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Five Steps to Build Your Internet Business Fan Base through Twitter

Twitter Tips

Social media marketing is a key component in building your internet business – follow these five simple steps to build your twitter fan base!

This is an important post for Pure-Ecommerce clients and other small business owners to take note of as using Twitter can impact your business. I know, I know, I’ve heard from our consultants that you are hesitant to include Twitter in your marketing plans. And, we get it. Some of our clients are unfamiliar with using Twitter, unsure of its effectiveness, and timid about learning how to use Twitter. But, all the information we are getting from social media marketing experts leads us to the fact that Twitter is rapidly gaining in popularity and that it has a definite impact on branding and marketing for small businesses, especially those that are internet-based. In this article, we wanted to give you some reasons why it is important to make Twitter a part of your marketing and 5 steps to take in building your internet business fan base through the use of Twitter.

Reasons to Use Twitter for Marketing

According to DMR Digital Market Ramblings, a “clearinghouse for original and curated marketing tips, stats and news,” there are 284 million monthly active users on Twitter as they report in the article “150+ Amazing Twitter Statistics“.The number of users on Twitter doesn’t compare to the 1.35 billion monthly active users on Facebook, but Twitter is quickly gaining in popularity with 36 million unique users each month. The fact that there are approximately 1 billion registered Twitter users and 284 million active monthly users points to the conclusion that there are many registered users who aren’t using Twitter on a monthly basis. But, this number will continue to grow and as it does, we will find that Twitter can catch up with Facebook.
So, for a business like yours, what do you use Twitter for? People use Twitter to learn and share what they know. Twitter users are communicating constantly about new ideas, information, services, and products. Twitter is a huge community that you have the ability to speak to at once. And, it is done very quickly and succinctly. There is no wasting a bunch of time composing paragraphs in the reach. Therefore, it suits the lifestyle we have become accustomed to in the multi-tasking, fast sound-bite world we live in!
For your business, the bottom line is that you use Twitter to get your message, your branding, and information about your products out to a community who uses Twitter and who is interested in what you have to offer.

The Power of Twitter:



Five Types of Twitter Messages

We admit that Twitter may seem a bit more intimidating as compared to Facebook because it has its own “language” and syntax, of sorts. However, there are just a few basics to learn because those are the main ones you will use to promote your internet business:
  • How to send a “tweet”
  • How to “retweet” another tweet
  • How to “mention” a topic
  • How to create or carry a topic forward (heard of #hashtags?)
  • How to refer to someone or something that has tweeted (heard of @someone?)
In general there are 5 types of Twitter messages:
  1. Tweet: a message you send out to everyone who follows you.
  2. @Reply: a message you send out that replies to a message you received. The @reply is a public message that mentions the Twitter username of the person. It appears in the tweet stream of everyone who follows both of you, and on the @connect (mentions) page of the Twitter user.
  3. Mention: a message you send out that “mentions” another Twitter username.
  4. Retweet (RT): a message that is a re-post or forward of a tweet. You receive a tweet and share it by retweeting it.
  5. Direct message (DM): a message that you send privately to another Twitter user who follows you. (Much like a Private Message on FB.)
These 5 types of messages are really all you need to know to use Twitter in creating your brand and sending your message out. We aren’t going to give you a tutorial on how to perform these tasks on Twitter, because we want to focus on steps for marketing and building fans on Twitter. There are lots of resources on the internet where you can get instructions on how to tweet. As with anything new, spend some time educating yourself. It won’t take long. Then you can be tweeting, retweeting, and #hashtagging (did I just invent a new word?) all over the place before you know it!

Resources to Learn Twitter Basics

Here are a few places you can go to for the basics:
Once you have the basics down, you need to develop a strategy for using Twitter. Your strategy comes from your goals for your business. Every business has different goals for using social media. Is your’s branding? Is it passing along information about your products, sales, or special events? Is it customer service? Is it all the above? As the business owner you will decide what your goals for your business are through the use of social media.

