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What are Sister Sites & How They Can Help You Increase Your Online Presence

I am sure you have heard of the term “Sister Stores”, but you may not have heard of the term “Sister Sites”. What are sister sites and how can they benefit you as you consider starting an online business? Sister sites are two e-commerce businesses which offer products in the same or similar niche markets that can help compliment each other. It is our belief that owning multiple website businesses can help you further expand your brand presence. For instance, you could own one site in the maternity industry while owning a second site in the baby industry in order to cater to both expectant and new moms, plus their babies too. You also have the option of owning one sister site that offers a collection of home furnishings while the second sister site has everything your customers would need to decorate their homes by carrying a selection of home decor pieces. Either way – it is a win-win for you and your customers!

Purchasing “sister sites” can definitely be beneficial to you as an online business owner. By purchasing sites that are either similar in name or similar in target markets can ultimately help you increase your presence in the marketplace in these various ways.

  1. Increases your exposure to current and potential customers.
  2. Increases your brand presence by owning two or more sites.
  3. Increases your marketability by having similar domain name that compliment each other and help create a more memorable brand in your customers’ eyes.
  4. Increases the number of products you are able to offer your customers. They will have a wider variety of products and more products choices to select from to fulfill their purchasing needs.
  5. Increases traffic results as you are able to link each online store. This will not only make it more convenient for your customers to click and shop between both stores, but you will be able to link the site to help maximize your SEO efforts. can help you find the right sister sites. To find out about sister site benefits and the sister niche market websites for sale visit us at Remember with multiple sites = more exposure and presence = more customers = more sales!!!

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