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5 Traits of a Catchy Domain Name


Creating a Catchy Domain Name For Your Online Business Is Simple with These Five Traits

By: Bailey Holtz

You have the perfect online business idea. You know what you want to sell and how you want to sell it. You’re on an unstoppable roll and you’re ready to get started…but you don’t have a name for your website. Suddenly, your online business idea comes to a screeching halt. How can you start an online business without a catchy domain name? 

The bad news is, you can’t. If you’re hoping to have a website, you’re going to need a domain name for it. The good news is: Pure-Ecommerce is here to help you with that! 

If you feel overwhelmed by the enormity of such a decision, we fully understand your trepidation. Selecting the right domain name for your new website is a somewhat pressure-laden decision. You need your domain to be both descriptive of your niche, as well as, “catchy” and attention-grabbing. Domain names like “” leave no doubt as to what the owner sells, but lack salesmanship. Meanwhile, domain names like “” certainly bring a smile to our faces. However, it offers little insight into what the seller is offering.

The key is to strike a balance! You want the name to be pragmatic, but also gives clues to the customer into what you sell. Finally, you’ll want your domain name to hook them in with a memorable and catchy name! 

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to strike that balance, then read on! We’ve compiled some guidelines to adhere to as you begin your journey to finding the perfect domain name for your online business.


Keep It Simple

In general, the shorter and sweeter your online business name, the better. Your goal must be to create a name that people will remember without having to Google. Remember You are also trying to build a cohesive brand image. Therefore, you do not want a long, complicated domain name does not serve that purpose. 

If you already have a unique business name that also describes the goods you offer. Then you are probably already set! If you don’t or are seeking to use a domain name that is not your business name. You’ll want one that signals to customers what you are selling without being too detailed. So a name like “” will work, while a name like “” will not. Think in broad strokes; get the gist across and let customers discover the rest of your offerings for themselves. 

Also, think about names that could be pronounced in a few different languages. This will help you expand internationally if you choose to do so! 


Build-in Keywords

When search engines crawl through billions of webpages to show you ones relevant to your search, they look at the first four or five words of the URL to determine if that page is worth displaying. So, one of your highest imperatives should be to incorporate a relevant keyword into your domain name. Hopefully, the name of your business already contains a keyword. If it doesn’t, though, consider adding one to your domain. 

Let’s pretend, you sell clothing and your store is called “Hawaiian Closet.” A great name for a store, but is it the best name for your domain? When someone wishes to search for clothing on Google, they might type in “men’s shirts.” This means that when Google searches through website URLs, they won’t see the word “clothing” in your URL. This will result in your site being less likely to rank highly. A solution could be to tack on the word “clothing” to the end of your domain name, making it “” 

If you would rather emphasize keywords over the brand in your domain name. You can simply create a straightforward, keyword-heavy name without the name of your business. The owner of Chloe’s Closet might simply call their domain: “” 

Spend time thinking about how you can best combine keywords with your name. If you can’t do it effectively, then you must decide between using your business name or a keyword-exclusive name. 


Limit Special Characters

Humans are inherently lazy computer users; we want to have to do as little finger-work as possible. So when deciding on a domain name, it’s best to stay away from wild characters like ampersands, numbers, and underscores. The simple reason is that they are not among the letters on our keyboards. They require extra finger-extending effort to type in. Sad but true.


Experiment with Domain Extensions

We’re sure you’re familiar with the domain extension “.com” and “.org.” But were you aware there are now a whole host of other extensions, including “.biz,” “.store,” and “.info?” You may never have come across a page with such an extension, but for retailers, new extensions mean there are many more domain name options to choose from—and thank goodness for that! 

Because, let’s face it, in this stage of the internet’s lifespan, many desirable (and undesirable) domain names have been snapped up. Only the most naive new business owners hope to find “” or “” ripe for the picking. This means you either have to get creative with your domain name, or you can use a different extension. 

We recommend not only going with the ever-popular “.com” extension but also adding a “.biz”, or “.net” to your domain name so someone else does not take that version from you. You can also think about adding an extension that complements your domain name. For instance, if you sell fitness equipment, you could use the extension “.fit” and make your full domain: “” Our preferred web host, Earth Girl Hosting, can hook you up with a domain and a nifty extension!

When you’re ready to search or register your new domain name you can go to EarthGirl Hosting for help!


Avoid Legal Pitfalls

Be sure to steer clear of words that are copyrighted. For instance, using a word like “Puma”. This is a popular sneaker brand as it could lead to serious legal problems down the line. It is important to do solid research before settling on a final name. You need to ensure the domain name you choose is not already the name of another brand. Swing by the online United States Patent and Trademark office and conduct a search for other business names.  

We also suggest searching for the chosen domain or business name on social media outlets. You will want to search on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to ensure no other pages exist with the same name. You will want to ensure when a potential or current customer is searching for YOUR business they find it instead of one with a similar name.

Finally, once you’re certain there is no possibility of legal ramifications, you’ll want to trademark your own domain. This will keep your online business protected from brandjacking. 

Take your time in coming up with a domain name. It’s an important choice that you will have to live with for a while! However, if you need a little help coming up with the right name for your website, you’ve come to the right place! At Pure-Ecommerce we have hundreds of e-commerce business domain names to choose from. Click here to view them now!

Once you’ve come up with your creative and original domain name then let our team at Pure-ECommerce help you create your own custom internet business. We can help you create the exact online business you want.

The Custom Built Internet Business option allows us to build your website with your input along the way. You’ll be able to decide on your design, the products you offer, and much more.

If you like the idea of being mentored through the process but want control over the look and feel of your new site, this option is for you!


If you prefer our creative team to come up with the domain name and “look” of your new online business, we suggest you check out of collection of ready-made internet businesses. We offer online businesses in over twenty niche markets! Plus, they each already have their own catchy domain name. Swing by today and let Pure-Ecommerce help you embark on your business journey! 


Pure-Ecommerce offers a variety of Ready-made Internet Businesses that include hourly consulting, eLearning Library access & a 10-step instructional program to help you get started in the online marketplace!


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