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Increase Your Online Presence With “Sister” Online Businesses


Sister online businesses can help increase your online presence! Plus, there are many reasons why you should consider owning your own sister website!

Have you ever heard the term “sister” online businesses? Well, maybe not, but I am sure you are familiar with the term “sister stores” from the brick-and-mortar lingo. Well, sister websites are the same concept. At Pure-Ecommerce we like to call two online businesses that complement each other – “sister sites”. Whether you choose to have two websites within the same or similar markets sister online businesses are a great idea as they can help bring customers over from one store or the other. It is our belief that owning multiple website businesses can help you further expand your brand presence.

Why Sister Online Businesses Should Complement Each Other

When you think of sisters, you think of two people who complement each other. They may be different in ways, but together they make more of an impact. Well, the same is true when it comes to owning sister Niche Market Websites. For instance, one website you own could feature furniture for the home and the other could be all the decor and accessories used to enhance the home. Both sell different types of products, but together they complement each other. You could also use a combination of the following industries to achieve your harmounious balance of “sisterhood” – maternity with baby, wine with home bar furnishings, sports lovers with outdoors lovers, stationery with gifts and so on.

It’s All In A Name

Another way you can develop sister online business that complement each other is through their names. You can concentrate on one certain area, such as, vintage, stylish, chic, etc. The possibilites are almost endless in this area. The key in making it work is, of course, ensuring they balance each other. You do not want your potential customer to loose the concept of your websites. You will also want your logos and designs to complement each other. You can differeniate them through the theme colors, but overall you want them to know that they are shopping one sister site or the other.

Pure-Ecommerce Sister Sites Complement Each Other

Why You Should Consider Owning Sister Online Businesses

There are many reasons to take into consideration when thinking about starting your own sister websites. Does it increase your work? Yes, as you will be working on two separate websites, but can the benefits help off-set this – yes! One way around this is to first begin with one online business, but with the desire to expand your ecommerce brand. You can get the first website up and running and then start the second website to continue building your presence and brand.
When you own sister websites it can help increase your exposure to current and potential customers. You may also increase the marketability by having similar domain names that complement each other and will help create a more memorable brand. Customers are very brand loyal once you have them “hooked” in with great products and outstanding customer service. What better way to keep a customer coming back than by offering a larger variety of products by owning two websites. It will give customers a larger variety of products and by increasing the product selections you are more likely to have everything they are searching for on your websites.

Ready to Learn More?

Visit us at to learn more about sister site benefits and to check out the sister niche market websites for saleIt’s important to remember owning multiple websites will give you great exposure online and will help increase your brand presence. In turn, hopefully, with hard work and dedication to your online businesses this will lead to more customers and ultimately more sales!
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