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Reason #23: Learn How to Run Your Internet Business with Step-by-Step Consulting

Reason #23: Learn How to Run Your Internet Business with Step-by-Step Consulting

Have you always wanted to start your own online business, but unsure where to begin? By choosing to work with the ecommerce consulting firm, Pure-Ecommerce, you will not only receive a professional internet business, but you will also receive 40 hours of ecommerce consulting.

We know it can be overwhelming and daunting task to start your own internet business, this is why 7 years ago Jennifer Varner, CEO of Pure-Ecommerce, created a 10 step instructional program for budding entrepreneurs to learn how to setup, run and market their new ecommerce business. After starting and running her own successful website she decided to assist other ecommerce entrepreneurs as they step into the own internet business. The 10 step program is housed in our exclusive ELearning Library which you will have access to 24/7. This will allow you to work through our process on your own time and at your own pace.

The ecommerce consultants at Pure-Ecommerce will work with you as you go through the 10 Step Instructional Program in which covers the following areas:

Step 1 Basic Business Practices
This step covers everything you need to do to prepare your business to run including a complete “to do” list of what you need to have in place to run your business from home. 

Step 2 How to Work the Back End 
During this back end consult we go over how to work the back end of your site, check orders, and upload product photos and images. You will also learn how to add and delete categories and pages. You will learn all aspects of working the back end office of your site except for programming and design.

Step 3 Vendor Step

During this step we teach you how to research communicate and work with new vendors as you continue to build your internet business. We also provide you with an example of a vendor letter, as well as, a list of trade shows that are involved in your area of trade. You will be given your final list of drop ship vendors by your assigned project manager. 

Step 4 Shipping & Merchant Account 

This step goes over how to set up your merchant account, sales tax, and shipping charges. We also go over how to determine what to charge for shipping and how to customize your merchant account. We also go over international shipping, what to charge for international orders, and what type of documentation you need to have on your site.

Step 5 Search Engine Optimization 

During this step we will review with you how to best optimize your site so that you show up in the search engines for your main search terms. This step is done in multiple sessions to ensure you learn the latest techniques in search engine optimization. 

Step 6 Online & Offline Marketing-Social Media
During this step we teach you how to market your online business using various online and offline strategies. We also go over newsletter marketing and the use of social media to expand your business.

Step 7 Pay-Per-Click Advertising

During this step we go over how to work and understand pay-per-click marketing. First we meet to go over basic set up. Then we let you go to work and create your campaigns. We then meet again to discuss what you did right and what you did wrong. We then turn the campaigns on and let them run. We then meet a couple of weeks later to review the stats on the campaigns and discuss tweaks and changes.
Step 8 Analytics and Statistics 

How to best use these numbers to improve your site as well as your marketing efforts. We look at your site meter, Google Analytics, and your cpanel.

Step 9 QuickBooks Set up 
We go through the basic set up of QuickBooks Pro with you. 

Step 10 Site Review
Together we look at your site, your seo efforts, and your marketing efforts and offer feedback as to your work to date. 

Here is a visual guide to layout the road map to our consulting program:

When you purchase an internet business in a box for sale at Pure-Ecommerce you will receive 40 hours of ecommerce consulting to use within the first year of your business. We have multiple consultants on our team who will assist you as you work through each step. In the step process your questions will be answered via email, phone and our online support system. You will even be assigned a Project Manager who is there to direct you as well. Our entire team is dedicated to customer service and you can go to our client testimonial page to see the awesome feedback from our clients. At Pure-Ecommerce we can not guarantee your success, but we put the right tools into your hands in order to help you make your online business a success. It is up to you to create your own success story!

Let 2014 be YOUR year to become an ecommerce entrepreneur – let’s Pure-Ecommerce help you start a New Year, a New You and a New Internet Business!

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