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Top 10 Internet Business Ideas for 2015

Top 10

Are you thinking of starting an online business, but wondering what the top internet business ideas for 2015 might be? Here’s the list…..

Congratulations! You’ve decided that owning an internet business is your plan for this year because of all the positives that work with your life—flexibility, work from anywhere, being your “own” boss! You are about to embark on a life-changing experience. We commend you on this big step!

What Industry Should You Choose?

Now, the next big decision you have before you is deciding on the industry you want for your internet business. We thought you might appreciate a jump-start in getting information to help you make this very important decision. in this blog we are reporting what our research shows are high-growth industries and listing our Top 10 Internet Business Ideas for 2015. What are they? Do you think you know? You may (or may not) be surprised at what our research shows.
Making the decision to have an internet business in a specific industry is not something you want to take lightly. You’ll be working in this industry every day for a very long time, so you want to be sure of these two things….
a) that you like it
b) that it is a viable, popular and profitable industry–not just now but for the long-term.
So keep these two overall things in mind:
1st – are there some industries that you are interested in? Some examples might be pets, home décor, or baby stuff? Make a list of the industries you have an affinity for.
2nd – are there certain industries that you feel will be “big sellers” and grow, based on demographics, in the future? Examples might be maternity, baby, or furniture and decor? Make another list with these industries.
You may be exactly right in your predictions, but just because your gut tells you a certain industry may be a big seller and grow in the next few years, you still need to perform due diligence and get facts about the industry you are interested in before you make your decision. Any industry that made it to both lists should be where you start.


Here are some of the factors you will consider in each industry:
  • Numbers of sales and the percentage of growth in the last few years—both in-store and online. Are the numbers showing consistent increase? If not, what are the reasons? The slow economic upturn from the last recession could have affected the growth, depending on how recent the information is. If that is the case, and numbers show increases are steadily improving, this may be a viable industry. Be sure you have this information.
  • Demographics of population who buy in this industry—especially on-line buyers. Since your business is on the internet, you need to know if it is an industry that shows a significant number of shoppers are on-line. Is this segment of the population increasing their on-line shopping in the future?
  • Is the industry poised for increased interest by the U.S. and global population? If it is, what are the reasons? You will want to know why a certain industry is projected to grow in the next 5 – 10 years.

Pure-Ecommerce’s List of Top 10 Internet Business Ideas for 2015

To help you get started, we have done some research ourselves and have arrived at what we think are the Top 10 Internet Business Ideas for 2015. And, here they are (in no particular order):
  1. Online Furniture and Home Décor
  2. Fitness-Related: Nutrition, Exercise Clothing, Equipment
  3. Wedding
  4. Maternity
  5. Baby
  6. Pets
  7. Toys
  8. Gifts
  9. Wine
  10. Jewelry

