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5 Tips for Attending Trade Shows

5 Tips for Attending Trade Shows

Attending industry trade shows are a great way to further develop your internet business product collection. Not only do you get to meet new vendors, touch base with current vendors, but it also allows you to see the newest products being offered in your industry.

Pure-Ecommerce would like to provide you with 5 Tips for Attending Trade Shows:

1. Be Prepared – Map it Out:

Before attending the show visit the trade show website to view the exhibit location floor map. Print out the floor layout and mark each vendor’s booth you wish to visit. If you are unable to attend all the booths you anticipated on the first day, that evening update your map to meet your needs for the second day of the trade show.

2. Time Management:

This is essential especially if you are attending a trade show with hundreds or even thousands of product vendors. You will want to also take into consideration the amount of time you will be attending the show – one day, two or maybe even three.

3. Devise a Plan:

By combining tip #1 with tip #2, you can devise a plan on how to map out the exhibitors while managing the time you have to speak with your top vendors. It is okay not to stop at each booth, keep moving unless you see a product vendor which will benefit your online business. It is best to build in extra time so you will not stress if you do want to stop and speak with a vendor in which you had not mapped out.

4. Keep it Brief:

Let your vendors know you are on a tight schedule so they will not monopolize all of your time by going into too many product demonstrations or details which may not be needed at the time of the show. Before attending the show write down the most important questions you feel you should as each vendor. For example, do they offer drop shipping, quick overview of their policies, what are their latest products, etc. Also be sure to ask for any important documents or samples from each vendor.

Be sure to have lots of business cards with you. Have them easily accessible so you can give each vendor you meet with a business card.

5. Storage for the Freebies:

Bring a rolling bag or back pack to put all the samples and documentation you receive from each vendor. Your hands will fill up quickly and it will be too cumbersome to hold as you walk through the exhibit hall. By having a bag with you, you can place all the goodies in your bag and keep moving!

Industry trade shows are an excellent way to not only meet new vendors, but a great opportunity to meet your current vendors face-to-face. It is also a great opportunity for you to network with other small business or internet business owners.

Keep an eye out for an industry trade show in your local area or make a point to travel to one major show each year. It is an important part of your business as you will always want to keep abreast of the latest products to offer your valued customers.

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