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Christmas in July! Why You Need to Start Your Internet Business NOW to be Ready

Start an internet business now so you can be ready for another record breaking holiday shopping season!

By: Catherine Perry

Christmas in July isn’t a new thing! Many people start thinking about the holidays during the summer. Many vacation spots even have holiday-themed and Christmas stores where you can shop while at the beach or mountains, or wherever you take vacation in the summer. With the relaxation you enjoy on vacation you can get your thoughts together about the holiday season.  While you’re digging those toes in the sand at the beach or enjoying the cool temps in higher elevations, you can let your mind go to what presents to buy and how to decorate your home.
But, in this blog we want you to think about Christmas in July a little differently than that. We want you to start thinking NOW about how you could have your own ecommerce retail business to participate in and benefit from the holiday season this year.
There is no question that ecommerce retail is growing exponentially, especially during the holiday shopping season, where brick-and-mortar stores are not. Last year, news outlets such as reported that in this article, “Cyber Monday Sales Hit A New All-Time Record in 2016”.
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But, let’s not stop with the numbers for Cyber Monday, 2016. The online research site for everything digital,, states that “US retail ecommerce sales jumped 17.8% during the 2016 holiday season, a phenomenal rate that helped push total retail sales up 4.8%.” And, emarketer’s 2017 holiday season predictions are for ecommerce sales to grow 15.8%, while total retail growth will slow to 2.0%. You can see the full report in this article – “US Holiday Shopping Preview 2017: Recapping 2016, and Looking Ahead to This Season“.
Why do we want you to start thinking about the holiday season NOW? And, why do we think NOW is the best time to start an online retail business? Besides the predictions of an extremely strong 2017 ecommerce season (that you want to be a part of, right?), here are 3 reasons you should start your internet business NOW before the holiday shopping season.

Reason #1: You have plenty of time to set up Your New Internet Business

If you start your online retail business now during the summer months, you have plenty of time to get everything set up before the holiday shopping season begins. You have time to try out your product mix and pricing, tweak the visual presentation of the site, add enticing content, as well as, make other adjustments that will mean you are ready to go before the shopping season. It makes a lot of sense to have several months to be sure you are ready for the big season and not have to rush.

Reason #2: You can work On your marketing strategy and plan

By starting your ecommerce business now, you can have a marketing plan fully designed in order to implement for the fall and the months leading up to the holidays. This will give you time to build your social media following, build your newsletter list, plus test out advertising that will work for your internet business. You will have several months of marketing on social media and have full exposure for your business, creating buzz for your site months before the actual season is upon us.

Reason #3: You Have More Time to Gain Loyal CustomersAnd Raving Fans

Getting started now allows you time to attract customers and develop raving fans that will be there during the big holiday shopping season. Instead of trying to build a customer base during the holidays, you will already have a jump-start on obtaining those customers. And, to stimulate loyalty, you will have the customer service part of your business implemented and operating on an automatic system. Now don’t you think it is better to build your brand over time as you put it in front of your potential customer BEFORE the holiday rush!
These are 3 great reasons for starting your online business this summer in order to profit from the 2017 holiday shopping season. You will be so glad you did! So, get ready…get set…GO and start planning for Christmas in July!
We invite you to review these past posts to help you better understand more about starting an internet business and why you should choose Pure-Ecommerce as your ecommerce solution provider.
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5 Important Things to Know Before Buying an Ecommerce Business

Pure-Ecommerce-what-to-know-before-buy-ecommerce-business-blog-title (3)

By: Linda Hale

Is owning an ecommerce business right for you? What you need to now before you take the plunge!

So you want to be an entrepreneur and start an ecommerce business? You have read that ecommerce retail sales are increasing. In fact, according to Internet Retailer in 2014
US Annual e-retail sales surpassed $300 billion – up 15.4% from the previous year. But despite the promising outlook for ecommerce sales, what else should you know before taking that step? Here are some points to consider:

Pure-Ecommerce-keep-my-day-job-Facebook1. Can you keep your day job and still devote time to a new business?
As optimistic as you might feel about the future of ecommerce sales, it’s important to be conservative in your projections for your business. Be sure to write a business plan to establish a forecast of sales based on industry statistics. offers free business plans to help you get started.
According to a recent study by Research Brain Institute on business failure rates, 25% of startup businesses fail within the first year. However, the retail sector is more promising and after 4 years 47% are still in business.
If you choose to quit your job, be prepared to fund your living and business expenses with your savings. You should have a minimum of 12-18 months nestled away. If you have a limited marketing budget for your website, it may take longer to establish consistent traffic to your site.

2. Choose a market niche that is growingPure-Ecommerce-Find-Your-Niche-Blog

Pure Ecommerce has done extensive research on industries that are projected to grow. We create our ecommerce websites based on this research.
However, it’s crucial to do your own research on businesses that interest you. Try to select a business that you have a passion for or one in which you have some experience.

Pure-Ecommerce-plan-your-investment3. Plan your initial investment $

Funding an ecommerce business doesn’t have to break the bank. If you purchase an existing business with a proven track record you should expect to pay more than if you purchase a new ecommerce website.
There are pros and cons to each approach. If you start your business from scratch you will need to hire a web designer, hosting company and set up accounts with vendors for your merchandise. You’ll need to learn about every aspect of setting up and running your ecommerce business.
An easier approach in our opinion is to work with a company like ours that offers website design and consulting to teach you step by step about ecommerce. Starting a new business can be challenging enough without having to worry about whether what you’re doing is being done the right way.

Pure-Ecommerce-work-alone-group-work-blog4. Do you like to work alone or do you need social interaction?

Working at home can be difficult if you are a social butterfly. Working alone can create feelings of isolation and disconnection.
  • Ask yourself if a work-at-home job is right for you.
  • Are you an independent, self starter?
  • Can you identify and organize priorities to remain productive?
Pure-Ecommerce-Freedom-Flexibility-Schedule-Blog5. Can you establish a regular work-at-home schedule?
Owning an ecommerce business offers the flexibility and freedom to work anytime and anywhere, however it’s critical to establish ‘office hours’.
  • Can you carve out a workspace free from distractions?
  • Are you disciplined enough to set a plan of action and stick to it?
If you are not hiring a workforce to help with daily tasks it can be a bit overwhelming at first. Plan a daily schedule that allows you to focus on the following priorities. Expect to spend a minimum of 3 hours per day on developing your business. 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO & Content Writing)
  • Website Maintenance
  • Customer Orders
  • Vendor Communication

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Are you ready to take the plunge? There are many reasons to start an ecommerce business before the end of 2015 and we hope we’ve given you some clarification on the important things to know before buying an ecommerce business. If you have any questions or comments post them below.
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