Facts And Figures About Each Industry to Consider

Colorful modern living roomFurniture and Home Décor
According to an 08/2014 article in IBISWorld, a company that does market research in many industries, the on-line household furniture sales industry has “performed well over the [last] five-year period.” (See entire article Even though the recession saw slowed growth in this industry due to decreased home sales, there has continued to be strength in on-line furniture purchases.
An article in cites that “8 out of 10 overall consumers have purchased home furnishings online.” The article continues to drill down the demographics who are purchasing furniture online as primarily the Baby-Boomers and Generation X.  Clearly, based on our research, the On-line Furniture Industry is continuing to grow and, therefore, is in our list of Top 10 Internet Business Ideas for 2015. (Also worth noting: When looking at the margins and profitability in this industry, we saw that using a drop-ship platform makes sense because there is less overhead from warehousing inventory.)
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Fitness IndustryFitness
Anything related to the Fitness industry such as nutrition, health foods, clothing and accessories shows tremendous growth projections in the future, and so it is on our Top 10 Internet Business Ideas for 2015. We found there are several reasons for strong growth in this industry—everything from the aging baby boomers embarking on a healthy lifestyle to people looking for natural alternatives to expensive drugs. The Forbes article, “Nutritional Supplements Flexing Muscles as Growth Industry, states that the nutritional supplement group also known as Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements (VMS) is “one of the fastest growing industries in the world.” The author also writes that the demographics are both men and women who are the consumers in this industry, with women spending more money than before. IBISWorld conveyed that consumers for these products do their research on-line and shop on-line for the convenience factor.
A related fitness subindustry that is growing as an ecommerce business is fitness-related clothing, primarily in the female market but not exclusively. Clothing for running, yoga, working out, and casual attire that has an athletic look is experiencing a growth trend.
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The past few years has shown the on-line Wedding industry continuing to gain strength, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Therefore, it is on our Top 10 Internet Business Ideas for 2015 list. If you research this industry, you will find many numbers that show marriages haven’t really slowed down due to the economy! Every year in the United States, there are approximately 2.5 million weddings, and the wedding industry has grown to an empire of 40 billion dollars per year.
The Knot, In their 2013 wedding statistics report, reports that couples are spending increasingly more for weddings, which bodes well for this industry. Our research also showed that many couples are shopping on-line in fact 78% of Couples use the internet to search to find products & services for their wedding. It simply makes sense given that most brides-to-be are crunched for time and looking for convenience, which on-line shopping provides.
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Maternity & Baby????????
Maternity and Baby are both on our Top 10 Internet Business Ideas for 2015. (We decided to write about these two industries together because they are related, right?) The statistics on both the maternity and baby industries show they are strong and growing. In particular, anything for baby is trending up. One reason for the trend is that more women are waiting to have babies later when their incomes are higher, therefore they have more discretionary dollars and are spending those dollars on stuff for their babies whether it is furniture, clothes, accoutrements, or toys.
Another reason for growth in these industries is an increase in gift-buying by friends and family for expecting parents and new parents. And, again, shopping on-line offers the convenience of comparing products and easy delivery (for the goods, that is)! A good resource for all statistics related to the baby industry is Market Research (
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Group of dogs and cats in front of white backgroundPets
The pet industry is booming as shown by the American Pet Products Association as the total sales for 2014 was set to reach $58.51 billion. Futhermore, Research on the on-line Pet Food and Pet Supply sales industries from IBISWorld shows that the past five years have shown growth ( This article states that “rising pet ownership in the United States and growth across the e-commerce sector have caused the industry to experience overall growth, despite the recession.” Additionally, the article links an increasing demand for premium pet food and on-line animal pharmaceuticals as contributing to the growth of the industry.
The article, “Pet Business will Prosper: Industry Trends for 2014 and Beyond by Mulit Briefs show a continuation of spending in this industry. pet ownership for cats and dogs will increase, as will spending on them. The trend of “pet humanization” by their owners will be a driving force on the increased dollars spent in this industry. (We think this information is probably something everyone already knows, but just wanted to verify with some facts and figures.) Go figure…the Pet industry is on our Top 10 Internet Business Ideas for 2015.
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ToysToddler's toys
Purchasing toys for children on-line has shown an increase in the last few years. In particular, our research showed toys that aid in the development of toddlers such as speech and hand-eye are very popular. As shown by the resurgence and popularity of Lego (, toys that employ mechanical, construction, and spatial skill development are trending up. Additionally, toys that use a digital component are being purchased for children at younger ages. Since the recession, this industry has increased steadily year over year.
Again, the Generation X and Millenium population segments are the primary drivers of the increased growth in toys. But, we can’t ignore the Baby Boomers who are the grandparents of the children receiving toys as a very big consumer in the toy industry. No one sees the project growth of this industry slowing in the next few years. A very good resource for information on the toy industry is The Toy Association, where they offer information on Toy Trends and sales data. They report the industry has annual sales of $22.09 billion. Based on this information, the Toy industry is on our Top 10 Internet Business Ideas for 2015!
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GiftsHusband giving wife gift in living room smiling
Purchasing gifts has always been strong and shows no signs of slowing. Although the years after the last recession resulted in fewer dollars per item, that trend has turned around. What we are finding now is a surge of personalized gifts being purchased on-line. The article, “Personalized Gift Products  Can Make a Great New Business, on Entrepreneur Faith Popcorn coins the phrase “egonomics” to describe the “personalized product phenomenon.” The author of the blog adds to the conversation by saying other trend forecasters concur that the personalized gift industry is here to stay.
One key to the growth of this industry is more products being brought to the market to satisfy consumer demand. Advances in manufacturing and technology–making it easy and inexpensive to personalize–are major contributors to the increased market of personalized gifts, as discussed in this article, “10 Trends Changing How You’ll Shop in 2014, The author uses the term “mass customization” for the process of personalizing all kinds of gifts from “sneakers to cell phones,” and says that buyers are willing to pay a premium for these types of gifts. We are sure this trend will continue in 2015 and that is why the Gift industry is on our Top 10 Internet Business Ideas for 2015.
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Ancient wine cellarWine
Our research showed that the on-line wine industry is a strong, growing business to consider owning. According to one of the most popular experts in this industry Liz Thach says in her blog “Trends in the U.S. Wine Industry for 2014,” on-line wine sales have grown 17% in the past year. That is very strong growth, indeed. Then, she further comments that on-line wine sales are only about 1.5% of total wine sales (based on information from, 2014). Based on these numbers alone, would anyone not agree that this growing market has a lot of room for expansion?
From several research projects on the subject of on-line wine buyers in the article, “U.S. Wine Sales Rise for 20th Consecutive Year” show that “consumers are buying more wine and are paying more for it”. wine buyers who purchase on-line are more involved in wine than those people who buy off-line and are more likely to have a cellar. This means the consumer base is more akin to hobbyists or collectors who are committed to purchasing long-term and continuously, which is the kind of repeat customer everyone wants. The Wine industry is on our list of Top 10 Internet Business Ideas for 2015.
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Jewelrywoman wearing bracelet with beads
Last, but not “least,” (remember these are in no particular order of priority) in our list of Top 10 Internet Businesses is the Jewelry industry. In Practical E-commerce’s article “5 Niches for a New Ecommerce Business”, jewelry is a strong niche market for on-line shopping. This article provides some tips for making an on-line jewelry business stand out from the competition, for instance by offering hard-to-find or unique items. The authors suggest “New stores might feature handmade jewelry from new and upcoming designers; vintage items found at auctions or from private collections; designs made from unique materials; or designs that don’t use diamonds or other gems mined with forced labor.” They state that there is certainly still room for specialty retailers in this industry.
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Have we helped you make your decision?
All of these 10 industries are great choices for an internet business, based on our research. We encourage you to start with our research, use our cited resources, and continue to get more information in order for you to make the very best choice of industries for yourself!
Remember, Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” But, we want to add, “Be smart and do your research first!”
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