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Men Shopping Online —What You Need to Know


By: Catherine Perry

Huge Increases in Number of Men Shopping Ecommerce—Are You Missing This Opportunity?

Often people are quick to think that only women shop the internet. Wrong. Conventional “group-think” also mistakenly says women make all of the shopping decisions in the household. Wrong again. In our research, we found that men are shopping, shopping, SHOPPING using ecommerce. And, not only are they using laptops to shop, they are using mobile devices in growing numbers for their online shopping. (Of course, we have some statistics to back us up.)
In this article, we will provide some interesting facts about men as online shoppers/purchasers. And, we will make the strong argument for considering an ecommerce business that provides products men may be shopping for.

How & Why Men Are Shopping Online

According to Business Insider, in the article titled “The Surprising Demographic of Who Shops Online and On Mobile Devices,“ dated in 2014, “when it comes to e-commerce, men drive nearly as much spending online in the U.S. as women” even though women control 80% of the purchasing decisions. We know the numbers in this article are a couple years old; however, undoubtedly the numbers of men shopping online has grown instead of decreased since 2014.
In the article, “Ecommerce Statistics All Retailers Should Know“, reveals “Men between the ages of 18-34 are the most likely demographic to make an online purchase, followed by males between the ages of 35 and 64”. Men are shopping at ecommerce stores for music, electronics, books, travel related services and auction items. Men also tend to by higher priced items online versus women. When men shop online they have a “mission in mind”, they look online for a certain type of product and make their purchase once found to complete their “mission”.


How are Men Shopping Online?

Business Insider also states in this same article that “Men are more likely to make purchases on mobile devices,” citing that 22% of men purchased on their smartphones in 2013 out of a total f 52% who made a purchase online. Marketing Tech Blog reports 18% of men use shopping apps provided by retail stores. Men are also more likely to “showroom”, which mens they look at the item in a brick and mortar store then purchase the same item through an online store.


What are the Online Shopping Habits of Men? has an in-depth infographic that shows the online shopping habits of men versus women—clearly indicating that men are a significant and growing demographic of online shopping. Here are some of the bullet points from this infographic:
  • Men want quick and simple when shopping online.
  • Men shop when the need is immediate.
  • Men stop shopping when they find what they want.
  • Men are more likely to shop and purchase for themselves.
  • Men aren’t as likely to shop sales and discounts as women are.
  • Men do their research when shopping (need product descriptions, product comparisons, product reviews).
  • 85% of men shop using their laptops.
  • 45% of men bought using a smartphone or laptop.
  • 91% of men scanned a barcode when shopping online.

What Can Ecommerce Owners Learn?

You can learn a few things from our research about men shopping online that is pertinent if you are considering owning an ecommerce business:
  • Include a product mix that appeals to men and market to them.
  • Make sure your website is mobile-device-ready.
  • Spend time on your SEO so searches make finding you easy.
  • Design your website with quick, easy search and purchase methods.
At Pure-ecommerce, we have seen the numbers and the need for online businesses to target the male shopper. In response, we have created several specialty websites already for easy “business-in-a-box” solutions if you would like to market to the male demographic. They include niche markets such as sports, outdoors and emergency preparedness. So, take a look…and become a player in this growing ecommerce segment!

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