Five Steps to Build Your Fan Base

We have put together 5 steps to build your fan base through Twitter. We hope these steps will help you get more comfortable and use Twitter as you develop your marketing strategy.
(BIG PLUS! When you purchase an internet business through Pure-ecommerce, your Twitter account and links to it from your website are already done! So you can just get started with building your base of followers and having conversations!)
  1. Find People to Follow
Initially, your Twitter experience is defined by the conversations you get from people you follow, not from those who follow you. On Facebook, you have “friends” who receive your posts and you get their posts; on Twitter, you receive tweets (i.e. communications) from the people you “follow” and you send tweets out to those who follow you. A retweet goes back to the user who tweeted and their followers.
You want to find people who are experts, leaders, or points of influence in your industry. Additionally, you want to follow those people who are your target market. They could be people, companies, organizations or magazines and other publications–consumers, companies, vendors, competitors, and trade organizations. Spend some time making a list of who or what these may be.
*TIP: Follow 5-10 new people on Twitter each day.
I invite you to check out the Following Best Practices for Twitter at
Social Media Examiner has a comprehensive list for you to consider when finding people to follow in this article, “How to User Twitter for Business and Marketing.
  1. Start “Listening” and “Sharing”
To wade into the Twitter waters, start watching the tweets that are coming to you from those you are following. Then, retweet, retweet, and retweet. Be sure to retweet valuable information and not from your competitors. You benefit from the information you are getting from those you are following, and you are sharing that information. A retweet affirms the user who originally sent the tweet, and that is always a good way to get a fan. As you continue to do this, you will start to get followers.
  1. Start “Talking”
When you begin to get some “followers,” (and you will!) start talking/tweeting based on your strategy. With only 140 characters allowed, you need to be succinct. The 140 characters is just a “headline” that leads into a link where the meat of your message lies. Your headline needs to grab attention and lead someone to click on the link. The headline should give a bit of information so the Twitter user has some idea of what you are about; it should be useful, have a sense of urgency, and be rewarding for the user who follows the link. Wikihow has a great article, “How to Write a Better Twitter Headline“, as they provide helpful information on how to write an effective headline on Twitter in this article.
  1. Create your brand

Be strategic in your tweets to build your brand. The real meat of your message is in the information you link to. The links that you include in your tweets should be relevant to your business, your products, and your brand. Use links that inform, educate, and entertain.
For example, if you have an internet business that provides mobility aids, you might do a series of tweets educating on the consequences of falling. Or, if you have an internet business that provides organic products, you might tweet on why organic is important.
You can link to information regarding sales or discounts from your website. You can link to articles written by experts. And, don’t forget to use photos and videos in your tweets for pulling people into your message as well. Just as in your FB posts and blogs, visuals are powerful.

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  1. Tweet regularly and consistently

As with any type of marketing, you need to be consistent in your presence. Decide how often you are going to tweet and do it. If you are going to use Twitter in your marketing, we advise you to be active several times a week if not daily. Use a tool like HootSuite to create and schedule your posts in order to get them done in one time block and not have to do it every day. There are some very good time management systems available. Do some research and find one that suits you. It will make your life so much easier and manageable!

Additional tips on tweeting with this Twitter Marketing TweetSheet:



I hope that these 5 steps have been helpful to educate you and get you more comfortable with Twitter. Using Twitter should be an integral part of your marketing plan. You are missing some fans if you are not using Twitter!! Jump in slowly, but still…go ahead and JUMP IN!

Need Help?

Not so keen on tweeting or unsure where to begin or how to use Twitter to promote your internet business. Then the Pure-Ecommerce team is here to assist you!  We can offer you a couple of beneficial service packages that combine social media marketing for both your Facebook and Twitter pages. Look further into what we have to offer in our  Facebook and Twitter Basic Package or the Facebook and Twitter Advanced Package to help #betteryourbusiness!
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