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Choose Your Path to Become an Ecommerce Entrepreneur

By: Noel Vermeire
As you know there are many different ways to become an ecommerce entrepreneur today. Whether you decide to go the low-cost template route with no guidance, or if you prefer to purchase an up-and-running online business, we are confident that when you are doing your due diligence in researching “how to start an online business” you have heard of us at Pure-Ecommerce.
With great pride, we admit we are different from many of the other ecommerce services out there. We have been around for over 10 years assisting budding entrepreneurs, like you, start online businesses. We don’t offer just one path to starting your business, we offer several, and would like to explain them in further detail for you.

Why Ecommerce?

Have you been searching for a new path in your life? Are you ready to make a change to give you more freedom and flexibility? Then you should consider starting an ecommerce business. Why ecommerce?
Ecommerce is where retail is headed. The “death of brick and mortar” is upon us as statistics show consumers prefer to shop for necessities from the comfort of their home. According to the US Online Retailer Forecast by Forrester Research, online sales will reach $530 billion by 2020 in the U.S.  The number of consumers browsing and buying online will hit 270 million by 2020, driven largely by activity on mobile devices.
Just as shopping through an ecommerce retailer gives consumers the freedom and flexibility to buy from anywhere at any time, a drop ship ecommerce business does the same for you, its owner.
There are many benefits of starting a drop ship business, but to name just a few:
  • It allows you to work from any location with internet access.
  • You don’t have to hold any bulky or expensive inventory.
  • You can create a schedule that works for you.
The concept is simple, but it does require work, passion and the desire to become successful. This is where the professionals at Pure-Ecommerce step in to help you. We offer a few different paths to becoming an ecommerce entrepreneur – all you need to do is decide the best path for you. Let’s get started!

Paths to Becoming an Ecommerce Entrepreneur with Pure-Ecommerce


  1.     Ready-to-Go Business in a Box
Are you “ready to go” and excited to enter the online marketplace? Then purchasing a design-ready ecommerce business from Pure-Ecommerce with all the essentials you need to get started in the online marketplace is the right option for you.
Starting a ready-to-go website allows you to start much more quickly than many other routes. The design is ready, plus our team has worked on loading some of the initial products for you.
Many of our websites have the option of selecting the remaining products you want to sell online.
Once a new site is built the project manager takes the initial step of researching and contacting potential vendors to get the process started. This helps to jump-start the site before you purchase it. When you take ownership we transfer the vendor relationships over to you.
In buying a ready-made business, you get started with training and are able to go “live” sooner than with a custom or build-your-own business site.
Even though working with Pure-Ecommerce in purchasing a ready-made site makes the process quicker, you still need to spend time researching the industry and market. This gives you the knowledge you need to work in that market.



  1.     Custom Design Website

Do you have a concept in mind for your online business? Do you want to see your vision come to life? Then building a custom design website, from conception to completion, is the route you need to choose!
During this process, you will work one-on-one with a talented web design and project manager to interject and incorporate your ideas into the design of the website. Additionally, you’ll select the products you would like to offer. This process does take more time, more input, and a little extra effort, but oh boy is it worth it when you see your dream business come to life.
At Pure-Ecommerce we offer four different packages. We give our clients various options and price points to fit their needs. Two of the packages we offer does include our 10-step instructional program, as well as, access to our eLearning Library to give you the tools you need to set up, learn to run and market your new business.
If you have a vision in mind, want to more hands-on in the process and the desire to start your own online business then is the right path for you!



  1.     Build-Your-Own Business

We are excited to introduce our newest path to become an ecommerce entpreneur! Now you have the option to “build your own business” with the help of the professionals at Pure-Ecommerce.
Do you have your own product line that you want to promote online? Are you tech-savvy and want to pick-and-choose the options you want to start an online store? Or maybe you’re a current Pure-Ecommerce client who wants to expand your online presence.
Then let our team help you build your own business. We can assist you with shopping cart software, web hosting, domain names, design services, product management, as well as, training and technical support. All you need to do is complete the online quote questionnaire to select the options you would like included in your package. You can select as few or as many options as you like to fit your budget and needs. Then we’ll take it from there!
Take the first step now and get your instant quote. Once you’ve submitted your quote request we will email you the quote for the services you’ve requested then all you need to do is purchase the package to get started. Simple, right?



