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Become Independent! Be Your Own Boss When You Start an Online Business

Declare Your Independence And Start An Online Business 

By: Bailey Holtz

Do you want to become more independent in your work-life? We at Pure-Ecommerce feel that even in the work world, we should be able to exercise the same right to freedom that we do in every other aspect of our lives. Starting one’s own online business is the perfect way to do this. We feel NOW is the perfect time to do this and declare your independence! 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of reasons why the freedom you’ll find in starting your own online business is worth the effort. Plus, making the decision to take this step in your life is an amazing way to celebrate YOUR own independence!

Free Yourself From Corporate Life

In his ground-breaking book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Daniel H. Pink names three items as the qualities humans need for their work to be fulfilling to them. As quoted in this Medium article, these items are: 

  1. Autonomy
  2. Mastery (the ability to master a task given to us)
  3. A sense that we are helping accomplish something we believe in; that our work has a purpose. 

These are all partially or completely absent from most corporate positions. In most corporate roles, it is nearly impossible to have any sort of autonomy. We do what our bosses say while not questioning it. Then when we are done, we get another assignment and start it all over again. 

We may feel that we can master a task at our job. However, once it is mastered, there may be no room for continued growth, or opportunity to continue learning. Isn’t that what we all desire? 

And if we’re lucky, we may feel good about the company’s mission. Although, the distance between our work and the overarching aim of the company is so great, and the layers of bureaucracy so many, that on a daily basis, it can be difficult to summon any sort of natural enthusiasm for our jobs. Are we describing your work-life? If so, don’t you think it’s time for a change?

We spend an outrageous amount of time at work! Approximately one-third of our lives, according to a piece from Gettysburg College. So shouldn’t that time at the very least be fulfilling? We need to finally give the corporation the boot! It’s time to start over in a new environment where we have freedom, mastery, and purpose: our very own businesses. Pure-Ecommerce offers many online business opportunities including ready-to-go online business, custom design website or build your own business. All perfect options to help you kick the corporate habit! 


In the work world, flexibility is synonymous with freedom. Flexibility means we can choose how we spend our time. What we work on when, what time we go home, and where we work. It’s something you don’t find in most 9-5 jobs. However, when you do, the expectation is that…you are just working all the time. This is something Business Insider covered regarding Google’s work culture, for instance. True flexibility means you can decide when to work and when to stop. Flexibility means you can decide that your daughter’s afternoon tennis match is more important than sending work emails.

When you decide to start an online business you have all the flexibility in the world. You can dictate what your days look like, and everything operates on your schedule alone. Never again will you have to punch in and out. Or limit your personal time to weekends and a few measly “personal days” a year. With a Business in a Box from Pure-Ecommerce, you’ll save yourself time by choosing a design-ready website in a niche market you love! With hard work, dedication and a desire to be successful, you can build an online business that gives you the freedom and flexibility you need in your life!

Follow Your Genuine Interest

The notion that every worker must be “passionate” about their work has been debunked. Humans don’t have innate passions for certain professional activities that merely need to be discovered so that professional bliss can be achieved. However, humans do have natural preferences and strengths which we either fail to see or simply take for granted. We may spend a lifetime squashing down our love of interior decorating because it’s not a practical career. Or ignoring our incredible people skills because we don’t need them in the office we work in. There are many, many people sitting in a work environment doing a job they are not passionate about. You do not need to feel like you missed your calling. There is still time to put your passion to work for you! 

By starting your own online business, you can actually do the things you like to do. This will allow you to excel farther and faster than you ever would in an environment not built for you. If you have a love of quality leather goods. Then you can build a custom business with help and support from the team Pure-Ecommerce. In this instance, you can start sourcing and selling the beautiful purses, belts, and wallets that already line your closet. If you are in love with your furry friends then a fun to run online pet business is for you! No matter your passion, you have many different options in starting your own online business. Just pick your favorite!

When you start an online business and can bring your interests and strengths to bear. It allows you to free yourself from work that cripples and limits your potential! You are freeing your strengths and interests so they can grow and flourish. 

Become Independent!

If you love all the positive qualities that Independence Day stands for—freedom, independence, opportunity—then you should take them to heart. Bring some of that red, white and blue spirit as you become an ecommerce entrepreneur! 

For more information about the ecommerce consulting services offered at Pure-Ecommerce visit our website now at You can create your own website portal account by going here. This will give you access to our pricing and website option to select the right one for you. Plus, we’d like to invite you to schedule an Introductory Call. We can discuss any questions you may have when deciding to start an online business. It’s time for you to declare your freedom and become independent!

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