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Five Things Being Your Own Boss Can Teach You about Yourself


Owning an online business and being your own boss can teach you so much about your drive, your passion and your desire to be successful!

By: Catherine Perry

Nothing can teach you more about yourself than being your own boss and owning an online business, or any type of business for that matter. The buck starts and stops with you! There is no one else to blame. Well, I guess if you want to you can always find someone to blame for something. But, when you’re your own boss, there isn’t anyone up the food chain for you argue with. You are it! So, when you are in this position, you find that you learn a lot about yourself.
We wanted to look at 5 things you definitely learn about yourself when you are your own boss.

1. You are resourceful

You learn quickly that you need to find out things that you don’t already know. It may seem that you run up against things every day that you don’t know how to do or how to handle. When it is just up to you, you figure out where to go to find answers. You may not have been good at research when you were in school, but when you are your own boss you become very resourceful.

2. You are adaptable

When you are your own boss, every day brings new situations that you need to adapt to, as well as, be incredibly flexible. Being flexible is the quality you need to have when there are things that you can’t change, but find a way to work around them. Being your own boss teaches you how to do this in order to keep your sanity!
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3. You are resilient

All of us have times when we are less than successful—in fact, we may even fail. But, failure is part of life and of being your own boss. You aren’t going to be great at everything right off the bat. Failing at some things is to be expected. You learn from those failures. But, being resilient is the quality that makes you bounce back from those failures and dust yourself off, and get back to work–always remembering that you can learn from your experiences and failures to, hopefully, not repeat them.

4. You are a quick learner

Being your own boss makes you be a quick learner. All successful entrepreneurs are quick learners. Learning from experiences means that you quickly figure things out and can perform at a more optimum level. You also need to surround yourself with the right tools to help you learn as you grow your online business. You also need to stay up-to-date on the ever growing, changing and ecommerce industry. You need to continuously learn new methods to better your business and market your website in the online marketplace.
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5. You can work longer and harder
When your online business is your “baby”, you find that you can work longer hours and harder. You are it! So, when you have everything at stake, working those long hours isn’t as difficult as it is when you are just an employee. You find the extra whatever you need to stay with it until it gets done. You work longer and harder to ultimately ensure your business is successful!


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