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What Makes Pure-Ecommerce Different?


Finding the right consulting team to help you start an ecommerce business is crucial. That’s why we wanted to share with you how we are different and why you should choose to work with our team!

By: Catherine Perry

If you’re thinking about purchasing an ecommerce business, you have many choices available from which to shop. There are many companies that provide either a brand new business or an existing business for purchase. You will find many products and business industries represented. It can be a bit overwhelming, we know. This is why we wanted to explain how Pure-Ecommerce distinguishes itself from other companies that create ecommerce websites.

Here are some of the questions you probably have and will need to answer when choosing a company to purchase an ecommerce site from:

  • Should you purchase a business that has just been created and has no sales history? Or, should you purchase one that has been operating and has some history? There are pros and cons to both, and your decision may rest on your own preference and/or your budget.
  • Which industry should you choose? Should you purchase a site that is pet products, or one that is jewelry, or one that is medical supplies? What industry are you passionate about? Which industries you think are best poised for growth? You have many decisions to make.
  • Do you feel you need support to help you learn all aspects of the business—back-end platform, merchant services, product inventory, search engine optimization, marketing? If this will be a new venture for you and you have no previous experience owning an ecommerce website, you may feel like a “fish out of water” with the back-end of the business, the inventory side of the business, marketing through social media, and so on. How will you quickly learn these aspects of the ecommerce business? Having support through the initial phases of getting a business up and running could make all the difference and be critically important for you.
We at Pure-Ecommerce provide a unique approach of offering quality, brand new online business opportunities with exceptional service after the sale. As you shop around, you won’t find this level of service with other companies. Here are five reasons why Pure-Ecommerce is different from the majority of companies that are selling ecommerce businesses.

Reason #1: Ready-Made Internet Businesses,  Custom Design Websites or Build Your Own Business Options

At Pure-Ecommerce you a few different options when it comes to starting your own ecommerce business. We like to give our clients different paths for entering the online marketplace. It is important to us to fit into your niche, your budget and your support level needed. It is up to you to pick the best path for you in order to do what you love!
We excel in creating ready-made internet businesses that are designed with branding and marketing in mind, so you don’t have to be involved in this process if you don’t want to–you just shop through our sites that are already created with inventory loaded for drop-shipping. The initial work has been done for you so that all you need to do is get the business operating! We create beautiful websites with domain names and site names that have search engine optimization as a focus, which is very important in creating a brand for your business. Our design specialists have a depth of experience in knowing what will be a great brand so that you are able to market and get noticed by the search engines.
another option, if you want to drive the design process because you have great ideas, you can! Our designers work with you to create a custom design website that you develop. You provide the inspiration and we provide the technical skill to bring it together. We offer four different packages to fit the needs of budding entrepreneurs to develop their dream business.
Finally, we offer budding entrepreneurs the option to “Build Your Own Business”. This route allows you to pick-and-choose the services that best fit your needs. We can assist you with shopping cart software, web hosting, domain names, design services, product management, as well as, training and technical support. All you need to do is register for portal access, complete the online questionnaire to build the package that fits your needs and then we’ll send you an individualized quote. This is the perfect package for those who want to promote their own products online, are tech-savvy and need less assistance in getting started or a current Pure-Ecommerce Client who wants to expand their online presence.
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Pure-Ecommerce-Project-ManagersReason #2: Project Manager

Whether you choose the ready-made or custom route you will have a project manager to assist you. This is because we think it is important to have a single contact person you can work with during our process. We want to ensure your website’s layout fits the needs of your customer. Plus, have the inventory loaded that is in good order. Our project managers have experience in taking the lead role and will be there to help guide you as you start your new website.  With Pure-Ecommerce, you have that one person, the project manager, who you know and can rely on to make sure you have the guidance to find the answers to your questions.

Reason #3: 10-Step Training ProgramPure-Ecommerce-10-Step-Process

Our goal at Pure-Ecommerce is for you to have a successful ecommerce business. When you start a new job, there is a period of time where you’re learning what is involved and how to do it. Purchasing an ecommerce website is no different. Pure-Ecommerce knows that the learning curve can add time to getting the site operating–and you want that site up as quickly as possible! Even if you’ve previously owned a site or sites, there is still a bit to learn with a new platform.
So, to fill this learning gap, we designed a 10-step training program that is invaluable to you as a new owner. Our training program starts with the basics and goes through all of the critical aspects of your business, covering everything from the initial task of getting a business license through setting up merchant services and PayPal, on to performing search engine optimization (SEO), marketing through social media and blogging, as well as advertising on search engines.
The training program is provided in written form through our eLearning Library. After you read the material for a step then you have time on the phone with a consultant for that step. We believe that reading and then getting reinforcement from our “teachers” is the best way for you to learn each aspect of running your business. Our consultants have experience and skills in the steps they work on with you. They become both a teacher and a coach to help you if you are struggling in a certain area. This availability to you is invaluable to your success and this makes Pure-Ecommerce unique. The Pure-Ecommerce team is here to help “cheer” you on and to give you the tools you need; you just need the drive, passion and put in the hard work to make your business work for you!
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Pure-Ecommerce-ConsultingReason #4: Consultants Available for Help

