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Four Critical Skills of an Ecommerce Entrepreneur


By: Catherine Perry

Do you have the skills to be an ecommerce entrepreneur? We’ve outlined the four skills we feel any ecommerce business owner should possess!

If you’re considering becoming an ecommerce owner, you probably have many questions about what one actually does and the skills you need in order to be successful. To educate yourself about what is involved in owning and operating an online business, you should do your research, just as you are doing now by reading this article. You may be wondering if there are certain skills you need to be the owner of a successful business online. We think there are four skills that are critical for an ecommerce entrepreneur to have that pave the way for success:
  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Writing
  • Learning New Skills
Of course, in addition to these skills, you need to have a strong desire to be successful. The skills can be learned where there is the desire, so you don’t necessarily need to have them now. What you do need to know is how these skills fit into the building of a successful ecommerce business.


The skill of planning isn’t unique to owning an internet business because every successful business owner should have a great plan. We include it here because making a plan is especially important in running a successful ecommerce business. As the owner of an internet business, you may be working from home where there could be many distractions. Having your plan and following it is even more important because it is all up to YOU!
As an internet business owner, you make several different types of plans—a business plan, a marketing plan, a weekly plan, an editorial calendar, and a daily plan—just to name a few. Making and executing a plan is a critical skill in moving your business forward. The act of setting the goals for every aspect of your business needs to be the first task you do. This is your road map. Having a plan drives your business!
If you are new to creating business and marketing plans, here are a few resources to help:



Marketing your business and, therefore, creating a brand that is identifiable is a critical skill when running an internet store. According to in the article “Must Have Skills for Ecommerce Founders”, “Above everything else, the ability to successfully market your e-commerce site is the #1 most crucial success factor.  It’s more important than your niche.  More important than your site design.  WAY more important than your name or logo.  It’s even more important than conversion optimization.”
Without marketing, you don’t get customers and, as a result, you don’t get sales. The internet is huge, which is a double-edged sword because there are millions of people who can potentially purchase from your store. But, at the same time you also have a huge amount of competition.
Marketing is the way you let people know your business exists. Marketing can come in the form of campaigns on social media, performing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), posting and advertising on social media and search engines, writing blog posts and email newsletters, joining forums and directories, and developing links. Additionally, you should become a SEO expert. Google needs to find you even more than customers need to find you because one goes with the other. Learn what the search engines are looking for and make sure your website delivers it. That is part of marketing an internet business.
As the owner of an ecommerce business you should have your “marketing hat” on at all times and know what your next campaign is, what your next offer is, and how you are going to get that message out.
Here are some resources to use to become a great marketer for your internet business:
  • –Marketing tips and strategies; interviews with successful entrepreneurs
  • eCommerce Marketing Training–Has an entire module dedicated to e-commerce SEO and marketing
  • SEOmoz–One of the internet’s best resources and community on SEO


We know you’re probably asking, “Why do I need to be able to write to be a successful ecommerce entrepreneur?” As you are researching this topic, it won’t take long for you to run across these three words: “Content is king.” Content writing is part of the master puzzle you need to put together in order to become a successful ecommerce entrepreneur!
The content on your website is crucial to both your customers and the search engines. The written words on every page of your website must inform the customers in a compelling way. Additionally, the words on each page must inform the search engines about both your website and that specific page. You are writing first for the customer and second for the search engines. Each product page needs to be well-written in describing the product and offering value to the customer. Each landing page needs to be well-written to educate and persuade the customer to go further and, ultimately, to make a purchase. Then, when marketing you will need to write well in your blog posts, social media posts, and email campaigns.
Looking at other successful ecommerce sites will help educate you in what is a well-written page. Emulate the best ones on your site. Use these as guides and examples only; don’t copy them.
To learn to write well, here are some resources that help you in correct punctuation:
  • AP Stylebook
  • The Elements of Style by Strunk and White

Pure-Ecommerce-Learning-BlogLearning New Skills

Your ability (and desire) to learn new skills is critical in being a successful ecommerce entrepreneur, especially if it is a new role for you. Being an entrepreneur mostly means wearing a lot of different hats and being a “Jack of all trades.” There will be many things you will have to do that are new to you.
Some things that may be new for you could be performing SEO, working with photos, creating posts on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), selecting and managing your ecommerce platform and shopping cart.
Guess what? Learning is a skill that you can develop. Read articles, watch videos, maybe get a consultant. Figure out how you learn best and pursue instruction in that way. There are many videos available on YouTube and educational sites such as that provide great instruction on many topics.
We at Pure-Ecommerce have been in business over nine years providing websites to new ecommerce owners, just like you may be, who had no prior experience operating an online business. From our work with new owners, we have seen that someone with an entrepreneurial spirit can own and run a very successful online store. Of course, you need the desire, the drive, and a forge-ahead-against-obstacles mentality, and being an entrepreneur usually means you have those qualities no matter what the type of business you are building.
If you find yourself lacking in any of these four important skills, you may consider hiring a company to perform a particular service for you like SEO or writing landing pages. Talk to us at Pure-Ecommerce about the many services we provide for our customers!



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