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How to decide the best platforms for marketing your business

You’ve got a business and you need to market it. People need to know you exist and how they can find you. Sounds easy enough, especially when we live in the era of Social Media, right? Just throw some posts up and you’re good, no?  Maybe ten years ago, but not now. 

There are reportedly over 500 social networks and counting.  While some channels come and go (RIP, Google+), there are six top channels that are likely in it for the long haul. And as it’s not physically possible to be active on all of them (nor would you want to, but more about that later) those companies just starting out may feel like they need to try. A new brand needs as much exposure and awareness as possible – understandably, they want to be everywhere to achieve maximum reach.  What you’ll find is that a more targeted strategy will yield better and long-lasting results as opposed to a blanket, one-size-fits-all methodology.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to keep running on the hamster wheel of posting, it’s time to take a step back and figure out your social media sweet spot.

Repeat after me: I do not need to be on every social media network. 

It’s much more important to have an active and engaged audience on one or two networks than to have a bunch of people across every platform who never read your posts or respond to them.  

Daily posting isn’t necessary either.  Two to three well thought out valued-filled posts a week are much more effective than a hurried and panicked “I don’t know what to post today, so I’ll just post this …” mentality. 

When trying to find out the best channel for your business, it’s important to answer a couple of questions first:

  1. Who is my ideal customer?
  2. Do they have kids? A truck? A koi pond?
  3. Where do they live? What do they do for a living?
  4. Which platform(s) do they spend time on?
  5. How old are they? 

Answering these questions will give you insight into which platform aligns best with your existing and future customers. Some of this information may be available through your CRM, but if you don’t know the answers to these questions – ask! Make a few interactive quiz or poll posts on your existing social pages or website for quick and easy market research.

For this blog post we’ll focus on the top 6 networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

These six are the most well-known and used world-wide, applicable to most industries/niches,  and so are generally where people choose to market their businesses.  

Let’s review each one to help determine which fits best for your business.

  1. Facebook 

The big granddaddy of them all. Used by 180+ million businesses for advertising and 2.7 billion monthly active users, this one goes to the top of the class. It’s been around for long enough that an older audience is comfortable with using it, while younger generations tend to spend their social media hours elsewhere.  If your company has customers who average 35 and older, definitely include this platform in your strategy.

  1. Twitter 

This channel continues to grow;  at last check with 152 million monetizable daily active users. Of these, Americans comprise 15% of Twitters total monthly users worldwide – putting them at the top of the platform’s user base. A quick-moving hashtag-driven search haven for those who want to get bite-sized pieces of information at the push of button. With a 280 character limit this is great for users who move quick and enjoy these microblogs as their preferred method of information intake.

  1. Instagram

The images and graphics grab your attention, but the captions are where the stories are found. Crafting a caption has become an artform, drawing users in to inspire, educate, and inform.  The app has been busy rolling out new features to keep users on the app more engaged and for longer – Stories, Reels, Guides, IGTV, lives and I’m sure, more in the works. This is a great place to tell a story and grow a community.  With a reach of 140 million users in the U.S. and a nearly even gender ratio (51F/49M) it’s one to consider. And if that doesn’t convince you – 200 million users visit at least one business profile per day.  

  1. Pinterest

Not just for moms craft projects anymore! Male users are on the rise (more than 20%) here, and everyone uses it as a research portal. A large majority of female users head to Pinterest to help with planning ‘life events’ so you’ll definitely want your business to have a presence here if you serve that niche.  The site is used to find inspiration and ideas for big purchases and share ‘pins’ they’ve liked and tried with other users. And the biggest benefit to using Pinterest? The lifespan of a pin can be close to two months! When you compare it with other social media channels, where posts are gone in hours (or minutes) from your newsfeed, Pinterest leaves them all in the dust!

  1. YouTube

People may not realize this, but YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. With 2 billion users and growing, if you cater to 18-34 year olds you should work on including this into your marketing strategy. As video content can sometimes require a bit more experience in compiling and producing compared to other channels, YouTube might be a good step for more medium-sized businesses who are ready to add it to their social media strategy and have the resources to outsource the production of videos rather than doing it in-house. 

  1. LinkedIn

If you provide SaaS or primarily a B2C organization, then get on #TeamLinkedIn right away.  It’s no longer just a place to search for jobs. With 700 million active users you can connect with other professionals, and follow industry thought-leaders. They also offer “LinkedIn Learning” where you can take courses on several business topics and programs (from video editing to Microsoft Excel and everything in between). Live streams have spiked 158% in use, especially during the pandemic. LinkedIn users skew slightly more males than females (57%/43%) and it is by far the best site for lead generation.

“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” 

Meredith Hill

As stated earlier, you don’t need to be on every social network. If your customer base is parents-to-be and grandparents ready to spoil their grandkids, you can probably put LinkedIn on the backburner.  Narrow down your audience and wherever they are, that’s where you need to be.

Are you comfortable with Facebook from personal use? Then start there. Start a page for your business, post relevant and helpful content related to your industry.  Grow a community – remember it’s called social media for a reason.  Interact with your followers, start discussions, ask questions of them and they’ll give back to you.

As your community grows in engagement and you feel confident in one channel, then think of adding a second one to compliment your offering and expand your reach. A health social media strategy is one that includes an engaged and happy audience.

