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#ThisIsMyOffice – Owning an Internet Business Allows You To Work from Anywhere

Stop the Daily Grind

Where do you want your office to be? An internet business “opens the door” of being able to work from anywhere!

Are you already sick of winter?! Are you stuck in the snow? Are you at home, not able to make it to your office because of the weather, and all you can think of is everything you have to do at work? Do you need a change of scenery?
When you own your own internet business, your office can be wherever you are, you can literally work from anywhere! You can work from “home” whether that is from your primary residence, a hotel, on vacation, at a coffee shop, the South of France, or fill-in-the-blank! For this blog, we wanted to give you a “picture” of what your office might be like if you’re an Internet business entrepreneur. Can you see it? This could be you…..

Former Work Life – Corporate Grind

You may be one of the millions of people who have found your work life being in the “corporate grind,” working for companies where you are a small cog in the large wheel.  Maybe you drive 30 minutes or more in heavy traffic to an office that is a “cubical City” which is in a huge room with other people in many more cubicles. In this situation, there are never any private conversations held at work—everyone within 2 aisles in either direction can hear every word, if they’re listening. Rules abound. You can never leave anything out on the desk for privacy and security reasons. Sick leave and personal time off are very limited. And so on, and so on.

Work Life Now – Entrepreneur

Now, let’s say you know that you have the entrepreneurial drive to own and run your own business. And you are looking at purchasing an internet ecommerce business to begin a new life and chart your destiny. While doing your due diligence, you’ll get very excited about all the positives of owning an internet business—being the “boss,” working in a marketable industry, and having a flexible schedule. Add to this list the ability to have your office be wherever you are! With this business, your office can be anywhere you want it to be. Let’s look at some scenarios.

Couple with laptop.At Home

You may decide to work from your primary residence most of the time. Envision where in your home you may set up the office.  It might be in a bedroom, a bonus room, or at the kitchen table.  You may want it to be away from the main activity of the home. Or, maybe you want to be where everything is going on. You’ll find a place that is suitable to run the business. Unlike your former life in the corporate grind, you will set up your office just as you want it to be. But, wherever you set up your “office,” guess what? There will be no more stressful commutes, no more holding your hand over your mouth while on a private phone conversation, no more taking 10 minutes to get all your papers out in the morning and then back into locked drawers at the end of the day. Your home office will be your space! For more information about business ideas for work at home jump over to

Overhead view of three students using laptop while having coffee at  the coffee shopAt the Coffee Shop

Due to the flexibility of your schedule as an internet business owner, you may now find time to meet and catch up with friends a couple of times a week at the neighborhood coffee shop.  You might get to the coffee shop early before your friends arrive and stay later just because you enjoy the vibe at the shop. People are on their computers and reading their e-books and socializing. Well, guess what? You can work from your laptop there as a change of pace from your home. The coffee shop can be “your office” too!

At the BeachCouple with laptop on beach

Maybe you like to travel and vacation. Well, guess what? Your office can be wherever you are going on your travels—the beach, the mountains, anywhere in-between, as well as other continents—as long as you have an internet connection. Take your laptop and you can check on orders, communicate with customers and vendors, load new products, advertise sale events, and post marketing messages on social media. You can do what you need to do from anywhere! That’s right, anywhere can be “your office!”Just imagine sitting on a beautiful beach enjoying the peaceful breeze and majestic waves all while running your own business!

Leave the Daily Grind Behind

Do you think you would like working from most anywhere? Do you need a change of scenery? How about the flexibility to travel? How about running your own business from your laptop? Why not consider leaving the daily grind behind?
If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are sick and tired of being an employee in the corporate world, you owe it to yourself to check out some of the on-trend marketable internet businesses at Pure-Ecommerce! Take a look at the internet businesses for sale focusing on Health & Fitness, Pet Accessories, Home Furnishings, Gifts, Babies, Toys, and Furniture. See if one of these industries appeals to you.

Get Out of the Grind & Get Into Your Own Internet Business!

Break free of the run, run, run-always in a hurry, corporate life. Become the owner of an internet business and you, too, can declare “This is my office!” – You decide where it will be…..

this is my office

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