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Start An Online Business This Summer – Why It’s A Great Time!

Reasons Why Summer Is A Great Time To Start An Online Business

By: Bailey Holtz

Why not take on a real summer project that will give back to you throughout the year? Start an online business this summer, and enjoy the incredible personal reward of owning your own site. Plus, the incredible monetary reward of an entirely new source of income for you and your family. 

If you’ve never before considered becoming a business owner, we think you should. We believe starting an online business is made easier through the helpful services offered by Pure-Ecommerce. Plus, it allows you to bring your own passion and expertise to your business. You can turn it into something meaningful to you. Isn’t that what summer projects are all about? 

Read below to learn why summer is the best time to get your online business off the ground! 

Ecommerce Is Thriving

The idea of starting an online business sounds fun! Right? You get to select a ready-made or custom built website. Then you’re able to source merchandise from drop shippers, market those products, and work to grow your business. All of this sounds great but before beginning, you are probably wondering if the e-commerce marketplace will continue to grow. Good news! The forecast for online business ownership is sunny! Never before have online businesses performed quite this well. 

According to Oberlo, it is estimated that in 2019, there will be 1.92 billion global digital buyers. That’s about 25% of the entire global population surfing the web, just waiting to come across your site! By 2021, that number is expected to have grown to 2.14 billion digital buyers. 

An equally impressive statistic is the percentage of retail sales currently taken up by online retailers. Ecommerce sales account for 13.7% of retail sales worldwide, a number that is expected to rise to 17.5 by 2021, according to Statista

Finally, the icing on the cake is the fact that, according to KPMG, 65% of shoppers compare prices online while they are shopping in retail stores. So, if you own an online business and are able to sell goods at a lower price point than brick and mortar stores. Then you stand a very good chance of being noticed by a consumer seeking better deals online. 

The takeaway: the power of e-commerce should not be underestimated. Start your online business now and ride the wave of digital business! 

Work from Anywhere!

Now that you’ve been sufficiently convinced that e-commerce is a winning enterprise. Here are some reasons why summer is the best time to launch it! 

The beauty of digital commerce is that you can do it from absolutely anywhere; all you need is an internet connection and a laptop. This makes it the perfect project for the traveling months when vacationing. You can take your business where you go. Whether you are traveling throughout the country, or just to the comfort of your own backyard. Just picture it, you’ll get to take in the sun and spend time with your loved ones. All while building your own business from scratch! Or you can supervise your kids at the pool while you avail yourself of the array of Pure-Ecommerce businesses-in-a-box options. 

We believe starting an online business makes for a great summer project! Are you ready to work hard? Do you have the desire and dedication needed to start an online business? Do you have the drive to succeed? Then we believe you can build an online business that gives you the freedom and flexibility you have been searching. Plus, it will benefit you and your family in the future too!

Work Smarter – Not Harder

If you are someone who hates inefficiency and lost hours, then you must hate working in an office. The commute, the emails, the miscommunications, the oversights…you end up spending many more hours every year than you are paid for doing auxiliary tasks related to your job. Do you have the desire to become independent?

If you work in an office and have been dreaming of leaving your current position. Then you need to make this the summer when you make your career transition. Take a few months to set up your business, so that come fall, you’ll be ready to say “good-bye” to traffic, lousy coffee machines and ugly cubicles. 

Then say “hello” to the workspace designed exclusively by you: your own home. This extra time you spend during the summer will pay off handsomely by freeing up far more time down the line for the things you love and care about. While you’re on vacation or taking some summer days off, a few hours dedicated to your new online business can free you from years of laboring away in a corporate environment. Now doesn’t that sound like you will be working smarter – not harder!

Friends and Family: Your New Co-Workers

If you could build an online business with anyone, who would it be? Probably the people you like most: friends and family, right? When you start your very own online business from home, that becomes a very real possibility! 

Before starting your e-store you can gather friends and family together for a summer barbecue to gain their input on your initial ideas. Maybe you have a few different industries that interest you and are having a difficult time deciding on the right one for you. So, ask for feedback! Or if you’ve searched and searched through the collection of ready-made websites offered at Pure-Ecommerce and simply can not pick your favorite. Show your top choices to your guests. Ask their opinion of the domain name, overall design/look/feel of the website, the categories, etc. You can even have a silent vote for a little extra fun! Plus, it will help you make the ultimate decision on the right website for you to start this summer. 

Working from home allows you to solicit the feedback and knowledge of the people whose opinions you trust most. Gather friends in your backyard, serve some appetizers and drinks, then start asking them to test out your platform. Perhaps you already own an online business and need some additional help with tasks you don’t have time for on a daily basis. Get exactly the help you need from Pure-Ecommerce, and then have your friends check out your fresh online store. They’ll be delighted to be asked for their feedback, and will love getting involved in your idea from the get-go. Plus, you have far more excuses to get together! 

If you’ve spent much of your working life mourning the lack of time you have for your family, starting your online business at home also allows you to spend far more quality time with your loved ones. Particularly in the summer, when your kids are free from after-school activities (kids these days are busy!), you want to savor every minute you can get with them. Working from home allows you to do just that: you can make progress on your website while you watch your kids play in the backyard, chat with them while preparing dinner, or sip lemonade on your porch at dusk. Now doesn’t summer sound like a great time to start your online business?

Just in Time for the Holidays!

Though it may sound crazy to talk about the winter holidays right now, summer is actually the perfect time to get your business up and running so it’s ready for the big spending season. In 2018, according to Statista, online holiday spending in the U.S. totaled a whopping $123.73 billion. Think about how much money that is. Then think about how some of that money could be yours. Kinda gets your engine roaring, right? If you can get your ducks in a row during the warm months, by the time winter rolls around, you will be well prepared to take advantage of this incredible period of spending in the winter. Remember: the summer bird always catches the winter worm!

Have you been in search of the perfect summer project? Are you ready to rule your life? Then we invite you to learn more about how you can start an online business this summer!

Owning your own online business will give you a lifetime of fun, entrepreneurship, and reward! Visit Pure-Ecommerce now to find out how our exceptional team can help you get started… 

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