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Spread the Love – Holiday Marketing Tips for Valentine’s Day

Add subtitle textYou will simply love the holiday marketing tips and ideas we have to share with you to promote your internet business for Valentine’s Day!

The holiday season is over—now can we all take a deep breath and then exhale? The fast and furious pace of November and December can be both exhilarating and exhausting—but mainly just really busy! Whew! So, now that we are in mid-January (already?), what is the next big push? Well, Valentine’s Day is a month away and NOW is the time to start planning your marketing efforts. Before we share with you some great holiday marketing tips to get you going, let’s reflect on what’s we’ve told you to work on thus far since the New yEar.
Here is a sample checklist of what you have done and are doing…
  • You’ve re-visited last year and looked at what worked and what didn’t work: check.
  • You have created your plan for 2015: check.
  • You’re working your plan for the new year: check.
  • You’re keeping up with inventory and product mix: check.
NOTE: If you missed our post – “Better Your Internet Business in 2015 – Reflect on 2014 and Plan for 2015” it will help you get going on several of your checklist items!
You are doing a good job of getting 2015 off to a great start. But, in terms of your marketing, what are you working on? What is the next big marketing opportunity? Everyone together say “Valentine’s Day!” (Note: I know I’m skipping Super Bowl but, depending on the industry your business is in, that may be a big marketing opportunity as well.)
Why market for Valentine’s Day? In 2014 Retail Touch Points it was reported Valentine’s Day saw an increase of online sales by 8% over the previous year. In the article they explain this further saying, “Research conducted by Maxymiser also indicated that online sales Valentine’s Day were significantly higher than the overall industry average. Data collected from a random sample of 500 million online shopping experiences showed that retailers gained up to $35.3 million in incremental revenue and experienced an 11% improvement in average order value the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. Total conversions also increased by 24%.” This is why you should be doing holiday marketing for Valentine’s Day as it is a huge opportunity for your ecommerce business—one that cannot be ignored. And, we know that you want to cash in on the opportunity, right?
We wanted to give you some tips for marketing Valentine’s Day in this blog. The four areas that you definitely want to hit in marketing this holiday are social media, blog, newsletters, and on your website. These areas will give you the bang for the buck with your audience when you spread the love.

Marketing Tips to Love

Social Media

Develop a catchy, relevant campaign for your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube) and be consistently visible with it for a couple of weeks leading up to the 14th. Spend some time to create marketing that speaks to your audience and is coupled with the sentiments of the day.  Give product suggestions, gifts ideas for men, women, kids, pets, etc., as well as, surveys, fun quizzes and questionnaires are popular and easily adapted to this holiday. If you are experiencing “marketer’s block,” research ideas to help generate your own. We especially like the suggests in the HubSpot Blog, “5 Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns That’ll Warm Your Heart” as they show a specific Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns – OUr favorite is the one for MegaRed.
Create a memorable Facebook or Twitter page by “decorating” it with Valentine’s Day graphics. This will help put shoppers “in the mood” for purchasing products to give on February 14th. Whether it’s cupid, hearts, love messages or lots of red our outstanding design team can create the theme you are looking to display. Let us create your Facebook cover redesign and Twitter header for the holidays!
Need help creating “sweet” social media posts? We can step in and help you with our Facebook & Twitter Basic Package! Click over to to see what we will do for you to boost your social media for the next upcoming holiday!


Valentine’s Day can be a fertile topic for blogging on your website because it is an opportunity to blog about human emotion and gift-giving. You can always think of some products that you offer that are gifts for that special someone or something (like a pet) to celebrate this time. Gift-giving is BIG on this holiday and is a great overall idea for blogging. Another idea for blogging might include stories about Valentine’s Day from your research or personal experience. You can also share tips on gift giving, etiquette or even decorating ideas depending about which type of internet business you own. Remember, anything interesting and entertaining will be received well from your subscribers.
Looking for a Valentine’s Day theme for your blog, let the Pure-Ecommerce design team create a heart warming blog for you with our blog template for the holidays. We can also help you maximize your holiday marketing with our blog package. See what’s included by clicking over to


Email marketing is important for Valentine’s Day. Touching your repeat customers and staying in front of their minds works well for this holiday. This is because many people have trouble thinking of what they will buy the special people in their lives, so they actively read the emails to get ideas. Here we share a few good tips for emails given in Getelastic. For the entire article, see
  • Offer your customer incentives – % off, $ amount off, free shipping etc.
  • Mention shipping cutoff dates in your emails
  • Promote gift cards. Messaging like “always the perfect fit” or “for the woman who knows what she wants – even when you don’t” are ideas
  • Create urgency and stress the benefits of getting things done now (and remind guys how annoying malls can be!)
  • Solve shoppers’ problems in your headlines and email content messaging (like “Having a Valentine’s Dilemma? 12 Easy Gifts & Guaranteed Delivery”)
  • Promote e-gift certificates for last-minute shoppers or those shoppers who have trouble deciding
Having a newsletter design that EMULATES the holiday in which you are marketing really brings everything together. Pure-Ecommerce offers an email marketing template for the holidays to help you share the love this Valentine’s Day! Click over to to learn more.


Valentine’s Day offers should be prominently displayed on the home page of your website where you’ll want to merchandise your best offers. As with all special occasion sales, be sure you cover the basics:
  • Offer customers an incentive to shop your “Holiday Sale” – for this particular holiday you can use buzz words such as “Sweet Sale”, “Happy Heart Sale”, “Lots of Love Sale”, etc. – be creative and have fun!
  • Provide shipping deadlines on every page on the website
  • Show item stock inventory availability
  • Include gift finders like your top picks or employ a tool that will show products based on customer past purchases
  • Cross-sell where possible
  • Display products that go with the theme of the holiday – for this particular holiday show off any products with hearts, love messages, items that are red, pink, etc.
  • Spruce up your logo with a fun holiday design – this also help customers feel the holiday spirit. Click over to find out more about updating your logo for the holidays –
 Really, at the end of the day, marketing for Valentine’s Day isn’t very different than other special occasions. The main difference is the focus on Love. And, love has many opportunities to be both serious and evoke emotion, as well as, being light and fun! Find your perspective or use all of them! Spread the love for your customers and they will reciprocate.

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