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Don’t Let Fear Overpower Your Desire to Become an Entrepreneur

Fear does not have the power – YOU DO! You can overcome the fear of the unknown to realize your dream of being your own boss and becoming an ecommerce entrepreneur.

By: Catherine Perry

We talk to a lot of people who are interested in owning an ecommerce business. They are frustrated with the corporate 9-to-5 life of commuting to work and having little time either with their families or for themselves to develop meaningful relationships and recharge energy. They feel that they have the entrepreneurial spirit and they feel the pull to have their own business. They long for a more flexible schedule and the ability to direct their own futures. But, so many times they are afraid to make a change. They let fear be the driving force in their future instead of the desire to have the life they dream about.
Is this you?
  • Have a long commute each way to get to your corporate 9-to-5 5-days a week job.
  • Have an OK salary (or not) and you never feel fully appreciated for the work you do.
  • Have 2 weeks of vacation each year.
  • Sometimes you feel secure in your job, but most days you don’t.
  • Dream of being an entrepreneur.
But, is this what you really want?
  • Working at home where your office is easy to get to and comfortable.
  • Running the show, making the decisions with no boss checking in.
  • Having a flexible schedule so you can run errands during the day, spend time with the children and pets.
  • Meeting friends for lunch.
  • Knowing what you do each day for the business contributes to your success as an entrepreneur.
  • Having more money.
The difference between the 2 lists comes down to you being able to make the change from employee to business owner. The inability to make this change keeps you stuck where you are and dissatisfied.



Most of the time the inability to change comes from fear. Our fears can be rational or irrational. They can affect us positively or negatively. Our fears can positively affect our lives by keeping us physically out of harm’s way. But our fears can also negatively affect our lives if they are irrational fears and we let them control us. We thought it would be helpful to talk about some of the irrational fears that people let rule their decisions and keep them from becoming the entrepreneurs they really want to be.
If you find that fear is causing you to stay in a less-than-ideal work situation and, therefore, is keeping you from making the move to entrepreneurship, this article is for you! We are highlighting 3 fears you may be experiencing that are holding you back in pursuing your dream of being an entrepreneur.


The fear of failure holds people back from making a change. According to the article “Overcoming Fear of Failure” on, “fear of failure (also called atychiphobia) is when we allow that fear to stop us doing the things that can move us forward to achieve our goals.”
What is important is first to recognize that this fear is causing you to be stuck and then to change your mind set about failure.  You can look at failure as something terrible, or you can look at failure as a learning experience. When you change the way you look at “failure” and the way you define it, you can look for the lessons you can learn from that experience. In this way, failures become growth experiences because they can keep us from making the same mistakes again. It is helpful to write down what is the worst thing that can happen if you take a chance and fail. You will more than likely find that nothing on the list is irreparable.

The Unknown

Most of us fear what we don’t know. Starting a business can be pretty scary if you are giving up a lot to get it going and if you haven’t started a business before. The keys are to prepare and have a plan of action. Get into the learning mode. Read as much as you can about what is entailed in owning an ecommerce business. Learn about the responsibilities and tasks involved in operating an online business. Look for forums where other ecommerce owners are having conversations about their work. Ask a lot of questions. By educating yourself as much as possible, the venture won’t be as much an unknown and won’t be as scary. Then, come up with your plan of action. By having a plan you will feel much more in control and less afraid of going forward.



Financial Stability

If you have always worked at a 9-to-5 job, you may be fearful of the financial aspect of starting your own business. You may think that owning a business has less financial stability than your regular paycheck currently provides. The fact is that, as an entrepreneur, you have the potential for much more financial stability than by just being an employee. Again, the “not knowing” creates a fear that can stop you from embarking on the path that will lead to greater financial success than you know today.
One thing that can help with this fear is educating yourself and preparing. In the article “The 7 Fears all Entrepreneurs Must Conquer” on, Aaron Agius says that “financial ignorance is one of the main reasons eight out of ten businesses fail in the first 18 months of business. Getting a good hold of your own financial know-how…helps you ride the entrepreneurial wave.”
Here are some other things you can do when fear gets in your way:
  1. Be clear on why you want to start a business. Write it down. Make a list of your personal goals. These are things you can come back to when you are feeling uncertain.
  2. Have an optimistic view. Be positive about starting your business venture. Understand that there are risks and things can go wrong because this is real life and it doesn’t always go just as you planned. But, you can understand the risks and find ways to overcome them.
  3. Be persistent. As the owner of a business, you will have obstacles to get around from time to time. The power of being persistent can’t be over-stated. Go back to your list of why you started the business and your personal goals to remind yourself that this is the path for you. Stick with it!
  4. Start the business part-time (if you’re already working full-time). Getting the business up and running does take time and hard-work, but you do not want to overwhelm yourself at first. You want to work at your own pace and have the understanding that you are starting a business, therefore, it takes time to get going. You can work your online business around your full-time job, this may give you the jump you need before you are ready to quit your job.



Facing a fear takes courage, but courage is the first step toward taking control of your destiny. Starting and running your own small business can be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. Don’t let your fear cause you to miss out on the life you are meant to have. Let us at Pure-Ecommerce help you make that decision and move forward. To find out more about starting your own ecommerce business click below to request our complete information Package and how we can help you get started!


