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Deck Out Your Ecommerce Site for the Holidays!


Tips to decorate your ecommerce site to put online shoppers in the holiday spirit!

By: Catherine Perry

By all predictions this holiday season is going to be HUGE, with Cyber Monday being the largest online shopping day ever! This time of year is when you can gain a lot of new customers and make them into raving repeat fans. The biggest impact on your ecommerce site is to have the home page decorated for holiday shopping. Just like you decorate your home for the holidays, you must decorate your website’s home page. This is the “front” of your online business, just like the front door of your house. And, like your front door, you want the home page of your site to be warm and inviting. You also want it to be fun and exciting so that potential customers will be enticed to come inside and shop.
But don’t stop with the home page—look at your categories, blog, and social media marketing too. Everything should reflect this time of the year for shopping.
Get moving and get your ecommerce site ready to look like the holidays so that you are ready to sell, sell, sell! Here are our tips for decorating your home page and other places on your website for the holiday shopping season…..

Have a Festive Logo pure-ecommerce-wreath-logo

Always start decorating with the logo because it reflects your branding. You can add a little holiday flare by adding a Santa hat, putting lights around the logo, or splashing something like a holly leaf to indicate the holiday spirit. Look at other websites like Google for ideas on changing the “look” to reflect the holidays. Just be sure to have fun with it! At Pure-Ecommerce we can help you make your logo festive with our holly, jolly design services. Request your new design here:

Create a Wintery Slide Show

Decorate your home page slide show to reflect the holiday season with pictures of people playing in the snow, opening presents, or singing carols! Your slide show should not only project the “holiday feeling” but also send a message. Have action wording on your slide show like “Shop the Holiday Store,” or “Free Shipping on Orders over $100,” or “15% Off Your Holiday Order.” The point is to draw shoppers in and to give them a reason to shop with you!

Include “Holiday” in Your Content

Let your content tell a story to your shoppers on the home page. Change your written content to reflect the holiday season. Don’t forget to be “keyword friendly.” Be sure to share with your customers “why” they should shop your online store and “what” products on your website make great holiday gifts. Draw them in through your content and invite them to shop with you this holiday season! If you need assistance “jazzing up” your content for the holidays, check out our Basic Content Marketing Package.

facebook-banner-blogUse Banners for a Holiday Splash

Think of marketing banners as your holiday lights! You can send a message on the banner—maybe you have a new line of products or a special discount or a holiday tip you can share on the banner. Marketing banners are a great way to get your customers’ attention on your home page and also on your blog , newsletter, and social media too. We can create Google Ad Banners or Facebook Banners to help you advertise your ecommerce business during the holidays or all year long!

Your Categories can be Decorated Too

Don’t stop decorating when your home page is done–your categories need to show the holiday spirit too! Highlight the best products for gift giving. Start with each category on your website and select the products you think would make great gift options. Then, create at least one dedicated category for holiday gifts! Give it a catchy name like “The Holiday Shop,” “The Holiday Corner,” “Best Holiday Gifts,” or “Holiday Gifts.” Next, you might help point your shopper in the right directions by designating categories for “Shop for Kids,” “…Women,” “…Men,” “…Pets,” or whatever applies to your site. You could set up categories by price points from smaller gifts under $25 to larger, more expensive gifts.

The Twelve Days of Holiday Products 

You can do a “twelve days of Christmas” campaign by featuring a certain item or collection of products each day or several days. This keeps everything fresh and inviting. as well as, helping your shoppers with new ideas for their gift giving.It is also a great idea to not only feature a product each day, but offer it at a discount to encourage shoppers to purchase that product now before the sale ends. This time of year is all about sales and not missing out on the best deal – always keep a sense of urgency in your social media posts and advertising to get customers to purchase their holiday gifts with you.


One More Tip: Put This on Your Calendar

We have 2 things for you to put on your calendar: 1) Remind yourself to remove your holiday design and change your content back to non-holiday mode. 2) Make sure you save your holiday images and code so you can refresh it and use it again next year.
We hope these have been helpful tips for you to get your site completely decorated for this shopping season, which seems to be upon us NOW! Keep in mind that you want your customer to have an easy shopping experience. You want them to find what they need easily and come back for more. And, we want YOU to have a great holiday ecommerce season!
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