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Blog and Email Marketing Tips To Help Drive Customers to Your Internet Business!

By: Rhonda Richardson-Burns

Tips to Help You Drive Customers to Your Internet Business Through Blog and Email Marketing

Are you taking full advantage of the business development opportunities that your Blog and Email marketing provide? From capturing new leads and followers to increasing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) these powerful tools provide an unlimited source for generating new business leads and opportunities.


You may be thinking, “Why do I need to blog about my e-commerce business?”. After you review these amazing blogging statistics from you’ll definitely want to start blogging if you’re not already…

  • Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.
  • Using images in blog posts gets 94% more views.
  • US bloggers are projected to have a readership of 31.7 million by 2020.
  • 95.9% of bloggers promote their blog posts via social media.
  • 57% of marketers say they’ve gained customers specifically through blogging.

We know this all sounds great! However, we do understand it requires time, effort, and hard work to get your blog off the ground. Take it one step at the time. Start thinking like your customer – ask yourself these questions:

  1. What would you like to learn about your niche market?
  2. Which products from your website would you like to review?
  3. What helpful tips about your industry would be interesting to share?

Develop a blogging schedule and 3-5 blog topics to cover in the coming month. By having a plan in place, this will help alleviate some of the stress you may feel when getting started. The next step is to formulate your thoughts and begin your post. Statistics in the blogging industry show the best length for a blog post is 1,600 words. This is roughly a seven-minute read for your followers. Plus, Google has a way of rewarding lengthy blogs with more views. When a post contains over 1,000 words it creates far more leads than blogs with less content. Although it may take a little more time to write a longer post – it will be worth it! 

Another reason to blog is statistics show that companies who blog have 55% more visitors to their websites. The more you post, the better the topics and the more value you add to your customer’s experience will help lead them to your website. Building your Blog followers will greatly increase your marketing abilities.  

According to – blogging trends for 2019 include:

  • Creating helpful, targeted content and building genuine friendships/followers
  • Guest posts (allow your audience to share their thoughts and ideas)
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

Companies typically want to provide their customers with important news. You can do this through a press section or through a company blog. Regular updates to these sections of a website are a positive signal to search engines that the website belongs to an active, reputable company and can increase your SEO – which in turn can improve your search engine ranking as well.

Creating a meaningful, interesting and valuable blog all but ensures that your blog will be shared. Shares equal more followers, more followers equal more marketing opportunities, more marketing equals more sales – you get the point!

Always create a “call to action” in your blog post that will increase your subscribers. You need to take the opportunity to tell your readers what to do. Whether it’s to leave their feedback about the post, share on social media, sign-up for your newsletter, take part in a contest or of course shop your website – do not forget to tell your followers what they need to do to take action.  

Consider these blogging ideas to start increasing your followers today:

  1. Write a book review – can be applied to any niche
  2. Giveaways – contest – create something useful for your subscribers
  3. Feature your customers and fans – show off items they have purchased
  4. Highlight items that can serve as gifts or bundles from your website
  5. Test and review one of your products – write an honest review
  6. Shoot a video – introduce yourself, a product or anything that will make your followers feel more connected to your brand and you
  7. Share customer reviews
  8. Solve customer problems with your products
  9. Show what your customers can do with your products
  10. Write about topics that interest your CUSTOMERS, not just you. Places, events, products, etc.

These are just some ideas to get your blogging ideas flowing. For even more inspiration check out the 13 blogging trends you should follow in 2019 from Now start writing and posting!         

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Email Marketing

Email messages are by far the consumers’ preferred method of receiving commercial messages from companies. As a result, effective email marketing is one of the highest ROI activities a company can undertake. According to Email Marketing Industry Report, “59% of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI”. While email marketing is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. Now, those are excellent reasons for marketing to your customers through email! 

Get started by developing a permission-based email marketing list. This is crucial to effective email marketing. So how do you accomplish this?

  • Every customer purchase is an opportunity to capture the customer’s email address and gain the customer’s permission to send email marketing messages.
  • Sign-up opportunities – Website pop-ups, Social Media links, contests, flash sales, etc.
  • Sharing opportunities on Social Media – opt-in

Once we have our permission-based email marketing list we have to keep it by keeping customers and leads engaged.  According to, we do this by:

The Key is to keep your content authentic, useful and suited for the internet generation.  Coredna shares the top trends for online marketing in 2019 with the top 2 being: 

1. Authenticity, transparency and value marketing

With regard to providing value through the content you create, the purpose of content marketing has never been simpler to sell your products or promote your brand. Rather, content marketing has always been about providing value to your audience in some way – be it educating them, entertaining them, inspiring them or otherwise. In doing so, you communicate a sense of authenticity and transparency through your content, in turn allowing your customers to trust your brand moving forward.

2. Content personalization and interactivity

78% of consumers say that personally-relevant content is a determining factor in their purchasing decision

Furthermore, content that provides even the slightest bit of interactivity, according to Jeff Bullas:

  • Enables brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors
  • Leads to enhanced engagement among their target audience
  • Fosters an increased sense of trust and credibility among their viewers/readers

Consider these email campaign ideas to start increasing your followers today:

  1. Engage customers in a discussion about their recent experiences with your brand
  2. Promotional/offers/contest emails
  3. Sales Announcements
  4. Cart Abandonment Emails
  5. Transactional email – Order Confirmation, etc.
  6. Nudge toward social media communities
  7. Educate about your niche market
  8. Entertain your audience
  9. Include a regular series of interviews or profiles of interesting and influential people related to your industry
  10. Subscriber-only – pre-launch waiting list

Content First – Conversion Second!

Writing valuable blog content and newsletter marketing will benefit your internet business and can translate into more traffic, therefore, more sales. At Pure-Ecommerce we believe that if you commit to posting valuable content consistently and, over a period of time, we know you will reap the rewards!

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