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How to Prepare Your Internet Business for Spring Sales

Spring is around the corner. This is a great time for consumer sales online. People are coming out of the doldrums of winter. They haven’t spent money in a while and they are SO ready for spring especially after this extremely chilly, snowy winter.
Consumers have bright sunny money waiting to explode in their pocket. And who can resist, especially after a long gray winter, beautiful spring décor, clothing and accessories!

In certain industries you will see March, April and May as your biggest quarter of the year. Potential customers are planning for spring break trips, as well as, winter break vacations. Furthermore, customers are thinking about preparing their outside and inside of the home for spring. This is a big time of the year to refresh our homes look with new décor items.

Consumers have refreshed their bank accounts since holiday spending left their account depleted and many have large checks coming to them from the IRS. Let the Spring Shopping Season Begin!

How to Prepare Your Internet Business for Spring Sales:

1. Review your Keywords and Review your Competitors Keywords

One word; SPYFU! SpyFu will tell you what your competitors bid on last spring season. This is especially useful if this is your first spring shopping season in business. Check out what words or phrases they spent the most on last year and the year prior. Let this be a map on what words you should focus on in your SEO work.

2. Blogging and Search Engine Optimization

After reviewing your competitors keywords it’s now time to focus on those words in your SEO work. Think BLOG post by the very word or words you are working on! Make sure you follow up with posting links to the blog article on your Social Media too!

3. Marketing Your Internet Business

We all know that nothing is more important than SEO, but don’t forget Social Media. Social Media is king in Spring! Get customers excited and motivated to view what’s new at your store. You can hold giveaways or contests to get consumers to share your posts. Post links to items for sale 2-3 times per day.

4. Preparing Your Website Design for Spring

Just as you spruce up your home in spring, it’s time to “pretty up” your website – let it sing the praises of Spring! Use fun phrases or quotes and be sure to set up a “What’s New for Spring” or “Shop our Spring Boutique” or even “10 Must Have’s for Spring 2014” categories. This will help you highlight new spring products and entice them to shop these “hot” items!

Be creative, have fun with it, but let your website sing the praises of the new season while making your products the star!

5. Count Your Blessings!

What’s is the greatest reminder of spring? New birth, new life, warm weather, the reminder you survived the storm and you now get to enjoy the rainbow! Be happy! Be blessed! You own an internet business which means you get to stay at home and run your business while enjoying the glorious spring weather! Let your blessings shine through  and let your creativity run wild.

Happy Spring!

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