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Why You Don’t Have to Worry About the Amazon Monster!


Small Business Can Topple the Amazon Monster

We get asked all the time, how do I compete against the big box stores? How can my store compete with Amazon and their same day, drone shipping?
The truth is, you CAN’T.
Now wait, we hear your sighs of exasperation and feel the temptation to click the X out button and give up. DON’T! Hear us out!

Competition is what you make of it!

You don’t have to compete against the giants. Remember the Bible story of David and Goliath? David had his sling shot and Goliath had his mighty armor and sword.
Good news folks! You’re David and if you don’t remember, he won the battle!
You shouldn’t even consider the mighty big box stores as your competition. They are technically, but in reality, they aren’t. Here’s why:
They don’t have what you have and that’s you! Your uniqueness gives you a step up on the competition.
While your store may be selling similar or possibly even the same products, your store is unique – just like you and you’re an expert on what you sell.


Be different!

If you’re doing your job right and marketing your store in your own unique voice, the big box stores or other competitors are not much of an issue at all.
People want to buy from people they know, like and trust. If you’re authentic in your marketing efforts, customers will respond to this.
Think about it – aren’t you the same way? Wouldn’t you rather support the Mom & Pop shop than the big box store? Buyer research says this is true. Buyers want to know who they’re purchasing from. They want the expert in whatever the niche market is and they want great customer service. Do you think the operator at Amazon customer service or the clerk at Wal-Mart is an expert in what they’re selling? Do you think they can offer customer service at the level that you can? Obviously they aren’t and they can’t. Just look at some of the reviews and complaints online!

How to slay the dragon:

First, you have to have great products. That should go without saying but . . . well, we’re saying it. If you don’t have what your customers want, what makes you think they’ll buy from you? You don’t have to match the big box store price or shipping either. More than likely you can’t because you can’t get the same pricing those guys do because of volume, but you can pair that higher price with knowledge and customer service that puts them to shame.
The second thing you must do is to market your site effectively and give your ideal clients the opportunity to get to know you. Ok, maybe not personally, but they are going to know your brand because you’re going to give your brand a voice that is uniquely its own. You’re going to use that voice to build your audience on social media and your fans are going to hear it. You’re going to be where they are consistently and frequently so that they get to know you and come to depend on you.
The more they get to know you (your brand), the more they’re going to like you (if you’re likeable that is – this does make a difference). You’re going to be entertaining them, educating them and engaging them on the things they want to know about your niche market. Who thinks Amazon gets to know their customers in this manner?
You’re not going to be salesy and constantly pushing your products. Instead, you’re going to be giving them value in the content you offer. The more value you give, the more your audience will engage with you.

Victory is nigh!

Before you know it, this audience is going to trust you. Now friends, victory is yours. You’ve fought the hard battle and won. Once your audience trusts you, they won’t buy from anyone else.
Now – in all honesty, this is a simplistic explanation, but a truthful one. We don’t mean to imply it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 but it kind of is.


So there you have it – that’s all you have to do, BUT it takes a lot of time, work and even more patience to get to this point. If you’re not afraid of a little hard work – you wouldn’t be an entrepreneur if you were – this is completely achievable.


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