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Top Five Industries to Start an Ecommerce Business for 2020


Jump Start Your New Year with an Ecommerce Business in One of These Top Industries

By Bailey Holtz

Happy 2020! So much has changed in the past decade. For instance, algorithms became the primary way media sites like Facebook and YouTube presented their wares to us. While humans shifted away from big computer screens to smartphones and tablets for their internet needs. Plus, marketers finally recognized the game-changing power of social media to build their brand. It has truly been—for better or for worse—the decade of the internet. 

We, at Pure-Ecommerce, of course, like to look on the positive side of internet use! The internet has made online buying an extremely attractive option for consumers. At the beginning of the decade, in 2010, only 6.4% of all retail sales were made online, according to Digital Commerce 360. By 2018, that number had rocketed to 14.3%. While in 2019, online merchandise sales finally beat out in-store merchandise sales, reports CNBC. For the first time ever, Americans were buying merchandise more online than in brick-and-mortar stores—a landmark moment. 

Some sectors, in particular, have experienced massive growth online, according to Modern Media. They include Style & Fashion, Home & Garden, and Health & Fitness account for the largest percentages of online sales. Health and Fitness and Style and Fashion also have the highest median growth. And these are all sectors that are easy for new e-retailers to access—but more on that later! 

Research conducted on consumer preferences points to a great affinity for online purchasing. And we get it. At this time, 96% of Americans have made a purchase online at some point in their lives. 80% of them have even made it within the past month. That probably includes me, as well as, you, right? So we all know first-hand how incredibly easy and stress-free online shopping is. We are happy and eager to spend online for the ease and convenience it affords. 

Thankfully, the internet shows no sign of losing any of its business-boosting power. There is also no sign of passions cooling on the part of consumers either. CBRE projects that by 2022, online sales will bring in no less than $891 billion. And again, those lucrative Health & Fitness and Style & Fashion sectors are topping the charts in growth and popularity. Currently, according to Lightspeed, the health and fitness industry is valued at 3.7 trillion dollars and continues to grow. (Hint, hint, to anyone contemplating starting a new business…but again, more on that later!). 

Many millions of people have harnessed the ever-growing power of the world wide web to build a life they love. According to Chron, every year over 627,000 new small businesses open online. Starting a business online requires far less effort and startup costs than a physical retail store. You can also start your ecommerce business from literally anywhere in the world. All you need to have is a computer with an internet connection and the desire to work hard! In our age of speed and simplicity, it would be foolish NOT to start an ecommerce business. Especially if you have a desire and a passion to do so. 

The only “but” is: what sort of business to start? Well, if you have the will, we at Pure-Ecommerce have the way! We’ve been helping individuals bring their business dreams to life for 13 years and know where to find success. We’ve compiled a list of the top industries to start an internet business in for 2020. These are industries that are big, diverse, and can accommodate new and exciting ideas that are all your own. Read on to find your very own niche!

Personal Wellness


Ah, taking care of ourselves for once! We understand our lives have become increasingly hectic and stressful this past decade. This has lead to the movement to improve our individual sense of wellbeing has grown, too. In 2018, according to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy was a $4.5 trillion market. Right now, global wellness expenditures are more than half our spending on global health. That is a pretty compelling statistic; we are spending more than half as much on our wellness as on our physical health. 

The industry also is one that has seen truly explosive growth; between 2015 and 2017, the wellness industry grew nearly twice as fast as global economic growth. 

If you’re looking for a smart horse to hitch your wagon to, personal wellness is a top choice! Pure-Ecommerce has tons of ready-to-go personal wellness sites to choose from, from Spirituality to Sports and Outdoors. And if your idea doesn’t fall into any of our ready-to-go categories, you can always build a custom business

Kids and Infants


This may be a surprising inclusion, as there is a common conception that Millennials are not having children. If we are looking at a society with far fewer kids, why should you be selling products for kids? 

New research, however, is showing that Millennials aren’t shunning the idea of parenthood. They are simply postponing it until they feel more prepared to take on its pressures and challenges, according to Psychology Today. And once those kids show up, boy, do parents love to treat them well! CNBC reports that parents spend on average $348,000 on their children over the course of their lifetimes. 13% of that spending, says the USDA, goes to miscellaneous expenses, such as toys and clothing. Things that can easily become the basis of your online business! 

And more good news: Millennial parents are turning to the internet on their phones to make those purchases. According to the National Retail Federation, 78% of Millennials use their phones to research products. This is because most parents are on a perpetual time crunch. They are often willing to shell out more for conveniences such as next-day delivery. It looks like upcoming parents are more open to spending big on their little ones. 

