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Summertime is a Great Time to Start an Online Business


By: Catherine Perry


Summer is finally here and you have lots going on, no doubt! Maybe cookouts with friends and family, outdoor activities, and a vacation are on your list of things going on for you this summer. Summer is always a good time for slowing down a bit and making some plans for the rest of the year. Half of the year has passed already and now is a good time—no, a great time—to consider starting an online business. “Why?” you may ask. Well, we can give you some solid reasons why the summertime is a great time to start an online business!

More Time to Focus on Making a Change 

While sitting in the sand at the ocean or looking out over a mountain range, or wherever your travels take you this summer, you might find yourself reflecting on your life and thinking about making a change. You may be a stay-at-home mom or a retiree or just sick and tired of the rat race of your corporate job and looking for a business opportunity that can allow you flexibility and ownership. An ecommerce website fits these goals perfectly. It allows you the flexibility you need to work the schedule that works best for you, your family and your business. During the summer you have the time to spend on getting an online business off the ground—especially if it is a fully designed, ready-made ready-made internet business from Pure-Ecommerce!


Pure-Ecommerce-Get-Family-Involved-BlogFamily Involvement

Summertime usually means more time spent with family, especially if you have children who are out of school. Why not get the family involved in starting an internet business?! Because you are working from home, children may be with you and this is a great way to teach older children some basics for owning a business. Teach your spouse, children or other family members aspects of your business. Brainstorm business ideas with them. Since tweens and teens are experts on social media, you can get their input on your social media or blog posts. You can also gain your family’s knowledge and expertise on areas such as product selection and marketing. It’s great to have a business meeting at your own kitchen table!


Work Anywhere Pure-Ecommerce-Work-from-Anywhere-Blog

While you’re either traveling on vacation or just chillin’ on your back deck this summer, you may be thinking how great it would be if you could actually work where you are. Well, guess what? Another one of the perks of owning an internet-based business is that the business can go anywhere with you! All you need is a laptop, internet and phone to take your business anywhere in the world! An online ecommerce business offering all drop ship products is a great alternative to other types of business that tie you down.


Pure-Ecommerce-Holiday-Shopping-BlogStart Now and Be Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season

Half of the year is passed and before you know it the holidays will be upon us. Starting an online business in the summer is the perfect time to have it ready for business and cashing in on the holiday shopping season. You have three to four months to prepare your business for the shopping traffic.
When you start an online business there are certain tasks to do such as working with vendors for your product collection, optimizing your site for search engines, building your brand and marketing your business. So, all of this takes a bit of time, but starting now in the summer allows you the time to get those things ready for the upcoming holiday season.
According to the National Retail Federation, the 2015 holiday season saw “online and other non-store holiday sales grow 9 percent! Online shopping will only continue to grow during the holidays. In general, people are not wanting to shop at crowded shopping malls. Instead, they are shopping during times that are convenient to them, as well as, wherever they are—on the computer or on their smart phone or on their tablet. Why wouldn’t you want a slice of that pie this year?!


Shopping Online is “Hot”Pure-Ecommerce-Online-Shopping-is-Hot-Blog

Shopping online is “hot”—no pun intended. There is no question that shopping online continues to gain momentum and is the preferred way of shopping for many. All generations from Millennials, Gen-X-ers, Gen-Y-ers and Baby Boomers are joining in the digital shopping experience every day and especially during the holidays. Year after year, ecommerce has out shined brick-and-mortar retails showing that consumers enjoy the convenience of shopping anywhere and anytime through online businesses. Start your business this summer and be a part of the growth!
We think we’ve given you some very good reasons for starting your online business now. Why wait?! Start this summer and begin living a life of fulfilling work by owning your own ecommerce business! To find out more about how you can become an ecommerce entrepreneur, go to and look at our collection of online business opportunities!

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