So, after you go through a step-by-step training then you’re “ready” to perform all the many tasks you have as the owner of a brand new ecommerce business…right? Well, maybe you are, but maybe you aren’t. Once you actually start the work, you will probably have additional questions. And sometimes you just need to have confirmation that you are doing something correctly. Pure-Ecommerce recognizes this as another gap in other companies because they don’t offer services to help you set yourself up for success as you start your own online business.
We provide 40 hours of step-by-step ecommerce consulting when you purchase a ready-made internet business or our custom packages #3 or #4. This time gives you extra coaching that you may need so you don’t feel like you are out in the deep waters along with no support. Other companies who sell websites don’t offer this kind of availability. Most of our clients don’t use the entire 40 hours of consulting time that is included. they are up and running with much less coaching. But, again, this is a part of the service after the sale that we at Pure-Ecommerce provide.

Reason #5: Long HistoryPure-Ecommerce-Experience

Pure-Ecommerce has over ten years in the ecommerce website development business. When you purchase a site from us, you get our depth of experience. You also get the peace of mind that we are providing our clients with a top-quality website. It’s simple, We care about our clients! we strive to put you in a position of developing a successful, profitable ecommerce business. You just need to put the work in to take your business to the next level. We think our business model shows this commitment to excellence. We are here to help budding entrepreneurs bring their vision of owning their own business to life.
If you are looking to buy an ecommerce business, and you want support after your purchase, look no further…Pure-Ecommerce provides a product, service, and support that sets us apart from the others. We are uniquely qualified and we are ready to work with you!


10 Responses to What Makes Pure-Ecommerce Different?

  1. John Chartrand says:

    Do you have websites that people have purchased and are successfully running? I would be interested in talking with these people.

    • Thank you for your message, John. Yes, we do have references whom you may contact to find out their insight into our websites and services. We sent you an email with our current website price lists and further direction in setting up a call with our owner, Jeff Varner. Thanks so much!

  2. Michael Tutt says:

    Does each website business owner have exclusive rights to sell the products of the dropshipping manufacturer? If not, how can they sustain a USP against Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and other sizable businesses in the same space? Wouldn’t most customers these days just gravitate to one of these already established, very successful, and widely known websites rather than one of your ready-made businesses?

    • Hello Michael, thank you for your message! The websites we sell do not have exclusivity to sell the drop ship products for the vendors. The vendors’ purpose is to reach customers and they do that through online stores like the ones we build. Consumers like to buy quality products in an easy to shop website, many consumers find larger websites overwhelming and frustrating as they can not find the specialty product or quality they want. It is about filling a niche and marketing your store in your own unique voice. If you’re authentic in your marketing efforts, customers will respond to this. Thank you for your continued interest in Pure-Ecommerce, if you would like to discuss our website opportunities further, please let us know.

    • Suzanne says:

      My concern is with Amazon and other large retailers! I personally always check Amazon for the same products and to see the price difference before I purchase. Also what kind of shipping is offered, nowadays consumers do not want to wait and competing with Amazons 2 day shipping is difficult?

  3. vanni says:

    If there some sort of agreement where pure e-commerce agrees not to sell the same or similar website concept to another buyer?

    • Hello Vanni – thank you for posting your question. At Pure-Ecommerce we sell internet businesses in various industries such as babies, pets, furniture, wedding and so on. (You can see the websites we offer in the various industries here – The websites we build are in the same industry, but they are never the same. We research and use different vendors and products as we build each site. We hope this helps answer your question. If you would like to set up a call to speak with our owner about any other questions you may have, please let us know. Best success to you!

  4. Laura says:


    Is this open to potential Canadian business owners?


    • Hello Laura,
      Yes, our services are open to Canadian residents. We see you have already received our complete information package including our price lists. The prices shown for our websites are for U.S. currency. We will be happy to set up a call with you and our owner to discuss our websites and services with you. Let us know when you’re ready!

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