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Pure-Ecommerce attends International Living’s Ultimate Retire Overseas conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Pure-Ecommerce is thrilled to share insights for those wishing to retire overseas and start an ecommerce business!

IL Mexico 3International Living has been helping people retire overseas for over 30 years and Pure-Ecommerce is excited to partner with them in their efforts.  “We’re here in Puerto Vallarta to share information on how to fund your life and retire overseas.  Whether you’re looking to retire overseas or you’re looking to fund your travels.  Owning an ecommerce site is a great business to do it with” states Brittany Fullerton, Lead Project Manager for Pure-Ecommerce.   Pure-Ecommerce is a perfect fit for anyone looking for flexibility with a business. You can determine when you want to work and where making it a great choice for those wishing to retire overseas.  “Ecommerce is growing 10% annually so it is a great time to start an internet business” replied Linda Hale, a Pure-E client consultant, “few businesses have this type of growth potential.”

IL Mexico 1According to International Living, “at a time when nest eggs have shrunk, Social Security is less-than secure, and “guaranteed” pensions have turned out to be not-so-guaranteed after all… looking beyond America’s borders makes good sense.”  This conference is dedicated to showing attendees how they can make the most of their interests and goals to retire overseas.  But not just where to go and what you could do, but also how to do it.  They bring together speakers and exhibitors to educate conference attendees on how to pursue this dream and what possible issues may arise.

Pure-Ecommerce is excited to be a part of this event.  Our efforts and those of International Living really align.  Our mission is not just to sell internet businesses for sale but also to teach you what you need to know to get your business up and running.  Our ready-made internet business come with a beautifully designed website.  We establish the relationship for you with drop ship vendors.  Drop ship means you don’t have to carry any inventory which makes this type of business perfect for someone looking to pick up and move overseas.  Low overhead and low operating costs also make it an ideal business prospect for those looking to retire overseas. Additionally a business in a box site includes 40 hours of ecommerce training and consulting.   Jen Varner, our CEO and founder developed our ten step process after starting her own ecommerce site years ago.  “I had incredible successes and hit many hard bumps on the way.  I felt I could share this information with others looking to start their own business.  I truly believe in entrepreneurship and that everyone should have the opportunity who wants it” stated Jen.  She made it her mission to create a company that would help others pursue their dream and get their business off the ground by providing them with the information they need to start and run their business.

When asked what makes Pure-Ecommerce different from other sites that sell internet businesses, Lori Hanks, SEO Team Leader and Lead Client Consultant replied “it’s that we’re there for our clients.  We give them the information they need to get started but we don’t leave them there.  Our consultants walk our clients through the ten steps and we get to know them.  We’re vested in helping them get the best possible start for their business.”IL Mexico 2

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