Enticed by the idea of providing to new parents? A site geared towards products for kids and infants might just be right for you! Browse our Ready-Made Baby Boutique sites and Children’s Decor sites. Or, plot out your own little section of the market and build your very own business, our team is here to help! 

Furniture & Home Goods


Thanks to television shows, blogs and, of course, Pinterest consumers are continuously inspired to update their homes. Whether it’s furnishing a new home or making updates and additions, people are shopping for new furniture and home goods. The most recent Global Home Furnishings Market report shows the industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 5.2% over the next five years. It is expected to reach US$988,200 million in 2024, from US$728,500 million in 2020, according to a new (Global) study.

If you’re a lover of sofas, settees, or any type of home decoration, this might be the perfect industry for you! Pure-Ecommerce has an abundance of both furniture and home goods ecommerce businesses. Browse our collection and don’t forget to take a look at the Kitchen and Cookware, American Style, and Vintage we have to offer you!

Outdoor Recreation


The more we humans find ourselves hunkered together in cities and suburbs, the more we yearn to get away from it all. Right now, the Outdoor Recreation industry is valued at more than $400 billion. That’s $40 billion more than was previously estimated, says MarketWatch. The industry can be broken into two parts, according to Outdoor Industry. Spending on gear, like apparel, footwear, and equipment—valued at $120.7 billion—and spending on trips and travel. If you’re looking to start an online retail business, you can find tremendous success on the gear side of things!

What’s amazing about this sector is the incredible diversity of opportunities it affords. There is a vast variety of sports and outdoor recreation activities that people need equipment for. For example, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, football, baseball, golf, bird-watching…the list goes on! You can follow your own interests and sell exactly what appeals to you.  

We at Pure-Ecommerce are proud to offer Sports and Outdoors ready-made businesses, as well as, our services to help you start your very own business. Take action today and begin your journey into the great (retail!) outdoors! 

Pet Care 


Have we saved the best for last? If you’re a pet owner, then the answer is probably yes! Pet ownership in the U.S. is sky-high right now. A whopping 68% of households currently owning a pet, according to Petfood Industry. Once again, the Millennials are leading the pack, having officially passed Baby Boomers in the race towards greater pet ownership.

And Americans don’t just get pets; they spend on them! Currently, according to Value Penguin, Americans are dishing out $72.56 billion per year on their furry friends. Americans feel that pets add to their sense of well-being—just like the personal wellness category above!—and are taking steps to add to their level of overall happiness. 

We at Pure-Ecommerce love our pets! That’s why we’re excited to offer you a variety of options when you start an ecommerce business with us. We can offer you custom-built business packages to design an amazing e-store for little furry friends. Or you can select one of our awesome ready-to-go business options too! 

2020 is the Year You Start an Ecommerce Business!

We hope we’ve armed you with enough information to make a decision about your new website! And we at Pure-Ecommerce have all the tools and knowledge to help you make it a reality; browse our ready-to-go businesses today, get started with a custom package, or build your own with our help and support. 

What are you waiting for? Start your own ecommerce business in 2020! Find out more about how we can help you jump start your New Year by visiting us at Reserve your Introductory Call to speak directly with our CEO, Jeff Varner. Take the next step to ecommerce entrepreneurship…

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2020: The Year You Launch Your Online Business


Ready, Set, Launch An Online Business in 2020!

By: Bailey Holtz

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2020? Get to the gym more? Eat better? Repaint the living room? Finish that puzzle that’s been sitting on your coffee table since last January? So why not add a resolution that is beneficial to you. Add “launch an online business” to your resolution list!

Most people’s resolution lists are crammed with minor, unexceptional, and easily-forgotten resolutions. Often, they even cause us more distress. For instance, the gym membership that saps us. Or maybe the expensive meal kits we don’t have the energy to assemble then end up in the trash. What’s the point of resolutions like that? 

We at Pure-Ecommerce advocate for a different type of resolution. We like resolutions that are exciting and promising, so you stay engaged way past the month-and-a-half you’re able to commit to your gym membership. We like resolutions that are rewarding rather than punishing. We like resolutions that offer you a future that you can get pumped about. That’s why the first and only item on our list of resolutions is to launch an online business now for 2020!

Your first thought might be: that sounds WAY harder than hitting the gym for a few months. And it would be…if you didn’t have Pure-Ecommerce here to help you out! Thanks to the Pure-Ecommerce Process, the journey to business ownership can be a little easier. We will help you gently over the various hurdles that might pop up as you explore a new field. With hard work and dedication for you, we will help set you up for success. We know exactly how to set up a platform, obtain products and vendors, and market yourself. Our goal is for you to succeed—well past the year 2020!

