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Dreaming of working anywhere and anytime?

Dreaming of working anywhere and anytime?

Pure-Ecommerce can help you make that dream a reality!

Are you tired of the daily grind? Working for someone else on their schedule and where they say?

 Do you need a more flexible schedule? Where you can determine the time to work? Do you need a schedule that balances the demands of family life? Sick of the daily commute and all the time you simply spend in a car going back and forth to work?

 One option is to pursue a career in telecommuting. Telecommuting program is offered by some companies where they allow workers to work from home.

Advantages of telecommuting have proven to be:

  • less time spent commuting back and forth
  • cost savings in gas, food and clothing  
  • no need for relocation – you don’t have to uproot the whole family  
  • more autonomy and independence 
  • flexible schedule 
  • more comfortable work environment 
  • less distractions 
  • no office politics 
  • ability to balance work and family 
  • higher job satisfaction

(Source: Telework: The Advantages and Challenges of Working Here, There, Anywhere and Anytime by Nancy Kurland and Diane Bailey – Stanford)

The challenge comes from executives like Marissa Mayer who recently cut the work from home program at Yahoo. Telecommuting still doesn’t address the issue of having to work for someone else – meeting their deadlines and putting the results of your efforts into their pockets.

Have you considered owning your own business? More specifically, have you thought about purchasing an internet business for sale and operating it from anywhere in the world? Yes, it is possible and for less than you might think.

To operate an ecommerce website you essentially need three things:

  1. a laptop or computer
  2. internet connection 
  3. a phone

If you have these three things, then you can work your business from anywhere and anytime. Pure-Ecommerce designs and sells internet businesses. Our professional designers create websites that target niche markets. We find drop ship vendors, secure the relationship for you and load the products on the website. Drop ship means you carry no inventory. You receive an order the customer pays you retail for the item and for the cost of shipping. You place the order with your vendor, pay wholesale for the product and for the cost of shipping. The vendor ships the order directly to your client. You deposit the profit (the difference between the retail and wholesale price) into your bank account. We call this our ecommerce business in a box. It is a home business opportunity that allows you to work anywhere, anytime that is convenient for you and meets your needs.

You will need to work your business. Just like anything worthwhile, it takes effort. But the effort is all for your pocket and not someone else’s. And, when you enjoy what you’re doing and where you’re doing it – it’s not really work!

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