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Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Starting Your Dream Online Business


Overcome Your Fears and Bring Your Dream of Starting an Online Business Into Reality!

By: Bailey Holtz

We all have fears, right? Whether it’s the fear of being alone, not being successful, not living up to our full potential or simply the fear of getting something new started. No matter your fear it’s time to examine ways to overcome the fears that are stopping you from bringing your dream of starting an online business into reality.

Let’s start from the beginning when you were a child. You were probably afraid of witches, goblins, monsters, and all things that go bump in the night. Right? At times, you’d find yourself paralyzed with fear at night. You heard something strange and lie there afraid of what might lurk in the shadowy depths of your closet. You remember being unable to fall back asleep, but also unable to run into your parents’ room for comfort. It was a terrible feeling, right? FEAR can be paralyzing if you let it…

Now, you can laugh at all the things that made you scared back then. How young and naive you were, how simple your problems then! Now, of course, you have real, adult fears that keep you up at night. For instance, not being able to pay the bills, failing at work, angering our bosses, disappointing your children, not being able to retire…this dizzying list could go on forever. 

These are real fears, right? They are legitimate fears that you cling on to. We all tell ourselves, if we aren’t afraid, then everything will go off the rails. So this leads us all to keep these fears in place as chain-link fences around our lives and aspirations. If you are ever tempted to escape, to try something new, to venture outside of your comfort zone, the fence of fear will keep you safely contained. Because it feels better to be afraid and safe than fearless and untethered. 

What we often don’t realize until it’s too late is that many of our present, adult fears are just as irrational as our childhood ones. Often, we put them in place so we don’t have to contemplate the vastness of our dreams or the incredible extent of our abilities.

It feels unpleasant to think about all the things you aren’t doing with your life, so you just pretend that you have no choice in the matter. Too many mouths to feed. Too many loans to pay off. You can’t, you shouldn’t, You won’t. You are letting fear win!

let go of fear - roseanne cash quote

Ask yourself these questions…

  • What if you could be a responsible adult minus the crushing fear?
  • What if you could wake up every day with confidence that you can meet all your financial needs AND pursue your interests and passions?

Sounds pretty great, right? At Pure-Ecommerce, we see first-hand that it is possible to be fiscally responsible and lead a life you enjoy. Every day, we work with people who have decided to stop allowing FEAR to sit in the driver’s seat. We get to see people start to take control of their destiny and fall in love with their lives a little bit more. We specialize in the transition from fear-based living to aspiration-based living and have the tools to help you make it happen. If you dream of crushing your fears and starting an online business that’s all yours. You’ve come to the right place!

Read on to discover how to conquer your fears, and move forward with purpose…

Expel Your Irrational Fears!

According to Productive and Free, putting things on paper helps us see when our fears are irrational and when they are legitimate. It’s very important to make a distinction between legitimate and illegitimate fears! 

Legitimate fears can be useful because they lead us to productive actions. On a sheet of paper, write down all the fears you have about starting your own online business. The key here is to be ultra-specific. If you are afraid you won’t be able to send your kids to college if you start your own business, then outline exactly why you think that. If it’s difficult to explain why you are afraid, then it might be an irrational fear. Cut it out of the equation! Let it worry you no longer.

When you take the time to write down your intentions it gives you the opportunity to really explore them in more detail. For instance, you can take the time to clarify your goals, priorities, and intentions. Plus, by writing things down this will increase your motivation and drive to overcome your fears. By writing down your overall intentions, goals and even fears it gives you the opportunity to examine them. You can then make a plan to put your goals in action and ways to expel your irrational fears!

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stop to look fear in the face - eleanor roosevelt quote

Rigorously Research…Yourself!

Often times it is a hard task to think about ourselves. You are always busy thinking and doing things for others. Well, it is time to think about YOU! Yes, it can be frightening focusing on yourself. Although in order to overcome any fears you may about starting an online business you need to research yourself.

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you have the desire to be your own boss?
  • Are you will to make a plan, stay focused and work hard to start your dream business?
  • Will starting an online business be a good next step for you?
  • What is the hard evidence that you can succeed in a role like this?

