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Prepare Your Ecommerce Business Now To “Harvest” Your Profits Later!


Fall is the perfect time to prepare your ecommerce business for the upcoming holiday season, here’s some helpful tips to help you get started!

By: Catherine Perry

Fall is here! At Pure-Ecommerce, we love fall because it means we are changing things up for the season and preparing for the holidays. Now is the perfect time to reflect on what is working for your business and continue working on what you need to help your business succeed as we move into the next season. Yes, the holidays will be here before we know it. And, your ecommerce business needs to be ready for it.
Fall is a great time for you to gather the tools you need for success and “harvest” the profits from your ecommerce business! Just as a farmer harvests his fall crops, as an ecommerce business owner you can “harvest” the profits from the work you put into your business. If you prepare now and promote your business, you will definitely profit during the holiday season.
We want to give you some helpful tips for preparing your business for the upcoming season so you can “harvest” your profits!

Prepare Your Business

With the change of seasons you need to be ready with new products and content that appeals to your customers. When consumers see fall or holiday colors they begin thinking of shopping for the new products they need for the new season. Keep your customers interested and excited by offering new items. Now is the time to do this so you can prepare your ecommerce business for the upcoming holiday season.
Here are some things you can do to prepare your business….


Add New Products & Vendors

The changing of seasons is a great time to research and bring on new vendors and products so you can take your ecommerce business into the fall and holiday seasons. You should select products that cater to your customers’ needs for the new season. Adjust and select styles, textures and colors that reflect the new season. Add new products and categories to reflect the updates you are making to your website. This will help draw attention to the new products and categories as customers arrive to your online store.  Marketing new products will help boost interest and appeal to your customers and lead to sales!

Add a New, Fresh “Look” and Product Categories

Create a new “feeling” and “look” for fall on your ecommerce website. Start with your home page since this is where the majority of customers begin shopping on your site. Consider adding different photos, content and banners that focus on the feeling of the season. Continue on to the category and product pages. Decorate your website just as you decorate your home for the seasons. Use fun phrases or keywords that focus on the seasons. For example – “Shop Our Holiday Boutique” or “10 Must-Have’s for Fall.” Let your creativity shine and have fun with it! Use sites like Photodune, Shutterstock and Dreamstime to find images that are seasonal.

Add New Content for SEO

Content must always be updated, kept fresh and current! Each season provides an opportunity for you to add new content, but don’t forget to optimize the content for the search engines. Having content that markets your products is necessary, but so is focusing on the keywords that drive shoppers to your site. Remember to think about what your customers want to know and give them that information. At the same time, include relevant keywords about the product. Reflect the season but also incorporate content and keywords that help with your website’s search engine optimization.


Promote Your “New” Look for the Seasons

You’ve prepared your ecommerce website with the seasonal look, new products and updated content. Now, you need to promote it! The best way is to market through social media. You may get overwhelmed when thinking about which social media you should use. You may question which one is the “best”. Don’t over-think it! Consider your customer and which social media they are on. More than likely it is Facebook because it’s the most powerful social network with over 750 million users.
When promoting your internet business through social media be sure you actually “speak” to your potential and current customers. Carry on a conversation and engage them. They want to participate in a dialogue with you. You can ask your customers how they feel about a particular topic. This lets them know you care about their opinion. Make it easy for your customer by phrasing your questions so that they just use one word to respond. Relate everything to your new products and the season.
Engaging with your customer is a valuable tactic when it comes to any of your marketing, but especially with social media. Think about it…it’s social! Your goal is to not only have a person purchase from your online store, but also come back again and again. In achieving that goal, you want to let your customers know that you care about their feedback. This nurtures the relationship with them and will lead to building new relationships with others!
Facebook is an image-based media so we recommend you use pictures and videos, if applicable, in your marketing efforts. Market your new products and categories with pictures and enticing descriptions that will give your customer a good reason to go to your website and then come back again and again!


“Harvest” the Profits

If you put in the time now to prepare and promote your ecommerce business, you will be able to “harvest” the profits later. The holiday season is a robust sales season for ecommerce businesses. Last year in 2015, according to, Cyber Monday sales exceeded $3 billion for the first time ever, “setting a record for a single day of online sales” (Cyber Monday 2015 Hits Record $3 billion). For the last 3 years Cyber Monday has set records with online sales. Therefore, it goes without saying, this is the season you want to boost sales. Do so by offering specialty products and up-selling products by pairing items that complement each other.
Offer incentives and holiday sales. Competition is fierce during the holidays; you need to give your customers an incentive to buy from your store. Offer a percentage off or free shipping. These programs can really help you boost your sales.
Reaping the profits from your hard work is the joy of entrepreneurship! Just remember that now is the time to prepare your ecommerce business, promote the seasons, and haul in the profits. So, enough talk, let’s get to work so you can harvest the fruits of your labor!

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