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Three Years of Growing Holiday Ecommerce Sales

By: Catherine Perry

A look back at how holiday ecommerce sales have continued to grow over the past three years.

Ecommerce has continued to gain steam and surpass expectations in general, but especially for the last few years in holiday sales. We thought it would be interesting to go back and look at the past 3 years of ecommerce sales numbers from Cyber Monday through Christmas to see how ecommerce has gained traction. And, WOW! What we discovered is mind-blowing to say the least!
When looking at the Thanksgiving through Christmas time period, there is no denying ecommerce is the preferred way to shop. Without question the holiday shopping period is a time you want to participate in if you are considering owning an ecommerce site. According to, November and December drive 30% more ecommerce revenue than non-holiday months. While the days from Black Friday through Christmas pull in 50-100% more revenue compared to shopping days throughout the rest of the year.
So, don’t just take our word for it when we say that shopping online at ecommerce businesses is the preferred way to shop at the holidays. Let’s look at some numbers, shall we?


In 2014 the online sales on Cyber Monday were reported by comScore, Inc. (a company that tracks online sales) to have increased 17% over the previous year’s 2013 numbers, totaling nearly $2.04 billion. Cyber Monday 2014 was recorded at the “heaviest online spending day in history.”
Looking at the Thanksgiving weekend in 2014, sales were up by 26% as compared to the same weekend in 2013. Internet Retailer reported that “consumers spent 24% more via desktop computers over the five-day period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.”
At that time, desktop sales were the largest medium online shoppers were using, unlike today where mobile usage has almost surpassed desktop. Again, comScore Inc. reported that desktop sales showed these increases in the holiday season 2014:



According to, which used a variety of sources (IBM, HookLogic, Adobe), 2015 saw a $3.19 billion in sales on Cyber Monday of which $2.28 billion were desktop and $838 million were mobile. In 2015, desktop Cyber Monday sales were up 12% from 2014 and mobile sales were up a whopping 53%!! Again, another record for the largest spending day in online history!
Adobe (as reported through showed that total “online sales grew by 12.7% during November and December” in 2015. They noted that mobile, primarily from smartphone usage (up 9% to 39%), grew in such a way that it represented half of all traffic during the holiday period.



Last year, the statistics for the holiday shopping period from Thanksgiving to December continued to show an incline in ecommerce. reported that $3.45 billion were spent online on Cyber Monday, which constituted a 12.1% increase from 2015. This made Cyber Monday the “largest online sales day in history, surpassing Black Friday.” Yet another record!! cited mobile shopping accounting for 31% of all Cyber Monday online sales, which was even less than on Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day.
As if those statistics weren’t enough, on December 27, 2016 Adobe reported that “nearly every other day following Cyber Monday…topped $1 billion in web sales,” continuing to compare the day’s sales with the fact that it was only in “2010 that Cyber Monday hit $1 billion in sales.”
In 2016 over 50 days during the holiday shopping season were over that level! This shows how ecommerce shopping has catapulted in 6 years!


So, from these recorded statistics, you can see that year-after-year consumers have been choosing to shop from the comfort of their home, office or just about anywhere they choose. The convenience and ease of online shopping allows people the ability to shop for anything they need at any time they want—and who doesn’t like that?!!
When thinking about owning an ecommerce site, it’s very hard to ignore the incredible power in these numbers, clearly showing that growth continues in online shopping. Take a look at some of the options available for your ecommerce site here at Pure-Ecommerce. Don’t miss out on this year’s holiday season!

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