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Online Business Owner Develops Her Own Yoga Clothing Line

Starting an online business can lead you in many different directions! Interview with Pure-Ecommerce Client, Terri Sher, on her latest project, creating her own wholesale yoga clothing product line.

Terri Sher headshot

I love being able to share exciting news from our clients! It’s true, by owning your own business it enables you to open the door to various business ventures that will continue to grow and expand your online business.
Take it from, Terri Sher, who  started her own custom design website business,, three years ago. It was so exciting to hear how she has grown and expanded her business! I wanted to share her story and learn more about  the next chapter in her business. It is a great testament to show other budding or current online business owners that with hardwork, dedication and the drive to succeed anything is possible!

1.     Let’s start by letting everyone know How you started your online business,

I love doing yoga! I had been interested in creating some form of yoga related business and I came across Pure E-Commerce and the whole drop ship business seemed to be a great fit that worked with my family. Pure E-Commerce provided everything I needed to get the business up and running, as well as, offering continued support as needed. I love working with small family owned businesses and DownDog Boutique provides them with a great retail outlet that they might not otherwise have. I now work with over 50 boutique vendors and really enjoy the interaction.

yoga 12.     Why did you decide to venture into starting you own Yoga Activewear line?

I’ve always enjoyed doing tie dye with my kids! Since owning and operating DownDog Boutique, I have learned a great deal about the inner workings of the activewear industry. Creating a line of my own provided a creative outlet and a perfect synchronicity between the two businesses.  Splash Dye Activewear and  DownDog Boutique provide a harmonious relationship together.  Hand dying my clothing is fun and a great opportunity to grow both businesses at the same time. I then moved to offering my work on Etsy and selling wholesale is the next logical step.

3.     Describe your new Yoga Activewear line? 

One of the main reasons I started the new activewear line, Splash Dye, is because I have an extensive background in the art industry I wanted to combine my creative side with my love of yoga! The yoga clothing I create is the perfect expression of my vision of “wearable art”.
I personally oversee the hand dying of each piece of clothing in my custom built studio at my home. It all starts with a white blank clothing mainly using cotton, with a small amount of spandex. This makes the clothing stretchy enough for yoga and activewear. All the pieces are sourced from USA based manufacturers that are reputable and sweat shop free. The designs are then created using special Fiber Reactive dyes. This is the dye you’ve seen on tie-dyes on the street, at fairs, festivals and concerts – the colors are brilliant and permanent. They don’t fade, even after repeated washing.
After experimenting with a variety of tie dye techniques I developed my own style that fit with my wearable art vision. The name Splash Dye seemed to encapsulate the style better than the traditional tie dye description that seemed to hearken back to an earlier era of hippies and flower power. Splash Dye is vibrant and modern, creating color coordinated activewear & yoga outfits that will work around the town as well as in the gym or the yoga studio. The clothing provides not only style, but also comfort!

4.     Will the apparel line be available to other online business owners?yoga 2

My apparel line is available to any other business owners that would like to sell it!

5.     How do they find out more?

To find​ out more about Splash Dye Activewear, please look at the website Retail pricing is listed on the website. ​I offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders as well as drop ship​ services. Please email me at for further information and pricing!

6.     Why do you think it is important to continuously update your product line and online business?

As within the fashion industry, having an updated look and new product for customers to look at is imperative. New looks and styles are the lifeblood for your business. It’s what keeps customers coming back! New colors, new styles, new trends are what people are always looking for in the apparel industry as well as other industries. Making regular updates to your line and website also give you something new to use in marketing. My goal is to have something new to show or talk about every week. It’s not all about selling products, but providing something interesting and real for your customers to read about and look forward to. In January of this year, I launched a yoga blog, DownDog Diary along side DownDog Boutique to curate interesting yoga stories from around the web, as well as, publish original yoga articles. The posts are then shared on the DownDog Boutique social media network which currently has around 50,000 followers.

7.     What encouragement can you offer to others who may be thinking of venturing out to wholesale or even their own line of products?

If you’re thinking about owning your own business, having an online business is a great way to go for many reasons! I put a lot of thought into what was most important to me and my family. I also am a great lover of yoga and the yoga lifestyle. Creating my own business that allows me to spend time working in an industry I love along with being at home for my children was a perfect fit. The benefits are huge, but I do work very hard at it and spend the time needed to nurture and grow a business into one large enough to support my family. The rewards are definitely worth the effort!  The rise of internet marketing has made the venture into wholesale more accessible than ever before when the only way to reach the wholesale market was through trade shows and manufacturers reps.
What a great message…..I hope Terri’s interview has inspired you to take your passion and put it to work for you! One of the most important factors with owning an online business is being able to bring a part of your life into it. Whether you are passionate about children, pets, decorating your home, sports, fitness, etc.  – it’s essential to bring an area of your life into your business in order to put that passion to work for you. If you are ready to take the next step in learning how to start an online business visit us at

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