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Online Gift Websites For Sale – Tap Into the 2014 Holiday Season and Beyond!

Want to tap into the 2014 holiday shopping season and beyond? You should consider purchasing an online gift website for sale. Here we share with you the reasons you should and tips on how to get started!


The 2014 holiday shopping season is upon us and now is the time to think about tapping into the record breaking online shopping season with a online gift website. In 2013 it was another record breaking year for ecommerce as shoppers logged on in droves this past Cyber Monday. According to the Adobe Systems report Cyber Monday sales rose 16% to a record $2.29 billion. While the average order amount was $128.77. In the USA Today article “Cyber Monday sales soar to new record” that “Cyber Monday 2013 capped the highest five-day online sales period on record, according to IBM. Mobile devices accounted for more than 17% of Cyber Monday sales, up 55% from last year.” Think about it…..this is ONE day out of the entire ecommerce shopping calendar. WOW! What an impact ecommerce has in the retail world so why not be a part of it!

Online gift websites for sale open the door to a large demographic for the business owners. Men and women both starting from the average age of 16 begin spending their money on purchasing a thoughtful gift for someone special. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, birth of a baby, wedding, graduation, holiday or any of the other milestones in life; this is an exceptional industry to own an online business. In a year’s span a consumer celebrates on average 10-12 special events. For each of those occasions they bring a gift to mark the occasion. Not to mention birthdays, wedding, baby showers and holidays where they often bring multiple gifts. Just think…the entire population gives gifts throughout the entire year! Why not own an internet business that features a variety of special occasion gifts that you can take pride in offering to the vast number of today’s online shoppers.

The gift industry is considered to be one of the most recession proof industries as it is reported the Gift industry is valued at over $300 billion by the National Retail Federation.  Have these numbers convinced you this is a great industry to own an internet business? Then we would like to share some tips with you when it comes to searching for online gift websites for sale.

gift1.   You will want to decide if you want a specialty gift shop offering items to a certain demographic or appeal to the masses. Or maybe you want your online gift website to cater to a certain special occasion. Think ahead…you want to have a plan in place so you can purchase the right type of online store that will be the right fit for you and your customers.

gift2.    Decide on the “look” of your store. This will go hand-in-hand with the type of products you are selling. If you are selling gifts for men only them you will want a masculine design to appeal to them. If you are selling gifts for any occasion you will want your website storefront to appeal to both men and women.

gift3.    Next you will want to have a product collection that works both for you and your customer. Do you want to hold inventory or do you want to have your vendors drop ship the products directly to your customer? Many online gift websites offer drop shipped products as it allows the business owner the ability to hold no inventory and work from any location.

gift4.    When selecting the right online gift website for sale you will want to choose one that is user friendly for you and your shoppers. You will want an easy to navigate shopping cart where you can create a comfortable and convenient shopping experience. Having categories and products that are easily accessible is key!

gift5.    The most important part about starting a gift online business is having the knowledge to bring your store to the online marketplace. If you are new to ecommerce then you should think about working with an ecommerce consulting company to learn how to setup, run and market your business.

Looking for an industry that literally keeps on “giving”? Then you should consider owning an online gift website as it will help you reach consumers in the online marketplace during the holiday season and beyond!

Are you looking for additional information on the gift industry or want to purchase an online gift website for sale? Visit to see our latest collection of online gift websites for sale.

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