If you’re ready to get started then now it’s time to take a look at yourself and what you have to offer your business. According to the Harvard Business Review, finding the right position for you requires a cold, hard look at your work history. First, list those strengths! What have you enjoyed in your previous jobs? Be specific, and try not to be biased in favor of starting a new role (for example, “I am good at curating product collections and organizing home offices!”). Ask others for their insights on your strengths (and possible weaknesses!). Look at previous feedback you’ve received from your bosses, and then practice “hiring yourself” for your current job. Would you? Why or why not? What skills did you need to acquire, and what did you have on hand already? 

As a final step, return to your original list of strengths and modify them according to the new information you’ve received. You will come away with a better picture of yourself as a worker, and a better understanding of whether or not you will be suited to starting your own online business. 

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Create a Plan

Once you’ve decided that starting your own business is the right move for you, then it’s time to create a plan. You need to prepare harder than you’ve ever prepared before! Because, again, dispelling fear is not enough. You need to be fearless and prepared! But if you’ve done the hard work of ridding yourself of the worries that have governed your life, then this part will be a piece of cake!

get out and get busy - dale carnegie quote

Forbes has an excellent article about crafting business plans, which we highly recommend you write. You may not be going to sources for funding, but it is immensely helpful to have a plan in place for yourself, so you can hold yourself accountable, and move forward with a sense of purpose. It also helps you maintain realistic expectations. You may dream of making thousands of dollars in a week, and may then be disappointed if you inevitably don’t. Avoid those sorts of emotional pitfalls by planning ahead! 

Luckily for you, Pure-Ecommerce will give you all the support you need on your journey to business ownership. We offer 40 hours of consulting, so you have all the knowledge you need to start off on the right foot. We also have an Elearning Library available to our clients, so you can easily access the information you need at any time of day.

Our team is here to help take the fear out of starting your own online business. Browse our FAQ page for more information, and then get in touch with us to find out we can help you get started!  

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Why You Should Consider Starting an Online Fitness Business

starting an online fitness business

Reasons it’s a Great Time to Enter the Fitness Industry By Starting an Online Fitness Business

By: Bailey Holtz

Have you noticed there has been a massive boom in fitness culture over the last decade? From the rise of health clubs to specialized boutique fitness studios, evidence of the obsession with healthfulness and fitness is everywhere.

As reported in the article, “The Six Reasons The Fitness Industry is Booming” by Forbes, the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, says “The health and fitness industry in the U.S. is a $30 billion industry and has been growing by at least 3 – 4% annually for the last ten years.” They continue by adding, “The industry shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If anything, it’s accelerating.”

This is great news for national health, but also great news for entrepreneurs! If you’re seeking to start a business venture, the fitness industry is a fertile and welcoming place to do so. There is plenty of demand, innovation, and growth in the market. That makes starting an online fitness business a great idea!

That’s why at Pure-Ecommerce, we like to provide potential ecommerce entrepreneurs with information on the industry which interests them. That’s why we’re here to provide you with the history of the fitness culture in the U.S. Plus, exploring some of the current fitness trends. All this is healthy and nutritious “food for thought” as you contemplate your very own fitness business! 

The Rise of the Gym

Since the days of the Greeks who spent time in outdoor gymnasiums, training for the Olympic Games. Humans have been drawn to physical fitness and how it benefits their lives. While now in modern times, there is a more institutionalized incarnation of our quest for physical prowess. This can be traced back to the first Gold’s Gym, which opened in Venice, California in 1965, according to the Washington Post. Once that gym rose to prominence, thanks to the 1977 documentary Pumping Iron, which featured a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. Gyms began to enter the mainstream. By the 1980s, the average American found themselves being pulled into one of the many gyms sprouting up around the country. By the 1990s, exercise had veritably exploded as a national pastime, according to Toptal

the rise of the gym - reasons for 
starting an online business

The desire to attain physical health shows no sign of letting up! Americans continue to invest heavily in their personal fitness. According to IHRSA, the International Health, Racquet, & Sportsclub Association, 70.2 million Americans own health club memberships. That’s a growth figure of about 33% since 2008, with no sign of a slow-down in sight. 

