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How My Online Business Changed My Life

How Owning an Online Business Changed My Life

I got tired of crying on my way to work each day……Here’s how owning my online business changed my life! 

Close to 13 years ago, I owned one of the largest online maternity clothing companies. I had created the business from my home, from my own kitchen table. I created the business because I had a passion for fashion and maternity clothing. I had no idea what I was doing, but I did know I was tired of crying on my way to work each day. The tears would fall from my face because I missed my kids so much.  I did know that I was tired of making someone else rich. I wanted to build a business where every inch of blood, sweat and tears went towards the greater good of building something that would benefit my family.Jennifer and Kids
My online company grew faster than I could have ever dreamed. My first day brought me two sales. I was ecstatic! I had never been so happy. I just made money, from sitting behind my computer at my home. Things only got better and by year two my company was a 6 figure online business.
At the time I did hold inventory, but ecommerce has come a long way since then. Many online business owners use the drop ship method where they do not have to hold any expensive or bulky inventory. You can find out more about how drop shipping works by going to
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By the time I sold my online business it was doing over a million dollars per year. I had made so many mistakes, but that’s okay because it is from those mistakes that I learned so much!

Mistakes You Never Want to Make with Your Online Business

  1. Ignore SEO. I did. I will admit it, I ignored it. I didn’t even want to hear the words search engine optimization. Suggestion: Learn it, stidy it and become an expert.
  2. Follow experts on SEO. Read their blogs, and keep up-to-date with the latest changes from Google.
  3. Study your competitors. Review their websites. What are they selling, and doing. Are you following their social media? This is not meant to copy, but to stay different by finding your place in the market so you can stand apart.
  4. Have good images of your products. Online shoppers are unable to touch or feel the products in your online store as they would at a brick and mortar store. This is why it is essential to have great product images on your online business that really show off the fabulous products you have to offer.
  5. Write good product descriptions. The more information a product description provides the less customer service questions you will receive. Plus this is great for SEO too! You want your customers to understand everything they can about the product. You can use descriptive keywords to let your customer know how to use the product and what makes it a great product to own.

Stay Focused 

Most importantly is stay focused on your online business. Don’t give up when times get hard. Push HARDER – Work HARDER! That is the difference between someone who becomes a huge success and someone that goes no where. Invest in yourself! Commit to the long haul of working hard knowing that the ultimate outcome is working for yourself from anywhere in the world.  Owning an online business is the ultimate form of entrepreneurship because of the freedom it offers and is worth the hard work and commitment.
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Jen Varner, CEOAbout the Author
Meet Jennifer Varner! She is the CEO and Founder of Over the past eight years along with her outstanding team at Pure-Ecommerce, she has helped hundreds of budding entrepreneurs realize their dream of owning their own online business.  Pure-Ecommerce offers complete ready to go internet businesses for sale which include 40 hours of step by step ecommerce consulting. Find out more about Jennifer Varner and her story by visiting

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