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5 Reasons to Invest in Your Future with an Ecommerce Business


By: Catherine Perry

It’s a New Year and that means it’s time to think about how you can make your life even better. Here’s five reasons we think an ecommerce business is a great investment for your future!

We are in a new year! This is a time of reflection and setting new goals. It can be a time of excitement as you plan for the future. Or, it can be a time of dread if you don’t like what you see ahead of you. So take a moment to ask yourself….
  • Is it time for a New You?
  • Are you looking for a change?
  • Are you searching for a new way to create income for your future?
Then it is time to consider opening an ecommerce business! The sales numbers are strong and growing for the foreseeable future. And, there are many personal benefits of owning an ecommerce business from the flexibility of working from anywhere to the low upfront costs. In this article, we highlight five of the reasons we think owning an ecommerce business is a great opportunity and makes good business sense.
In our blogs the past couple of months, we have reported on the strength and the anticipated growth for the industry in the future. This past Cyber Monday 2016 was the biggest day in the history of U.S. e-commerce. A year ago, Internet Retailer in their article titled “Online sales will reach $523 billion by 2020 in the U.S.” reported Forrester Research saying that “online sales in the United States were expected to reach $523 billion in the next five years, which was an increase of 56% from $335 billion in 2015.” In a report titled “U.S. Cross-Channel Retail Forecast, 2015 to 2020,” Forrester Research predicted that “online sales will grow by an average annual rate of 9.32% over the next five years.”

pure-ecommerce-low-start-up-cost-blogReason #1: Low Start-up Costs

Unlike opening a brick-and-mortar retail store that has a physical location, opening an ecommerce business has relatively low startup costs. Of course, the first cost you will have with starting the business will be the purchase price of the website you choose. Websites can be purchased that are either new or existing businesses. The price of the website will depend on whether it is a new one, which has a lower price or an existing one, which will have a price commensurate with its revenue history and other factors.  Take a moment to read this post, “5 Important Things to Know Before Buying an Ecommerce Business” for helpful insight!
The other costs are monthly hosting fees, as well as, any marketing you would like to do to promote the products you offer. Hosting fees are typically less than $20 per month. Check out this related blog post – ” Ecommerce Web Host – Insight Into Choosing The Right One” – for more information on hosting your new ecommerce business. While marketing costs really depend upon how much or little you feel is needed to reach potential customers. Plus, there are many FREE ways you can promote your business – social media posts, newsletters blogging, word of mouth, family and friends, etc. You can create a budget that works for you and your business!
Many ecommerce businesses do not hold the physical inventory; instead, they use drop-shipping companies. What is Drop Shipping? Well, Drop-shipping companies maintain large inventories and ship the goods to any address that you specify. The way it works is that the customer buys an item from your store and you place an order with the drop-ship vendor. The vendor then ships the item directly to you customer. This means that the costs are even lower for you because you don’t need space for inventory. Now, see the benefits you receive when you become the owner of ecommerce business…..

Reason #2: Flexibility and Freedom pure-ecommerce-freedom-flexibility-blog

Owning an ecommerce business gives you flexibility and freedom that a regular 9-to-5 job doesn’t. You choose WHEN to work, as well as, WHERE to work. You make the decisions because you are the boss! You can work early in the morning, midday, or in the middle of the night. As long as you have internet access, you can work from anywhere. So, you don’t have to be tied to a physical location like your house in order to run the business. Many ecommerce owners find this benefit to be invaluable because they can travel and still work!
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pure-ecommerce-always-open-blogReason #3: Earn money day and night – 24/7

This goes hand-in-hand with Reason #2. Because the internet is always “open,” your online store is always open as well, this is the beauty of owning an ecommerce business people can shop 24/7. You have the potential to reach customers any time and any day of the week unlike owning a physical storefront.
This means that as an ecommerce owner you can make sales and profits while you sleep or while you are on vacation. Additionally, because of the global visibility of being on the internet, you aren’t limited to a specific locale or demographic. The “world is your oyster,” both figuratively and literally!
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Reason #4: Be Your Own Boss pure-ecommerce-be-your-own-boss-blog

If you would like to chart your own course, make the business decisions about how to run your business, and you like to take charge, you will love owning an ecommerce business! In times of economic change and uncertainty, you don’t have to worry about being laid off or down-sized. You manage your business and take advantage of the growing numbers of people spending money through ecommerce. You answer only to yourself (and your customers, of course)!
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pure-ecommerce-tax-advantages-blogReason #5: Tax Advantages

Owning an ecommerce business and working from home can provide you with tax advantages. You can get tax deductions for various expenditures such as utility bills, office supplies, computers, and office furniture to name a few. Check with your accountant to find out more about how operating a home-based business can benefit you tax-wise.
So, here we’ve given you five reasons why owning an ecommerce business can be the perfect situation for you in the New Year! Why delay? You can begin the next chapter of your life now! If you are looking to fulfill your New Year’s resolution by charting your own course through an ecommerce business, we at Pure-Ecommerce would like to help! We offer top-quality internet businesses with an unprecedented 10-step instructional program that includes 40 hours of step-by-step consulting to help you get on the right foot for success – Get started now!
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Take the First Step to Investing in YOU!

Are you ready for a new you this new year? Is it time to be your own boss? If your answer is “YES” then we invite you to Visit to see the online business opportunities we have to offer you. Have any questions about these industries or on how to start an online business, post below, we’d love to hear from you!

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