Read on to discover why now is a good time to start an online business, and how our team can help you make it a reality. 


Why Now? 

When was the last time you purchased something online? And when was the last time you purchased something in a brick-and-mortar store? We’re guessing you’re just like many others turning to ecommerce stores to make their online purchases. For instance, this year’s Cyber Monday was reported to be the largest sales day in the history of ecommerce. According to Adobe Analytics, U.S. shoppers spent a record $9.42 billion online on Cyber Monday.

That is why, according to Inc., NOW, is the very best time to start an online business. So much commerce happens online now that physical locations are becoming obsolete. And the startup costs of an online business are very, very low. All you need is an internet connection and a web platform, and you’re ready to go!

What’s more, the advent of social media means you can very easily and cheaply reach a huge number of potential customers. This has never before been the case; advertising has previously been a costly and only sometimes-successful affair. Now, though, you don’t need a budget to experiment with different social strategies to see what works for you. It’s an incredibly exciting and fruitful time to be a business owner!

Convinced you ought to launch an own online business? Good! Read on to discover exactly how Pure-Ecommerce can help you do it!


Options for Novices and Pros to Launch an Online Business

Did you grow up with the internet? Do you surf, browse, and toggle between tabs as if you were born with a mouse in your hand? Or is the internet still something of a mystery to you, to be navigated only with a map and a Generation Zer by your side? No matter where you stand, Pure-Ecommerce has a solution that will help you launch an online business!

If you’re looking to launch an online business as soon as possible – then may we suggest one of our ready-made internet business options. We have an exciting variety of online stores in some of the most popular niche markets. Browse our collection and select your favorite today to launch an online business for 2020.

For those who would like more of a hands-on approach, we offer Custom Built websites. You tell us what you would like your website to look like, which types of products you would like to sell and we build it for you! Easy as that! 

If you are internet-savvy and want to try your hand at building a website from the ground up, you can opt for a Build Your Own Online Business. We still support you, just with the specific tasks you need help with. 

No matter how you want to proceed with your website, Pure-Ecommerce is here to support you through our Elearning Library and step-by-step ecommerce consulting


Discover Your Unique Passion

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? A pet lover? A furniture connoisseur? No matter what you love most in life, Pure-Ecommerce can help you make a business out of it! That’s right, you can turn the thing you love to do most into a financial engine for yourself and your family. Our guideline is this: if it’s something you are interested in, then in all likelihood, there will be others who are also interested in it too. 

If you’re not yet sure about what sort of business you’d like to create, then take a moment for yourself and consider two things:

  • What do you enjoy in life?
  • What are you good at?  

Both these trains of thought will lead you toward business ideas you will be able to successfully execute. However, if you’re still struggling to find the perfect business idea, you can browse our Internet Businesses for Sale for ideas. We have a vast collection of online businesses to suit any interest. Choose one of ours or use our collection to inspire yourself. 


Find Your Consumer Base

Before you pull the trigger and launch an online business, you must identify the groups that will want to purchase your products. This is a very important step and must not be overlooked in the flurry of excitement to get your business off the ground. Inc. has a helpful list of steps that help you identify groups that will be potential customers. 

One of these steps involves self-analysis. You will need to make a list of all your products or services and then write next to each product the benefit it will give its user. If you are selling maternity pillows, you could write, for instance, “provides comfort to expecting mothers.” And look: you’ve just identified a target market: expecting mothers! Do this exercise with all your products—you might find new and unexpected consumer groups. 

Once you have identified your target consumer groups, you can tailor your marketing toward those groups. If, for instance, your target group is fishermen and -women, you can begin to reach out to social media groups for fishers or you can craft your web copy to best appeal to that group. 

If you’re new to the marketing world, Pure-Ecommerce can help you by managing your social media, blog, and web copy. Take a look at our SEO and Marketing packages. You can select the ones that are tailored to your specific needs. Allow us to help you during the first few months of business-ownership so you are ready to launch an online business and to be better set up for success!

Don’t let 2020 go by without making a big change in your life as you become an ecommerce entrepreneur. An online business can revitalize your life by giving you renewed purpose, energy, and drive to be a success! Pure-Ecommerce is here to make your business journey go smoothly, so get in touch with us about the various solutions we have to help you launch an online business in 2020!

Don’t wait any longer! Contact us today so 2020 is the best year of your life… 

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