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5 Tweaks That’ll Make a Big Difference to Your E-commerce Store

Whether you make awesome tie-dye t-shirts, intricate bespoke jewelry, or drop ship various home decor items, you love running your e-commerce store. You’ve got a product offering, you’ve got some social media marketing going on, admin tasks that…well, those never end, but still. Things are going pretty well, all things considered.

But what if, things could be really great? And possibly approach ‘awesome’ territory?

Here are a few little tweaks to your e-commerce operation that could take it from here to HERE.

1. Set up email automations

If a new potential customer visits your website and decides to sign up for your newsletter to learn more about you – great, right?  Sure. But what if your next newsletter isn’t due out for another week or more.  Good chance that they might forget they signed up by then and wonder who you are when you finally appear in their inbox…and delete it.

What if, the moment they signed up to your email list, they received a quick, short n’ sweet “Thanks!” from you. Create a connection right away, reinforce your brand immediately. This is something that will take you minutes to set up and automate within your ESP and you’ll see long-term benefits for.   Go, do it now.  We’ll wait.

Other email automation to consider are abandoned cart emails, thank you purchase emails and upsell offers.

2. Take a pulse on your site health

Run your store through an SEO tool online, if you don’t have someone you use already. Make sure you have no broken links, no glaring page errors, and also make sure your site has a quick load-time on both desktop and mobile.  If you see any red flags, address them as quickly as possible. The better experience people have on your site, the more likely they are to come back and bring their friends with them.

3. Ensure your branding is cohesive

Do your social media pages match the look of your website in terms of logo, brand colors, fonts, and tone of voice?  Are your user names the same (or close to it)?  Little things like this help your store and brand remain recognizable to your customers.  If you’re Joe’s Pet Food on Facebook, but you’re Joey Smith on Instagram…are people going to connect the two? 

Find a name you’d like to use across all platforms – check to see if it’s been taken. Then when you find one that’s available, use it everywhere. Some platforms have character limits so you might need to tweak them slightly to stay within the parameters.

4. Confirm Humanity

We put customers through a lot. Double-opt-ins when signing up for accounts, clicking those pictures of traffic lights…always wondering if we’ve clicked on enough of them just to sign-up.  What about you?  Have your customers ever seen your face or heard your voice? 

Referring back to our previous blog post (I’m sure you’ve read it, right?!) social media is the place to show your face and remind people that a real human (or several) humans are on the other side of the computer.  Instagram and Facebook have “Stories”; they last 24-hours before they expire. A great place to pop on for a little hello, share a quick behind the scenes, share something non-business related, and more. 

Even before ‘lockdown’ became part of our everyday vocabulary, people wanted to know there’s someone real that they’re ordering from. Take a moment to show your face and share why you love running your store and thank your customers for their support.

5. Streamline your checkout process

Our attention spans are dwindling and our patience is evaporating. 

Bigger brands have mastered the art of a quick and simple checkout process and people become repeat customers when it’s a frictionless experience. Put yourself in your customers shoes and place an order on your site. See what it’s like. How many clicks, how many fields to fill in? How long does it take?  

If you find things you can simplify or refine for a better overall user experience, do it.  Customer expectations are evolving and if another store offers an easier experience, some could easily jump ship and order with them instead.

The moral of the story is…

Think like your customer. How do they interact with your store and what can you do as an owner to make it the best experience possible?  That combined with a healthy and well-running site will turn your site from a 7/10 to a 10/10 (or higher!).


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