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Pinterest Tips for Internet Businesses – How to Build Your Fan Base

Pinterest TipsForInternet Businesses

Learn to “pin” your way into the hearts of your customers with these Pinterest tips for internet businesses!

This is the second in our series of blog posts about ways to build your fan base through the use of social media. The first was about using Facebook and this post is going to help you get a boost for your business using Pinterest. If you aren’t using Pinterest now, you are really missing out on a medium that is “HOT” right now. By using quality pins you can use to really connect to your potential customers!
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In the article, “5 Ways to Get Your Pins Noticed on Pinterest” by Social Media Examiner, they state “Pinterest has over 70 million users globally and drives more referral traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit combined!” To find more interesting statistics about Pinterest for business, I encourage you to check out the “80+ Amazing Pinterest Statistics” by expanding Ramblings to see who Pinterest users are and how they are using Pinterest to influence them. as with any social media outlet, if you want to make the most of Pinterest traffic your pins have to be seen both by users who follow you and by new users as well. How can you make this happen?
We have compiled a list of 9 tips that we’ve gathered from different expert resources like Social Media Examiner, Post Planner, Pinterest for Business, and Business2Community.
  1. Pin both original, as well as, re-pinned information.

Original pins help you stand out. Aaron Lee, in his article on Post Planner on “How to Get More Pinterest Followers, recommends using Infographics to make a huge impact on Pinterest. Read his article to see an example of an Infographic that he has had a lot of re-pins with.
These are all examples of “original information”:
  • Pins from products on your website
  • Funny images
  • Quotes
  • Infographics
  • Content you find online
Additionally, look for interesting and relevant material on Pinterest to re-pin to your boards. In order to have more pins on boards than just with original pins, you will need to look for pins that already exist on Pinterest to re-pin. Look at your products and think of related topics to find information to re-pin. For example, if you have a website that sells clean diet ingredients, you might have Pinterest boards with recipes using a lot of the products that you carry.
Here’s a great infographic from Design Infographics showing “Why Pinterest is Looking Like the Future of Ecommerce”.


  1. Find people to follow.

Just as you need to do with other social media, you will need to be proactive in finding people on Pinterest to follow instead of just waiting for people to follow you. Try to find 5 – 10 people each day to follow. You can find users who may be interested in following you by using this feature: https:/  In the place of YOURDOMAIN, put your website URL or a competitor’s. People who are following your competitors may be interested in following you too. Follow people and organizations that are related to your industry as you both will have the interest in similar pins which will help you find pins to re-pin, plus give them new pins to pin from you too!
  1. Re-pin old pins

This is important because there is so much traffic on Pinterest and you may get many new visitors every day. They may not see pins that are a month old. So, there is no danger in re-pinning to keep things looking fresh!
  1. Pin consistently

Don’t pin for a few days and then not pin anything for a month. Set a schedule for yourself to ensure you are posting to your social media in a timely manner and don’t forget to include Pinterest. Making at least 5-10 pins each day should be a minimum goal. This is how you will help people find you to follow. Ideally, if time permits, you can set a goal to do 20-25 pins each day. Just be consistent and pin daily!
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  1. Use Pinterest’s Rich Pins

With Rich Pins, you can get more detailed information to display on Pinterest for your products. This is a relatively new feature provided by Pinterest. Information like product availability and real-time pricing, plus pinners also get notifications when a product’s price changes. Jump over to to learn more about Pinterest’s Rich Pins.

    6.  Add “Pin It” buttons on your products 

If your shopping cart does not already have the ability for your customers to “pin” your products you will definitely want to add the “pin it” button to your internet business. By adding “Pin It” buttons on the products on your website, you make it easier to attract people. It has been shown that the addition of “Pin It” buttons can drastically increase your shares and re-pins.
  1. Use keywords for SEO

Don’t forget to employ your knowledge of SEO keywords when creating boards and pins on Pinterest. When you pin to your boards you should be adding relevant search terms in your descriptions. Relate your keywords for product categories to your boards. Your keywords used on your Pinterest boards and pins should be terms people are searching for on Pinterest.
  1. Create contests

A contest creates attention and requires people to interact with you. These can be highly effective in driving people to your website. Coming up with a contest may seem intimidating if you haven’t set one up before, but they are really pretty simple. There are several resources on the internet to help you create a contest. Take a look at this one focused on
  1. Pin your blog posts.

Don’t forget to get your blog posts onto Pinterest boards. Use the category for the blog post as the name of the board for your pin. Use images!
When using Pinterest to grow your following and ultimately your internet business, be sure to keep up-to-date on the branding guidelines for Pinterest. They can be found at
Hopefully these tips have helped you kick your Pinterest ideas and activity up a notch. Have fun with it! Because Pinterest is a visual-based medium, always be sure you have images, images, and images.

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