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Custom Built versus Ready-to-Go Ecommerce Business —Which One is for You?

which path will you choose

By: Noel Vermeire

Are you ready to start  your own ecommerce business? Which path will you choose – going the custom design website route or will it be selecting a ready-to-go ecommerce business in the industry of your choice? We understand it is a big decision and we know you may have many questions when starting your own online business. Your questions may include some of the following:
  1. How do you get started?
  2. What industry do you want to be in?
  3. Which markets do you want to supply?
  4. What kind of products will you offer?
  5. How will you drive business?
  6. What will the website look like?
You will have many, many more questions that you will need to answer and decisions you will need to make before you open the doors and begin doing business. In this blog, we wanted to help you in making one of your first decisions–whether you will create a custom design Website or purchase a ready-to-go internet business for sale from Pure-Ecommerce.
No matter which way you go, building a custom site or purchasing a ready-to-go site, we have a team of ecommerce professionals who have the knowledge and experience you need behind you. Let us help! We’re going to point you toward some of the things you need to think about in making this decision, and a checklist of sorts, so you can see which way makes the most sense for you—custom-built or a ready-to-go ecommerce business.

Industry/MarketOnline Specialty Boutiques

Custom: Research may be needed to ascertain marketability of products. Takes longer than a site that is ready-to-go.
Ready-to-Go: Research is needed, but Pure-Ecommerce has already done a lot of your research for you. You get started training and go “live” sooner than with a custom site.
The first step to building an ecommerce business is to know which industry you want to be within and what type of products you want to sell. This is often the most challenging part of starting a new online business. Once you have decided on the products you want, then you know the industry and markets as well. For instance, if you want to sell pet supplies, you will be in the pet industry and the pet supplies market. If you want to sell pet clothes, you will be in the pet industry and the pet clothes market. And so on. Deciding on the products, industry and market you want to sell is going to be your first big decision. You will need to do some research on the viability of the industry, market, and products–especially if it is a niche market and especially if you are thinking of creating a custom website.
Deciding on a product may be easy for you. You may already have a product you have researched and have a strong interest in selling. Or, it may be that you have several products of interest and need to do more research to see which one you want to sell. On the other hand, this decision may not be an easy one for you to make. Whether you get involved in creating a custom site or purchase a ready-to-go internet business in a box, you still need to do due diligence on the industry you select. At the very least, it should be an industry that has strong growth numbers, good profit margins, and is something you will enjoy working in.

What willDesign of Website

Custom: You collaborate with the web design team on the look and organization of your site. You are involved during the build-out. Takes longer than purchasing a site that is ready-to-go.
Ready-to-Go: The design and organization of the site is already done for you with a professional look and theme that matches the niche market. You go “live” in a shorter amount of time than when you build custom.
After you have decided on the industry, market, and products you want to sell, the next task for you is to get a website design that works for the industry and market you have selected. If you are creative and already have ideas about the look of the site and the organization of the categories and products, then you may want to consider a custom-built site.  If you find yourself lacking on the creative aspect of how you want your website to look and are ready to get going on the business quickly, then you will want to strongly consider a ready-to-go site.
Having input on the design of your website is great if you have strong ideas. If you have creative ideas, you can get immense satisfaction by taking part in the building of your website. Working with an expert team, like Pure-ecommerce, to construct a website that reflects your ideas is critical. This process is collaborative between you and the web designing team. Though you take a lead role in this collaborative process, at the same time you benefit greatly from the experience and knowledge an expert team provides. They know what works and what doesn’t work based on their past experience. Without this knowledge, you can end up with disastrous end results.
On the flip side of the coin, if you don’t have the creative inspiration for the design and construction of a website, purchasing a ready-to-go ecommerce business is the best option for you. All the upfront work has been done already. Pure-ecommerce’s expert designers use their wealth of experience and knowledge when they create websites that are ready-to-go. They employ their knowledge of different industries and their past experience of specific markets when designing a site that sets you up for success. By eliminating the time required in creating a website, you get going sooner in training, educating yourself, and getting things done before you go “live.”
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Product and Vendor Selection Need Help