10 Reasons to Start a Work from Home Online Business


Work from Home – 10 Reasons to Make It Happen!

Are you sick and tired of the stressors and demands your daily job brings to your life? Have you always thought about the freedoms of working from home? Have you been thinking about starting your own business for more freedom and flexibility? Well, that’s why Pure-Ecommerce would like to share with you ten reasons to start a work from home online business.

1.     You Can Control Your Schedule


Wouldn’t you like the ability to decide when you work? Maybe you’re an early riser and prefer to work before dawn breaks. Or maybe you’re a “night owl” and want to work late into the evening when you have more quiet time. No matter what you prefer when you own your own online business you have the ability to set and customize the work hours that meet the needs of your life and family.

Having the extra flexibility and control over your schedule is great but you’ll need to remember to minimize any distractions while working from home. You’ll also want to create a schedule to ensure your meeting deadlines and completing tasks on time. Plus, you’ll want to ensure you have the entrepreneurial skills to take on starting your own online business.

2.     You Can Work From Anywhere


That’s right when you choose to start an online business, you’ll be able to take it anywhere you go! Yes, you’ll probably be working from home the majority of the time but if you choose to go on vacation you can take it with you. If you’re traveling in an RV across the country, you can take it with you. If you’re spending time with friends or family for a while, you can take it with you too. No matter where you choose to go your online business can go to as long as you have internet connectivity – wow, that’s convenience and flexibility, right?!?!

3. You Can Save Time


When you work outside the home let’s face it, you lose time, precious time! From spending time sitting in your car or on the train for your morning and evening commute. Did you know the average employee in the U.S. spends 26 minutes commuting each day to work? This is basically lost time, they only thing you’re getting out of it is arriving at work or at home! Wouldn’t this time be better spent with your loved ones, exercising, doing your favorite hobby, or any other activity you choose? By working from home you get back approximately eleven days per year that would otherwise be wasted. Now, that’s something to think about! 

4. You Can Have a Better Work-Life Balance


This is one of the most frustrating things about working outside the home. If you’re a parent, grandparent or simple have a life outside of work, you’re probably always feeling that pull of back and forth. You know you should be working and taking care of those responsibilities at your workplace, but you feel a pull not to miss out on personal or family events. 

When you choose to start your work from home online business you’re able to create a better work-life balance. You can create a schedule based on a special event that may need your attention. It will help reduce the strain you feel and make both work and life more enjoyable!

5. You Can Reduce Stress While Boosting Productivity


Are you constantly stressed at your current job? The answer is probably “yes” because most people feel the demands and stressors of their daily job. There is too much work to be completed while not enough time to complete it, right? Well, by running an online business from home you can help to reduce the pressures you may feel in your career now. Yes, there will still be stressors and pressure to succeed. However, YOU will be in control of them. You will not have a boss or manager standing over you demanding a task be completed “yesterday”. You will be able to complete tasks at your pace and on the deadlines, you create for yourself. 

6. You Can Be In Your Own Environment


No more cubicles or stuffy office spaces – you can create an office environment that is suitable for YOUR needs! Let’s face it when you work in an office environment you are surrounded by other people and everything they bring with them to work. From disgusting germs to their own life dramas that you probably prefer not to know about, right?!?! 

Yes, working with others can be great but you’d probably prefer to have control over your own working environment. By starting your work from home business you can create a home office that best suits you! Whether you like a bright and cheery space with soft music playing or a more muted, darker area that helps you focus – the look and feel of your home office are up to you and no one else! 

7. You Can Increase Your Volunteer Time


Another benefit of having a work from home online business is again you have more time to do what you want. This means if you enjoy volunteering at your child’s school, local shelter or anywhere in your community, you will have the extra time to do so. You will not have a boss complaining that you want to help serve food at a local shelter one afternoon a week. Or a supervisor who says your not allowed to leave earlier to coach your child’s sports team. You will have the ability to dictate your schedule and if you choose to volunteer in your community that is your prerogative! You’ll feel satisfied that you’re not only able to run your own business but also help others at the same time. 

8. You Can Create Your Own Dress Code


This may sound a little silly to you but have the flexibility to wear what you want when you want can be very liberating. One day if you do not feel like getting out of your pajamas, you can. If you prefer to wear your leisurewear with “I don’t care hair” – you can! Or if you feel your best when you’re in your best work attire, you can wear any style outfit you want when you work from home! 

9. You Can Phase Into Your Retirement


Whether you’re in your in 20’s or 60’s, it’s never too early or too late to invest in your future, as well as, think about your retirement. That’s why staring a work from home online business is a great idea because you can work it for years as you phase into your retirement. Pure-Ecommerce offers many different online business ideas for retirees. A drop ship website can give you the opportunity to start a business with minimal investment, have a manageable workload, and low risk due to low overhead. Plus, by working with the team at Pure-Ecommerce you’ll have step-by-step consulting as you learn to set up, run and manage your new online business. 

10. You Can Be Your Own Boss 


Finally, isn’t it time to become independent and be your own boss! This will enable you to answer to yourself, become free from corporate demands, have more freedom and flexibility in your life, allow you to pursue your genuine interests and put your passions to work for yourself – not for others. 

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