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Double Your Online Presence with Sister Ecommerce Businesses

You can double your online presence when you own websites that complement each other. Here’s why you should consider starting your own sister websites!

Have you heard the term “Sister Sites”? Well, your answer maybe “no”, that’s why we wanted to explain how you can double your online presence by owning sister ecommerce businesses. Two online businesses that sell products relating to each other in some way are called “sister” websites. Put another way, “sister” sites are two internet businesses offering products in two niche markets that are common in some way, usually in their niche market. Owning two websites that have complementary products strengthens your brand and your online presence. The sister sites help promote each other. We call this pairing “sister sites” because in the way that siblings often are different but also complement each other, so do two ecommerce sites that offer different products but have a common theme.
We wanted to give you some examples of sister websites so you can have a better understanding of what they are and how they work together, as well as, some reasons why you should consider owning sister websites to make a stronger brand and presence with your online business.


We think the best way to describe sister sites is by giving examples. For example, let’s say you have an online store that sells maternity items; a second store that sells all things for baby is a perfect match. This would allow expectant mothers to shop for stylish maternity clothing and accessories while going through their pregnancy, as well as, offer parents everything they need to prepare for their new bundle of joy!
Another great illustration of sister sites is furniture and home décor. One website you own could feature furniture for the home and the other could be all the decor and accessories used to enhance the home. Both sell different types of products, but together they complement each other. Some examples of such sister sites would be Home furnishings in a specific niche and style: (1) vintage furniture and (2) vintage décor, (1) beach cottage furniture and (2) beach cottage décor, (1) rustic furniture and (2) rustic décor.
Another example of sister websites would be a site that sells items for health and fitness paired with a site that specializes in products for practicing yoga. Many people who are shopping for fitness equipment may also be shopping for yoga mats and blocks. Each of these online businesses has some relationship in the products they offer, so they complement one another.


There are many benefits to owning sister online businesses. Owning sister websites increases your exposure to customers. Customers are very loyal to “brand” once you have them interested in great products and top-notch customer service. Plus, consumers love shopping with brands that offer products to fill many parts of their lives!
Here are some of the benefits of owning sister sisters:
  • Your brand increases by owning two or three online businesses. The logos can be similar and the sites can have a common look to them, which customers get to know. It’s smart to have similar domain names that complement each other, therefore creating a more memorable brand. Your online businesses become more memorable since you are increasing your brand and marketability. You can also add a graphic on each site to encourage them to shop at the other site too!
  • You can increase your exposure to customers by owning sister websites. Your customers not only have one great site in which to shop but 2 or even 3!
  • You have a wider variety of products to offer so your customers have more options from which to choose when shopping at your sites.
  • Marketing exposure increases since you can talk about each site in your social media marketing, print ads, articles, and blogs.
  • Linking each online business increases traffic to your sites, and strengthens SEO!

More Customers Equals More Sales

So, because you have more exposure and presence with multiple sites, you have the potential for more customers and a higher probability for more sales. What better way to keep a customer coming back than by offering a larger variety of products through two websites? It gives customers a wider array of products from which to shop. In this way, you are more likely to have everything your customers are searching for. Additionally, you have more customers. Together, with hard work and dedication to your online businesses, this will lead to more customers and ultimately more sales! And, who doesn’t want that?! Right?

How To Get Your Sister Websites Started?

Visit us at to learn more about the benefits of owning sister websites and to check out the sister niche market websites we have for sale. See them now by clicking here! We encourage you to post any questions you may have about starting your own sister websites below……

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