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Show Your Independence—Be Your Own Boss!


By: Catherine Perry

Independence. What does the word mean to you? Isn’t it time to show your independence and become your own boss!

You may say “freedom” or “self-sufficiency” or “being in control.” Independence means many different things to different people. But, more often than not, the word “freedom” comes up when people think of being independent. In the U.S., this month of July has us thinking of independence because of July 4th, our Independence Day holiday. So, this month we started thinking about other scenarios where independence is a theme. The first ones we thought of are owning your own business, being your own boss, and working from anywhere. Now, that’s true personal independence!

What People Want

We did some research on the trend of working from home and found some interesting information. In the past few years a lot of studies have been conducted on companies allowing their employees to work from home, and they are showing increases in both the desire of employees and the companies getting on board.
What are some of the reasons employees want to work at home? In a Forbes magazine article, “Top 10 Benefits of Working from Home”, published in 2012, the author listed the top10 reasons employees they surveyed preferred working from home:

Work/Home Balance

The majority of people who work outside the home have a longing desire to have the perfect work/home balance. Whether you are a parent or not, you have a yearning to be at home while at work. You often fill pulled in so many different directions and it leaves you feeling unsettled. Admit it, this is not a good feeling! You have the desire to find the ultimate balance in order to create a sense of peace in your home and work life.
Work/home balance is the number 1 reason people want to work from home, but other reasons are important as well, like a “less stressful” workplace, a “quieter atmosphere,” and “less distractions.” And, we would like to add another highly valued reason why people want to work away from an office–you may be able to work from anywhere!


PC Magazine reported a survey showing that 97% of the people who responded said that “a more flexible job would have a positive impact on their quality of life.” And, 4 out 5 said they thought having more flexibility at work would make them healthier. ( That’s right, people said that they thought they would be healthier if they had more flexibility at work!
Okay, but so far this information we’re talking about is focusing on “employees” who were surveyed, which means that these respondents work for companies. Guess what…even when an employee is working remotely from home, he/she is still being managed, supervised and monitored by company managers—even though it is virtually. So, really they aren’t totally “independent” or “free,” are they? But, you probably realize that already.

True Independence is Being Your Own Boss

Are you interested in true independence? If so, then you’re looking at owning your own business and being the boss who is running the show. Can you picture yourself being in control of your work each day? Can you picture yourself working from home with a flexible schedule? You could have better work/life/family balance. You could have more time for “life” things—catching up with friends, taking the children to play-dates, engaging in a sport like golf or tennis.
Owning your own ecommerce business allows you the freedom you may yearn for. Two of the benefits of owning an ecommerce business is the ability to 1) work from anywhere and 2) have a flexible schedule. Another benefit is being the “boss.” Being the one who makes the decisions, leads the company, sets the goals, designs the plan and makes it happen is truly the definition of “independence.” This is the big one, folks. If you want the freedom that owning your own business brings and the flexibility to work when and where you want to, then you should strongly consider owning an ecommerce business.
Maybe this quote by Paul J. Meyer in his book “Dynamics of Personal Time Control” speaks to you just as it has to thousands who have gone “independent” in their careers:


Let us at Pure-Ecommerce help you make your dream of being independent and being your own boss happen! In recognition of July being the month of “independence” in celebrating the 4th of July, we’re having a “Show Your Independence Sale” this month. During this special offer you will receive $850 off your choice of any of our ready-made internet businesses, as well as, 50 hours of ecommerce consulting and 2 years access to our exclusive eLearning Library! Take a look at the variety of businesses we offer. This great deal is through July 31, 2016 only. So go ahead, get started with an ecommerce business and begin your future of independence!

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