Enhancing Your Ecommerce Business

Do you already own an ecommerce business and want to “spruce” it up a bit? Then let the team at Pure-Ecommerce help you! We offer many different services to help you enhance your business.
Do you have writer’s block? We can assist you with writing content to “beef up” your SEO or our team can post quality blogs to reach potential customers. Have you lost your creative spirit? We can help inspire you with our Social Media Marketing Packages. Take advantage of our SEO and Marketing Services to take your online business to the next level!
Let our exceptional designers enhance your business with the design services we offer. From creating a new look for your website to designing logos for your social media pages – let our team take care of it for you!  If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with loading products, want to upgrade your shopping cart or are ready to change your domain name – then explore the website maintenance options we offer.
Are you a Pure-Ecommerce client who loves the resources we provide in our exclusive eLearning Library and would like additional access time? Do you need a little extra consulting time to help you understand how to run and market your website business? Need more support through our online ticket system? We can help with that too! Go to our training and consulting services page to find out more.
We value our relationship with our clients and we are dedicated to providing them with outstanding services to help them not only start but enhancements as they grow their ecommerce business.


Which Path Will You Choose?

No matter the option or path you choose, our mission is to help people with the desire and drive to become an ecommerce entrepreneur realize their dream then make it a reality. Our team is here to educate you on the various aspects of being in the online marketplace. Let’s take the first step together……


What Makes Pure-Ecommerce Different?


Finding the right consulting team to help you start an ecommerce business is crucial. That’s why we wanted to share with you how we are different and why you should choose to work with our team!

By: Catherine Perry

If you’re thinking about purchasing an ecommerce business, you have many choices available from which to shop. There are many companies that provide either a brand new business or an existing business for purchase. You will find many products and business industries represented. It can be a bit overwhelming, we know. This is why we wanted to explain how Pure-Ecommerce distinguishes itself from other companies that create ecommerce websites.

Here are some of the questions you probably have and will need to answer when choosing a company to purchase an ecommerce site from:

  • Should you purchase a business that has just been created and has no sales history? Or, should you purchase one that has been operating and has some history? There are pros and cons to both, and your decision may rest on your own preference and/or your budget.
  • Which industry should you choose? Should you purchase a site that is pet products, or one that is jewelry, or one that is medical supplies? What industry are you passionate about? Which industries you think are best poised for growth? You have many decisions to make.
  • Do you feel you need support to help you learn all aspects of the business—back-end platform, merchant services, product inventory, search engine optimization, marketing? If this will be a new venture for you and you have no previous experience owning an ecommerce website, you may feel like a “fish out of water” with the back-end of the business, the inventory side of the business, marketing through social media, and so on. How will you quickly learn these aspects of the ecommerce business? Having support through the initial phases of getting a business up and running could make all the difference and be critically important for you.
We at Pure-Ecommerce provide a unique approach of offering quality, brand new online business opportunities with exceptional service after the sale. As you shop around, you won’t find this level of service with other companies. Here are five reasons why Pure-Ecommerce is different from the majority of companies that are selling ecommerce businesses.

Reason #1: Ready-Made Internet Businesses,  Custom Design Websites or Build Your Own Business Options

At Pure-Ecommerce you a few different options when it comes to starting your own ecommerce business. We like to give our clients different paths to entering the online marketplace. It is important to us to fit into your niche, your budget and your support level needed. It is up to you to pick the best path for you in order to do what you love!
We excel in creating ready-made internet businesses that are designed with branding and marketing in mind, so you don’t have to be involved in this process if you don’t want to–you just shop through our sites that are already created with inventory loaded for drop-shipping. The initial work has been done for you so that all you need to do is get the business operating! We create beautiful websites with domain names and site names that have search engine optimization as a focus, which is very important in creating a brand for your business. Our design specialists have a depth of experience in knowing what will be a great brand so that you are able to market and get noticed by the search engines.
another option, if you want to drive the design process because you have great ideas, you can! Our designers work with you to create a custom design website that you develop. You provide the inspiration and we provide the technical skill to bring it together. We offer four different packages to fit the needs of budding entrepreneurs to develop their dream business.
Finally, we offer budding entrepreneurs the option to “Build Your Own Business”. This route allows you to pick-and-choose the services that best fit your needs. We can assist you with shopping cart software, web hosting, domain names, design services, product management, as well as, training and technical support. All you need to do is register for portal access, complete the online questionnaire to build the package that fits your needs and then we’ll send you an individualized quote. This is the perfect package for those who want to promote their own products online, are tech-savvy and need less assistance in getting started or a current Pure-Ecommerce Client who wants to expand their online presence.
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Pure-Ecommerce-Project-ManagersReason #2: Project Manager

