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Owning an Internet Business for the Person Who Loves to Travel

Be Inspired-internet businessOwning an internet business based on your travel experiences can truly inspire you!

Ask yourself these questions….

  1. Do you love to travel to different places in the world?

  2. Do you love to experience the food and culture of other countries?

  3. Do you get inspired by seeing the landscapes and buildings of another country?

Many of us can say “Yes!” resoundingly to these questions. Travel broadens our understanding of the world and gives us a global perspective that completes our view. Unfortunately, most of our lives are spent working on a job that has little vacation time to be spent traveling abroad. If you are lucky, you might have 4 weeks a year of paid vacation that you can plan for. If you have travelled, you know that spending 2 weeks on a trip abroad is the bare minimum and with that time you hardly have time to really get to know a culture. You spend your days getting up at daylight and going, going, going until you fall into bed at night. You arrive back home more exhausted than you were before you left. But, that is what we do, us lovers of travel!


Have you ever considered traveling to a country and working there to really immerse yourself in the culture and daily life?

Maybe it’s the South of France or Tuscany where you dream about spending months. Or, maybe it’s the beautiful countryside of Germany, or the Greek Isles that you dream about living in. So, how could you accomplish this and make those dreams realities?
If this thought has crossed your mind more than once, then you have probably researched jobs that might be available for someone who would like to have an extended stay in a country. is a good resource for someone looking for jobs abroad. When I researched different job opportunities here are some I found: working on a yacht, scuba diving instructor, surfing instructor, working in a hotel, selling time shares, teaching English as a second language, house sitting, being an “au pair,” working in the hospitality industry, tending bar, blogging, and freelance writing. It’s a pretty full list when you first look at it. But, then when you really start to consider these jobs, you find that, yes some are exotic, but they may require specific skills that you may not have. A lot of these jobs also require an 8-hour commitment during the day when you would rather be touring ancient ruins. And, working 9-to-5 isn’t really what you necessarily had in mind. Right?
But, there is another alternative that provides the flexibility that you would want to have living in another country, and that is owning an ecommerce business. You can work your own hours and have time during the day to have cappuccino at an outdoor café or shop in the street markets or tour wineries! Another added benefit of owning your own internet business is having the items that your online store offers be in a niche market that might reflect your interests in and passion for travel. So, not only does the work allow you to be able to do it anywhere in the world, but also your passion is what you “play” in every day as you select items for your online store to carry! It has been said that when you work in your area of passion, then you never feel like you are working. Having an internet business that reflects your interests and inspirations for travel might be your dream work! Let’s look at some examples of ecommerce businesses that a person who travels might enjoy owning.

Specialty Internet Businesses

How about a specialty online boutique that sells Luggage and Travel accessories?

Maybe you love luggage because it makes you think of traveling. Or, maybe you like the compartments and storage that luggage supplies. If you love to travel, you know that half of the fun is the planning, packing, and anticipation of the trip. Maybe you think of all of this when you think of luggage and that makes you love luggage! Having an online luggage and travel internet business could be the right type of specialty online boutique to find your niche market!

How about a wine ecommerce online store that sells all things related to wine and the places where it is made?Maybe you love everything about wine, not just the drinking of it, but all the “stuff” that goes with it…the landscapes of the vineyards, the different glasses for each type of wine, and all the accessories that go with the wine experience…the cheeses, cheese boards, and knives, and even furniture that enhances the wine experience. If you’re passionate about wine, then you might love having an ecommerce business that carries everything that goes with wine. You would have a blast picking the items you offered on your wine ecommerce online store!

How about an online furniture ecommerce business that sells furniture that is inspired by different countries or settings?

Maybe you love India and love the shapes and forms of the furniture in that country. Or, maybe you like furniture from all different places in the world like Turkey, Scandinavia, and Japan. Or, maybe you love the Coastal vibe. You could own an online furniture ecommerce business offering furniture that reflects the places and cultures that interest you. How much fun would you have in selecting your store’s inventory?! It would be as if you were travelling to those places all the time!

How about an internet business that reflects your own international living and travels?

Maybe you’ve been to Greece and love the settings you found there. You could build an online retail store that has all the things that remind you of the places you visited in Greece—Athens, Santorini, Olympia, or Ithaca. You might include clothes, items that make you think of the blue water and seaside, wine and ouzo challises, Byzantine art posters. Or, maybe you’re passionate about France. You could design an online store that has pictures of the Champagne region, or tableware that reflects the South of France, or household items that illustrate outdoor cafes in Paris, just for a few examples. You might have books and resources for planning trips abroad to the special places in your store. Your Travel-Inspired Ecommerce Business would be your travel escape every day!
We’ve barely skimmed the surface of all the great ideas of internet businesses for sale based on travel. You could buy a “ready-made internet business” that is already constructed and has products loaded. Or, you could design your own internet business from the ground up and personalize it with your passions! Either way, owning an internet business allows you to work from anywhere in the world, have time to explore, and have fun with your products!  Really, does it get any better than that?!
To help get you even more inspired for your next trip abroad, here are a couple of links to blogs from travelers like us: and

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