize their dreams of entrepreneurial freedom.


Ashley Sweats
Ashley S.
Project Manager - Missouri
I am proud to be apart of the Pure-Ecommerce team, as a Project Manager. I look forward to helping others fulfill their dreams of owning an online business.


Carrie Mendoza
Carrie M.
Project Manager - Tennessee
I am married and have a 2yr old daughter and was seeking flexibility in my life when I came across Pure-Ecommerce. As a current online site owner myself, I have seen a whole new world open up. My experience has been in the education field for eight years now, and I am so excited to be a part of Pure-Ecommerce as a Project Manager and look forward to helping others fulfill their dreams, just as I did.


Esther Chuang
Esther C.
Project Manager - California
Working with pure e-commerce was such a great experience I decided to join in the team and work as a project manager. I'm always open to learning new things,ideas and assist those in need.


Kristin Parker
Kristin P.
Project Manager - Michigan
I am so excited to work as part of the Pure Ecommerce team.  I am also the owner of a Pure-Ecommerce business and I want to use my experience and knowledge to help others build their own business. I love working on the websites and with the customers.




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