Whether you choose the ready-made or custom route you will have a project manager to assist you. This is because we think it is important to have a single contact person you can work with during our process. We want to ensure your website’s layout fits the needs of your customer. Plus, have the inventory loaded that is in good order. Our project managers have experience in taking the lead role and will be there to help guide you as you start your new website.  With Pure-Ecommerce, you have that one person, the project manager, who you know and can rely on to make sure you have the guidance to find the answers to your questions.

Reason #3: 10-Step Training ProgramPure-Ecommerce-10-Step-Process

Our goal at Pure-Ecommerce is for you to have a successful ecommerce business. When you start a new job, there is a period of time where you’re learning what is involved and how to do it. Purchasing an ecommerce website is no different. Pure-Ecommerce knows that the learning curve can add time to getting the site operating–and you want that site up as quickly as possible! Even if you’ve previously owned a site or sites, there is still a bit to learn with a new platform.
So, to fill this learning gap, we designed a 10-step training program that is invaluable to you as a new owner. Our training program starts with the basics and goes through all of the critical aspects of your business, covering everything from the initial task of getting a business license through setting up merchant services and PayPal, on to performing search engine optimization (SEO), marketing through social media and blogging, setting up QuickBooks, and finally advertising on search engines.
The training program is provided in written form through our eLearning Library. After you read the material for a step then you have time on the phone with a consultant for that step. We believe that reading and then getting reinforcement from our “teachers” is the best way for you to learn each aspect of the running your business. Our consultants have experience and skills in the steps they work on with you. They become both a teacher and a coach to help you if you are struggling in a certain area. This availability to you is invaluable to your success and this makes Pure-Ecommerce unique. The Pure-Ecommerce team is here to help “cheer” you on and to give you to the tools you need; you just need the drive, passion and put in the hard work to make your business work for you!
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Pure-Ecommerce-ConsultingReason #4: Consultants Available for Help

So, after you go through a step-by-step training then you’re “ready” to perform all the many tasks you have as the owner of a brand new ecommerce business…right? Well, maybe you are, but maybe you aren’t. Once you actually start the work, you will probably have additional questions. And sometimes you just need to have confirmation that you are doing something correctly. Pure-Ecommerce recognizes this as another gap in other companies because they don’t offer services to help you set yourself up for success as you start your own online business.
We provide 40 hours of step-by-step ecommerce consulting when you purchase a ready-made internet business or our custom packages #3 or #4. This time gives you extra coaching that you may need so you don’t feel like you are out in the deep waters along with no support. Other companies who sell websites don’t offer this kind of availability. Most of our clients don’t use the entire 40 hours of consulting time that is included. they are up and running with much less coaching. But, again, this is a part of the service after the sale that we at Pure-Ecommerce provide.

Reason #5: Long HistoryPure-Ecommerce-Experience

Pure-Ecommerce has over ten years in the ecommerce website development business. When you purchase a site from us, you get our depth of experience. You also get the peace of mind that we are providing our clients with a top-quality website. It’s simple, We care about our clients! we strive to put you in a position of developing a successful, profitable ecommerce business. You just need to put the work in to take your business to the next level. We think our business model shows this commitment to excellence. We are here to help budding entrepreneurs bring their vision of owning their own business to life.
If you are looking to buy an ecommerce business, and you want support after your purchase, look no further…Pure-Ecommerce provides a product, service, and support that sets us apart from the others. We are uniquely qualified and we are ready to work with you!


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