5 Benefits of Owning a Home-Based Internet Business

By: Catherine Perry

Are you looking to get out of the rat race of a 9-5 job? Do you want to spend more time with family and friends? Are you ready to live a more balanced life? Then owning a home-based internet business may be the right decision for you!

Working for a company, especially a large one, isn’t what it used to be. In previous years, people would get a job with a company and keep it for 30+ years. They would then retire with great benefits. The company took care of their employees by providing good health insurance, competitive wages, and a retirement pension. There was the option for upward mobility and a path for career development. You had comradery with fellow employees; you grew by developing skills and sharing experiences from the work, and you were rewarded for it. However, things have changed!
Today it is a totally different scenario. Due to the workplace being so different this has to lead many people to look at other work options that provide benefits they can’t get working for a company. Because of this shift, more people are opting to start their own companies and enjoy the benefits of having a home-based business. According to Forbes in the article “16 Surprising Statistics about Small Businesses,” more than 52% of all small businesses in the U.S. are home-based.
One of the most popular businesses to operate from home is an internet business. It is an easy start-up process and there are many industry options from which to choose.  There are internet businesses that provide services and/or products in thousands of different industries. The internet is open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a global audience, giving it a huge competitive edge compared to the brick-and-mortar store. According to the Small Business Association, owning a home-based internet business gives you “access to the same types of tools and marketing opportunities used by major corporations.”
This is why we want to focus on 5 benefits of owning a home-based business that we think are some of the most important. Some of these benefits may be ancillary to the profits and ease of operating a home-based business; however, you may find they are the most valuable to you.

Benefit #1: You Can Direct Your Own Course

When you own your own home-based business, you are the boss and drive the ship! It’s yours and it is entirely up to you to work it and make it successful. You make all the decisions—both the important decisions, as well as, the not-so-important ones. No one tells you how to work or when. You work hard and gain the rewards. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, this is a great way to make your mark and direct your own course in life.

Benefit #2: You Have a Flexible Schedule

Owning an internet business and operating it from your home allows you the ability to have a more fluid, flexible schedule. You get the work done either when it needs to be done or when you would like to get it done. You have the flexibility to make more time for friends and family. You’re able to be with your children when they are sick and spend quality time with people in your life that you can’t with a 9-to-5 work schedule. Additionally, you have more time for other things like exercising and running errands when you have a home-based business. In our opinion, this is one of the most valuable benefits of owning your own home-based business!

Benefit #3: You Can Increase Productivity

Working from home provides an environment where you can be more productive. In a traditional work situation, most people find that their productivity level decreases due to constant meetings and interruptions. By working at home, your ability to focus can improve exponentially, thus allowing you to get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time. And, of course, being more focused and productive give you more time to do other things—things you don’t have time for when you aren’t the boss!

Benefit #4: You Keep More of the Money YOU Make

When you own home-based business, you’re able to keep more of the money you make. There are several reasons for this.
  1. No commute (save money) – This means you don’t need to spend money on gas and the wear-and-tear on your car. According to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, the average American spends 348 hours each year commuting. You can’t put a price on having more time!
  1. Work clothes budget (save money) – You set the dress code! If you want to wear your pajamas all day, you can – you’re the boss! The money spent on work clothes can be very minimal. This will give you more money to spend on the things you want to fill your life.
  1. Tax benefits (save money) – There are many tax benefits to owning your own business and working from home (so many that we won’t attempt to delve into them all in this article).  You may be able to deduct portions of some home-related expenses against your business income. Such expenses as mortgage interest, property taxes, utilities, and repairs and maintenance may qualify. And, though you can’t create a loss with your home office expenses, you can carry them forward to future tax years in the event you don’t have enough business income to use them up in the current year.
  2. Lower overhead costs (save money) – Working from a home-based office keeps your overhead costs low as you are not renting office space or phones or paying for office utilities. Lower overhead costs are definitely a plus when owning your own business. Low overhead and low operating costs make an ecommerce business ideal for anyone looking to run a home-based business. With an internet based business, you have minimal start-up costs and when you choose to run a drop ship business you do not have to hold any inventory, which keeps your overhead even lower.  An online business does have costs associated with the setup and management, but they are minimal compared to owning any other type of retail store.

Benefit #5: You Stress Less

You can experience less stress when you have the benefits we’ve outlined above. Imagine having less stress when you are trying to juggle childcare and the demands of work and family. Instead, when you have a home-based business you are able to stay home to take care of the things in your life that mean the most. Having a flexible schedule that allows you to get more done in a shorter amount of time is also a great way to decrease your stress level. Not having to commute in traffic to get to a workplace definitely alleviates a big stressor. You have less stress when setting your schedule. Can you feel the stress lightening by just thinking about owning a home-based business? Imagine it.
Though we think these are the top 5 benefits, we have only touched the surface. Take a few minutes to really envision your life if you were to own an internet business and work from home. Ask yourself these questions and visualize the answers…..
  • What would owning a home based internet business look like to you?
  • Would it improve your life?
  • What are the best benefits for you? (Probably all of the above!)
Owning a home-based internet business can impact the quality of your life in so many ways. Explore some of our options by going to to check out our collection of ready-made internet business and custom internet business opportunities. All you need is an entrepreneurial spirit that gives you the drive and discipline. To quote Kevin Systrom, a co-founder of Instagram, “There’s no better time than now to get going.” If you have questions about starting your own home-based internet business, we invite you to schedule a FREE phone consult to discuss them with our owner, Jeff Varner – Schedule Here.

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