Boutique Fitness Classes

Once Americans had become accustomed to the idea of visiting a gym regularly, entrepreneurs and fitness gurus sought to redefine what fitness could mean for modern audiences. Rather than repeating the same exercises day in and day out. The development of specialized and boutique fitness centers started to offer up fun and exciting programs that made working out glamorous and community-oriented. According to the Washington Post, one of the earliest trends was Jazzercise, started in the late 1960s. This was quickly followed by a swath of others: Aerobics, Tae Bo, Zumba, Spinning, Hot Yoga, CrossFit, Barre, Pilates, Peloton, SoulCycle…and the list goes on!  

Nowadays, according to Toptal, modern boutiques cater primarily to millennials, who want to feel immersed in a community. They are for people who seek out a specific workout culture, and those who desire the flexibility to participate whenever they want to. 

Classes like this have a higher price tag than most gym memberships, yet they continue to accrue loyal audiences. According to Fitt Insider, between 2012 and 2015, membership at boutique studios grew by 70%, a massive increase. 

boutique fitness classes - reasons to start an online fitness business

This is good news for independent retailers and online fitness businesses! Each of the most successful fitness studios—CrossFit, SoulCycle, OrangeTheory, etc.—occupies a unique niche. In each fitness niche, there is a different type of fitness gear required for that particular form of exercise. Therefore, this creates certain niches in the retail market as well. For instance, the exercise equipment for a pilates class is completely different from that of a HIIT class. This requires a member to acquire one or both. You will find a great many different needs in the exercise community. This will give you the ability to tailor your business to meet one or multiple. Since trends are always evolving, there will be an endless supply of customers seeking the latest, greatest exercise accouterment! 

At Home Fitness

While gym memberships continue to grow, at-home fitness programs, have also grown tremendously in popularity. Whether gym-members use it as a supplement to their regular workouts. Or if they do all their training from the comfort of their own homes.

Research shows Americans love the option of getting their daily exercise right in their living- or bedrooms. According to Augusta Free Press, 65% of Americans prefer working out at home to working out at the gym. For 45%, this is because the cost of a gym membership is too high. 32% claim getting to the gym is too much of a hassle. While 24% don’t like working out next to the intense exercise junkies. All this points to the home becoming the next big exercise spot. 

at home fitness - reasons to start an online fitness business

Many fitness companies have capitalized on the movement of the gym into the home. Nowadays, there are so many programs to choose from some people might need help selecting the one that’s right for them. The good news for online fitness business owners is that regardless of the program consumers select, they will very likely need exercise gear to be able to participate fully in all types of exercises. There is a multitude of fitness products that at-home fitness enthusiasts will need to have at their fingertips. For instance, necessary accessories, like mats, weights, jump ropes, elastic bands, foam rollers and more. All of which you can provide to home-fitness junkies will seek out when you own your own online fitness business!

Athleisure Wear 

The portmanteau “athleisure wear” entered the mainstream a few years ago when the comfort and style of yoga pants transformed from simple garment into a way of life. Since then, the yoga pant has spawned an entire industry of fitness-oriented clothing that can (and should!) be worn outside of the gym. According to Forbes, active bottoms and leggings are now a $1 billion industry unto themselves. 

athleisure wear - reasons to start an online fitness business

What sets athleisure wear apart from other types of clothing is not only the form and function but also the incredible and unstoppable growth it has experienced. Again according to Forbes, most new clothing products have a period of explosive growth, until the market becomes saturated and growth slows. This has not been the case of athleisure wear, which continues to grow, promulgated by both big and small players alike. This means that you, too, can jump on the athleisure wear train, and profit from the booming popularity of this garment niche. After all, will there ever be a time when humans don’t seek out clothing that is as comfortable as it is stylish? Not likely!

Now Is the Time

Regardless of whether you’re a fitness buff yourself, or just someone interested in starting an online business with growth potential. The fitness industry can help make your ecommerce business dreams come true. With plenty of niches to enter, and demand showing no sign of slowing down, fitness is your ticket to successful new business ownership! 

Now is the time to think about starting your own online fitness website for sale. Why? Because there will be a spike in new gym memberships and fitness consciousness once the first quarter of the year rolls around in January through March. That is when everyone will be thinking even more about their health and fitness. This leads consumers to shop for all the fitness essentials they need whether they are entering a local gym, fitness class or choosing to work out at home. Buying a fitness website now gives you the time to get your business up and running for that very busy first of the year!

Are you ready to explore the exciting and expanding fitness industry? Then visit to see our collection of ready-made online fitness businesses now!

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