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Want to Change Your Life? Start an Ecommerce Business


Are you ready to change your life? Take the steps you need to build your future!

By: Catherine Perry

Let’s talk about making money for a minute. Is money important to you? You may answer “Duh” to that question. Of course, for most of us, money is important. It is what allows us to have the things we need in life, like shelter, clothes and food. For most of us, money is what we receive for working. It provides a value and worth to our work efforts. Perhaps money allows us to have a certain lifestyle or pursue and obtain things that are important to us.
But, how many of us have the money we want—money that we feel is really commensurate with our efforts. Most of us have a pre-set ceiling on our income, especially if we work in the “corporate world.” That is a fact. Most jobs have either an annual salary or hourly pay rate that is decided on by someone we never meet and is based on criteria on which we may not agree. We have probably all been there before. Based on you education, number of years in industry, blah, blah, blah, you are paid $X.
How long have you been in your current job? Have you experienced fewer and smaller, if any, raises in the last years? Did the recession hit your employer hard and hasn’t quite recovered yet? Do you feel you are paid commensurately for the work you do? Should you stay in a stagnant position with little hope for upward mobility? Maybe it is time for a change. These are questions you consider constantly as you ponder your future.



Changing Careers in a Corporate World

What if you’re wanting to change careers in the corporate world and are just starting out on a new or different path? You start back at the beginning of the “food chain,” so to speak.
Here is one scenario of attempting to change careers in the corporate world:
First, you spend countless hours sending resumes to a dark hole in the workforce universe, many from which you never hear back. Then, you get some telephone interviews after which you may or may not get a response. Finally, you get to the last stage of the process–personal interviews—for which you prepare extensively. Yahoo! You finally get some in-person interviews! The anxiety and apprehension are palpable. After interviewing, you feel you perform very well; answered all the questions spot on; and gained rapport with the interviewers! If you’re fortunate, you finally get a job offer. But, you don’t have experience in the field, so you get a low-ball compensation offer. Now what?
Well, you have some pretty heavy decisions to make. Do you take it? Do you attempt to negotiate a higher compensation based on other previous experience that you feel applies to the role you are considering? Do you tell yourself that you aren’t worth any more money because you don’t have specific experience in that industry or work? So many questions. So many ways to go.
But, none of these options allow you to chart your own course, this is what leads us to let you think about building your own business. This will give you the potential to make as much money as you want.
If this scenario sounds like you and your experience and, if you want something different where you are the boss and the amount of money you make has no cap on it, then you should look at owning an ecommerce business!
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What is Important to You?

So many of us dream of having a career where the amount of money we make isn’t dependent on a corporate structure or the number of hours we work. Do you want to work hard and make the money you want to make without a ceiling on your income? Does money motivate you? Do you want to be in control of the amount of money you make? Having your own business is a way to accomplish that.
Okay, so money may not motivate you. If money isn’t a motivator for you, what is? Is having a flexible schedule to do other things like be with your family and friends the most important? Is being your own boss and running the show? Is working from any location so you can travel and not have to take “vacation time?”
Maybe having a business that you can do from home while being a mom or dad who is able to spend more time on family is more important than making tremendous money. You can do that as an owner of an ecommerce business. Maybe having a business that you can work hard at, yet still have flexibility to travel, (and at the same time make money) are the important aspects of work for you. Maybe building a business that grows and grows so that you’re seeing unlimited earning potential is important to you.
As an owner of an ecommerce business, these things are possible. No matter how much you are earning, your ecommerce business is a stepping stone to something greater. You are constantly learning more about the business and yourself! As your business grows, your earnings grow. You see a result from your efforts.
Of course, building a business from the ground up isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. Most endeavors that are worth it aren’t easy, or else everyone would be doing them!
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Have you considered owning your own business and being your own boss? When you own it, it can be what you want it to be…and, that is a powerful thing!

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