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How to Stay Motivated While Running Your Online Business

Tips for Online Business Owners to Stay Motivated & Working Hard!

By: Bailey Holtz

Any seasoned business owner knows sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated. Being a business owner will bring you wonderful highs, as well as, unfortunate lows. There will be disappointment and rejection, as they are found on the road to success. For every advancement, there may be a setback or two! That will keep you constantly on your toes and wondering: was this the right decision? Am I doing the right thing with my life?

The truth is, any endeavor that you pursue on your own is going to be fraught with difficulties. There will be people, forces, and inner voices that beg you to stop. They will encourage you to turn around and quit before you’ve even gotten started. It will feel at times as though the entire universe is conspiring against you. You may feel like everyone may be trying to foil your attempt to pursue work you love. You can talk to other entrepreneurs and other independent workers—and they’ll all say the same thing… It’s difficult to get started but it’s totally worth it! 

The path eventually evens out as you become more experienced, start making financial gains, and develop a customer base. Once you’ve made it through the tough part, you’ll enjoy a lifestyle that is independent, fulfilled, exciting and flexible. That sounds worth it to us! 

The key is to not let yourself be waylaid by any difficulties you may encounter when starting an online business. Instead, it is important to prepare yourself for the minor failures you’ll experience. Lucky for you, Pure-Ecommerce possesses years of experience helping build online businesses with budding entrepreneurs. That’s why our team is here to make the bumpy part a little less painful!

Follow the tips below to prepare yourself to stay motivated and find productive ways to spend the “slow times” that are a part of starting your own online business!

Make a Plan

If there is anything we recommend doing first and foremost, it’s to create a written business plan. This will help you in a myriad of ways: firstly, a working plan will make your business exponentially more successful. According to Small Biz Daily, a business plan is necessary even for small, online businesses. Everyone needs one! Without a solid plan, you will be forced to make decisions on the fly. This will not yield good results and may delay your growth. 

Secondly, it will help you get through any tough part of the business-building process. Because you will know exactly what you hope to accomplish with your business. Having a business plan will help in planning out the phases of growth. You can gain peace of mind by remembering that you are not doing any worse than is to be expected of the current phase of your company. And if you find yourself lagging, then you can adjust your strategy and get back on track. Remember, though, it is a long-distance race, not a sprint! It will take time for your business to enter its high growth phase.

Thirdly, a plan will be a constant reminder of how passionate you are about your business! It can be difficult in your day-to-day doings to keep in mind how great your love is for your work. Peeking at your business plan regularly will bring back all those wonderful feelings you have that led you to start your business in the first place. Never lose that passion – Never lose that drive to rule your life!

For tips on how to write a great business plan, check out this article on Entrepreneur. After you write your plan, keep in mind over time it may need to be tweaked. You may even need to expand it based on what is happening with your business. You can always revise and improve upon your plan, just do not give up on it.

Add Content!

If you find things are moving slowly, a surefire way to boost your visibility online is to add new, fresh content to your homepage, category pages, product descriptions, blog, and social media pages. This carries numerous benefits to you and your business.

For instance, adding content will boost your SEO and make you more searchable online. Pure-Ecommerce can help you enhance your business by adding SEO and Marketing content for your site, to help your online business get more online traction.

It will build trust within your customer base. If your followers see that you are an active business owner and someone who can be relied upon to respond to queries and comments, they will be far more likely to buy from you. Take time to post to your social pages: Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are great platforms to engage your customers on. Create a story for people to follow with your experiences and why you love the products you sell, as well as, share experiences from other customers.

Plus, generating content will keep you busy and productive when you’re feeling a little helpless or not in control. Sometimes, during the beginning phases of our business-building, aspects of our company’s growth are outside of our control. That’s just the way it goes! But it can help us psychologically to be busy and generating content. Then, when business picks up, you’ll have tons of great social items to share and repost! 

Educate Yourself

The internet is still in its adolescence, the way we sell and market online is constantly evolving. That’s why as an online business owner (old or new) it is important to stay well informed about trends, research, and any news regarding online selling. Take some time to bookmark great publications you trust, and make it a habit to check them regularly. Ad Age, Fast Company, Business News Daily, Moz and Entrepreneur are great places to start. You might learn something you want to implement in your business plan right away! There is such a wealth of information available online, that you never have to feel you aren’t making progress in your business-building! 

Add New Products

We’ve covered all the ancillary aspects of your business—marketing, research, and planning—but what about the actual selling? Yes, you can spend your down-time building out your collection, too! It almost sounds too fun to be true…but it isn’t!

When thinking about new products to offer, you can expand horizontally or vertically. If you widen your collection horizontally, you add new categories on offer. For instance, if you sell pet care products, you might add a “Pet Health Care” category. Or, you can expand vertically by adding more products to an existing category. So, for your pet care business, you might consider adding new chew toys to your “Toys” category. Consider which makes more sense for you and your goals. It is probably best at first to expand only in one direction, otherwise, you risk becoming too general a business, and it will be difficult to construct a solid identity for yourself. 

Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

Just like any other worthwhile pursuit, the process of starting a new business is fraught with difficulty. You will probably want to give up about a hundred times and will wake up in a cold, sweaty panic at least a dozen times. But you must remember that every new business owner endures the same trials and tribulations. Plan ahead, be diligent, spend your time wisely, and success will follow.

That’s why when you choose to work with Pure-Ecommerce in starting a ready-made, custom or build your own business you will have an outstanding team of project managers, consultants and design staff who can help you along the way!

Whether you currently own an online business or you’re thinking of starting one, we hope these tips can help you through any “rough patches” you may experience. Keep your head up, keep your passion in it, remember why you started the business in the first place and believe in yourself to keep chugging along…

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