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5 Predictions for the Ecommerce Holiday Shopping Season

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What’s expected for the ecommerce holiday shopping season 2015? Here’s five predictions as to what may happen this year and it’s exciting!

Can you believe it, the holiday shopping season is already here! Whether you are an online retailer, plan to become an online retailer or simply a consumer it’s important to look at the predictions for the 2015 ecommerce holiday shopping season. I’ve compiled a list of five predictions for one of the most exciting times for ecommerce retailers!
  1. Holiday Shoppers Shop Early

In years past, retailers would see an influx of purchases after Halloween up until the New Year’s holiday. However, this year consumers are not “scared” to start shopping before ghoulish holiday – Halloween. Are you one of the 32 million adults who have started shopping for the holidays? A scientific poll of 1,004 U.S. adults commissioned by found that 14 percent of consumers — about 32 million adults based on U.S. Census estimates — have begun holiday shopping. And 2 percent, or about 4.6 million, are ultra-early birds: They’re already done!
This statistic should cause all online retailers to get in gear if you are not already marketing your website and products to holiday shoppers. You do not want to miss out on being apart of the next set of stats in the next prediction…..
  1. Online Retail Sales Will Grow 13.9 Percent

This is exciting news for all online business owners! Ecommerce is continuing to grow because people love having the freedom and flexibility to shop from anywhere and anytime they want. This is leading to Online retail sales increasing year after year and the 2015 ecommerce holiday shopping season is predicted to be no different.
The research firm, eMarketer, reports overall U.S. retail sales in November and December could grow 5.7 percent compared to last year, reaching, an estimated $885 billion. If this happens 2015 will mark one of the best increases in total U.S. retail sales in several years. They also predict online retail should grow 13.9 percent to more than $79 billion or about 9 percent of all holiday retail sales.


  1. 25% of Total Holiday Sales Will Be From Mobile Commerce

Do you think Marty McFly, from Back to the Future, could predict that one-day people could hold a device in their hands and have quick access to millions upon millions of products? Well, it is happening and mobile commerce is growing by leaps and bounds!
In fact, it is predicted by eMarketer US retail mcommerce sales will rise to 32.2% in full-year 2015. This means it has more than doubled the 14.2% increase forecast for retail ecommerce sales as a whole.
The reason for the jump is consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with making purchases from their phones. As phones increase in size and convenience so do the number of retail sales from mobile devices. It is also predicted by the end of 2016, 25% of all retail ecommerce sales in the US will be done by using a mobile device.


  1. From Social to Shopping

People are no longer just using social media to “get social”, but now using it to shop! I am sure you are just like me, you’ve looked for reviews on products via social media. Or you’ve seen a post about a product which lead you to shop on a particular website. Now social media is giving you the option to make purchases from “buy” or “shop now” buttons. Over the past year, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have all introduced shopping buttons. This has made it significantly easier for consumers to purchase from these sites, especially when on mobile devices.
The 2015 holiday shopping season will be the first real test on the new wave of social commerce. Facebook and Pinterest are the social platforms responsible for the most referrals to retailer websites, according to Merkle | RKG. The reason social media is going from being just social to offering simple shopping access is because they want to make on-site conversions easier and more trackable, which will in turn make their advertising more valuable to retailers.
  1. Best Promotional Tool – Email Marketing

This one is a little harder to measure for the experts, but it is known email is a dominant holiday marketing tool. Yes, people are bombarded with emails announcing the latest and greatest holiday offer. However, they DO work! Whether it be an email from your favorite retailer or a deal too good to pass up – we do act on and purchase from these marketing emails.
A survey conducted by MailChimp last holiday season showed that 100% (yes, absolutely everyone surveyed) of marketers surveyed did plan to use email in their holiday marketing plan. One main point to take away from this is even those companies that normally do not use email promotions DO use them to market their business during the holiday season.
As an online business it is important to utilize this marketing tool. There are so many different ways you can use it to market to not only current customers, but use it to reach potential customers. It’s great to offer a special promotion to sign-up for your newsletter list. Many ecommerce businesses automate email messages, so when a shopper completes a holiday purchase they receive a follow-up message giving them an incentive to make additional purchases throughout the holiday season. Email marketing is a great way to capture and cultivate customers all year long!
No, I do not have a crystal ball, but I do love sharing interesting statistics with you. Whether you currently own an online business or you are looking to enter the market; it is always a great idea to take note of exciting news in the world of ecommerce.

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