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Internet Baby Boutiques Are Big Business


By: Catherine Perry

Is there anything more life-changing, exhilarating, wonderful, scary, awesome, and anxiety-producing as having a baby? Maybe. But, very little competes with this event in people’s lives. The wonder of it is overwhelming, as well as the volume of material things that are needed by that new baby in the family. Internet baby boutiques are big business!
If you are considering starting an ecommerce business, we think you should seriously look at an ecommerce baby boutique. Buying the stuff required for a baby is an enormous and on-going task, for sure. More and more–as is true with just about everything—buying online is the most popular method of purchasing “stuff” for baby. Let’s face it, new mothers are limited in their time to spend shopping.
Shopping at home or on the go through mobile devices provides so many more options than are available otherwise, based on a new mother’s time. Whether a new mom is at home trying to get some much needed rest or running to the grocery store for food and supplies, shopping online is the preferred option.
Let’s look at some statistics that we think back up why we are suggesting that an online baby boutique is a great ecommerce business idea.

Spending Dollars for Babies

According to Statista in the article “Statistics and facts on the baby care market in the U.S.,” (written in 2013) the global baby care market could have total sales to $66.8 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2017. Their information shows that the online baby care segment is one of the top health and beauty care product categories in the U.S. and will continue growing.

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In the Business section of the Houston Chronicle, Melinda Gaines wrote an article about starting a baby boutique business. She says, “Millions of children are born each year, meaning many parents are looking to purchase baby clothing, toys and other necessary items. Even when spending is down, one area where people cannot avoid putting out money is when it comes to their children, especially a new baby. A baby boutique has the potential to be profitable and can be started in several ways, but you will need to carefully plan your venture before opening up for business.”

Millennials and Spending Habits new-parent-online-shopping-pure-ecommerce

Since the age group 18 – 34 called the Millennials is the group that is in their prime child-bearing years and most likely to be having the largest number of babies, we thought some research on their spending habits is warranted. The Business Insider website states that the Millennials spend more money online annually than any other age group, spending around $2,000 on e-commerce, even though they have lower incomes than older adults. (See
In “How Millennials are Shopping: 20 Interesting Statistics and Figures” written by Brian Honigman, you find compelling reasons why this demographic is a huge target market for ecommerce businesses. Some of his findings are:
  • 85% of millennials find shopping online enjoyable and even describe it as “entertaining.”
  • 37% of millennials are distrusting of “big business” and prefer to shop at boutiques.
  • The purchasing power of the Millennials is estimated to be $170 billion a year.

take-baby-steps-pure-ecommerceTake Baby Steps…
Before you purchase an ecommerce business, we encourage you to do your own research, and look particularly at why an ecommerce baby boutique is such a profitable business idea. Here are some other resources:

Here Comes Baby!

At Pure-Ecommerce we believe so strongly in the marketability of baby products online, that’s why we’re promoting the idea with a sale for the month of May. It’s your opportunity to save $1,000 on any of our ready-made online baby boutique websites for sale! Our baby websites encompass everything from baby furniture to baby clothes and more so that you can cover anything a family with a new baby needs!
Owning an online baby boutique can be a virtual “bundle of joy” for you. When you own an ecommerce business it can provide both a rewarding and creative experience. You will have the ability to reach new moms and dads as they enter the most exciting time of their life! The statistics don’t lie and people will never stop having babies, which makes an online baby boutique a top online business to consider.
Interested in starting your own online baby boutique, we invite you to post any questions you may have below. You can view all our online baby boutiques for sale visit

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