Custom: You are actively involved in researching and selecting your vendors.
Ready-to-go: Initial work has been done by the project teams to have products loaded in the beginning.
When creating a website, the next big task is selecting the products to offer and the vendors who supply those products.  For a custom site, you can do this when you have made a decision on the types of products you want to sell and have the designers working on the website. You may even want to do some research on vendors before selecting the market, in the event that drop-ship vendors are not available for the type of products you want. This will have an impact on your business model and your ability to go forward. You wouldn’t want to get too far in the design phase and not be able to find vendors to work with!
When you purchase a ready-to-go internet business with Pure-ecommerce, the initial research on drop-ship vendors has already been done for you. The online business opportunities we sell are loaded with a base number of products, depending on the package you purchase. You always start with at least one vendor when you purchase a site from Pure-ecommerce. This is immensely helpful in your ability to get going quickly. In our 10 step process we even consult you on how to research, contact and work with additional vendors as you grow your ecommerce business.
You can use the following table that lists benefits, pros and cons, to help you in deciding on whether to build a custom site or purchase one that is ready-to-go ecommerce business.

Building a Custom Website:

Deciding on industry, market, types of products
Pros:You have the ability to select the specific market for you and the exact products you want to sell.
Cons:This takes more time than purchasing a ready-to-go site.
Designing the website
Pros:You take an active role in the creative process by working with a design team from the conception.
You have input on the look and organization of the site.
Cons:This takes more time than purchasing a ready-to-go site.
Selecting Vendors and Products
Pros:You research and select vendors, as well as the products you will sell on your site.
You know the products through this process better than when you purchase a ready-to-go site.
Cons:This takes more time than purchasing a ready-to-go site.


Purchasing a Ready-to-Go internet business-in-a-box:

Deciding on industry, market, types of products
Pros:You have many to choose from with Pure-ecommerce.
You benefit from the experience of their team of marketers and designers.
Use Pure-ecommerce’s experience and knowledge of ecommerce trends and growth potential.
Cons:Only a con if you want to be more in control of this process.
Designing the website
Pros:You don’t have to be involved in the website design.
Pure-ecommerce has an expert design team who has done the work for you.
Cons:This is only a con if you want to be involved in the creative aspect of designing the website.
Selecting Vendors and Products
Pros:You start off with a website that has initial products loaded–including pictures, pricing, and product descriptions.
Cons:This is only a con if you want to be more involved in the initial stage of finding vendors.


Whichever way you decide to go—building a custom website or purchasing one that is ready-to-go, Pure-Ecommerce has the team to make it happen for you! Working with Pure-ecommerce makes custom easier because of our knowledgeable team and the experience we have in the ecommerce industry. It doesn’t get any easier than purchasing one of our ready-to-go sites! Our knowledge of certain aspects such as Search Engine Optimization means that we can make recommendations for the best keywords in the website creation. And, with our ready-to-go sites, we have already constructed the site with SEO in mind. This is extremely important in how the website is built. If not done correctly, it could hurt your marketing efforts on the internet. Pure-ecommerce has a platform and structure in place through our years of experience that benefits you from “Day One!”
Additionally, the 40-hours of ecommerce consulting leads you through step-by-step as you work through our 10 step process. We will teach you how to set up your business in a way that creates a foundation of knowledge so you are poised for success. Everything from performing on-page SEO, off-page SEO, marketing your site through social media, advertising through pay-per-click ads, and setting up QuickBooks accounts is covered in our training, plus much more.
That’s right—either building a custom site or purchasing one that is ready-to-go, Pure-Ecommerce has the team to help you all along the way – jump over to – to see them! Owning your own internet business can happen for you. Let your inner “entrepreneur” shine through and get started today!!!

Custom-Ready-to-Go-Ecommerce Business

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