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Cyber Monday 2018 – Another Record Breaking Year for Ecommerce!


By: Shelly Lowder

The results are in for Cyber Monday 2018 and they are staggering!  U.S. online shoppers spent a record $7.869 billion on Cyber Monday, Nov. 26, representing a 19.3% year-over-year increase from $6.595 billion in 2017, according to Adobe Analytics. It is an exciting time in ecommerce as it was ANOTHER record-breaking year for cyber monday shopping so we wanted to share some important statistics with you as you consider becoming an ecommerce business owner.


Mobile Makes Its Mark

Mobile devices made their mark on Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Thanksgiving. Smartphones alone generated $2.2 billion in online sales, which is a 55.6% increase over Cyber Monday 2017. “Converting mobile traffic to sales has long been a thorn in the side of retailers, but investments in making the experience faster and easier have paid off,” says Taylor Schreiner, director of Adobe Digital Insights.
According to  Forbes, “mobile continues to dominate traffic, but still has some work to do to catch up to desktop conversion rates. However, it also continues to grow as a channel for holidays, both in terms of traffic and in terms of sales. One thing to remember, though, is that Thanksgiving weekend represents a particularly concentrated use of mobile, with almost double the predicted share for the whole of the season”.
Here are a few key statistics from Salesforce about how mobile devices impacted Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping:
  • For “Cyber Week,” mobile had 62% of traffic share and 45% of order share. The company predicts that mobile devices will account for 68% of traffic and 46% of orders over the entire holiday season.
  • Mobile devices accounted for 68% of online traffic and 54% of orders on Thanksgiving. Fifteen percent more orders were placed on mobile phones on the holiday.
  • Mobile devices accounted for 67% of all digital traffic on Black Friday, up from 61% on the same day last year, and secured the most orders at 49% order share, beating Salesforce’s prediction of 46% of orders.

Importance of Social Media and Email Marketing

As you probably already know people are using social media to influence their shopping habits. Whether it’s checking out what their friends are posting about their favorite recent purchases, showing interest in product ads or reading the latest reviews – let’s face it social media does have an effect on how we make our purchases these days. It is no different for the holiday season as you can see through the latest statistics:
  • NRF reported a 73% growth in the use of Instagram to find deals, and a 45% increase in the use of Pinterest. Salesforce reported growth in social traffic on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with Cyber Monday’s social traffic growing 16%, and social traffic on Thanksgiving Day up 41%.
  • Salesforce also reported that retailers sent 3.5 billion emails on Black Friday, and another 4.1 billion on Cyber Monday – significant increases over the 3 billion and 3.3 billion, respectively, sent in 2017.
  • Salesforce reported that retailers sent 3.5 billion emails on Black Friday, and another 4.1 billion on Cyber Monday – significant increases over the 3 billion and 3.3 billion, respectively, sent in 2017.


Exciting Time To Own An Ecommerce Business

This is exciting news and offers a huge opportunity for those owning ecommerce businesses.  There is a great deal of competition in the online world so you have to create ways to stand out from the crowd.  Your website is a reflection of the brand you are building so you want to make sure that all communications whether your website or your social media strategy showcases who you are and how you are different.  Create a brand that makes customers want to shop with you time and time again. This strategy is something to work on the whole year through and not just during the holidays. On average it takes consumers 7 times to see a new brand before they make a decision to purchase from it – this can be through social media, email marketing, and website visits. You must stay relevant and consistent as you get to know your customers and vice versa.
Already own an ecommerce business? Then you’ll want to capitalize on the holiday shopping spree! Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:
  • Remain active on social media and stay in front of your customers
  • Update your Landing pages with festive banners to make your website feel new and fresh for visitors
  • Develop a promotional strategy and shipping plan
  • Take advantage of email marketing to reach your target market and grow your list
  • Know your product line and update inventory – you don’t want to miss sales because of out of stocks
  • Check product descriptions and add keywords to help customers understand your products as well as Search Engine Optimization purposes
  • Visit your site and make sure the experience is quick and easy – can you navigate easily? Is It 100% responsive? Having a 100% responsive website is imperative to compete in the online world.  Customers shop small business for a reason and that is for the one-on-one personalization and customer service they receive.  When shopping online your customer can only go by the experience they have on your site and when they receive your product. They do not have the luxury of physically shopping in a store. You have to bring the experience to them.
We hope you find these tips helpful as you gear up for a strong finish this holiday season. If you need any assistance updating your website you should check out our a la carte services to enhance your business!
Cyber Monday and the holiday shopping season is a huge opportunity for online sales and it keeps growing leaps and bounds year over year.  There has never been a better time to start your own ready-made internet business and join the exciting and growing ecommerce marketplace! Ready to find out how Pure-Ecommerce can help you get started? Register now for your online account to log in for our current pricing and to see our special offer!


Cyber Monday 2017 – Smashing the Records of Years Past!


The holiday rush is on – The results for Cyber Monday are in and it’s is ANOTHER Record Breaking year for ecommerce!

By: Catherine Perry

Unbelievable numbers are being reported not only for Cyber Monday shopping, but also throughout the Thanksgiving weekend! I was just reading our blog for Cyber Monday 2016 and, like last year, we have record breaking numbers to talk about – yoo hoo!

Thanksgiving Weekend Ecommerce Shopping Shows Explosive Growth

Online shopping continues to grow at an explosive rate and is in high gear this holiday shopping season! According to the latest data, collected by Adobe Digital Insights at 11:47 p.m. November 27, 2017, “Cyber Monday [was] projected to hit a new record as the largest online sales day in history with $6.59 billion by the end of the day.” This number indicates that sales increased by 16.8% over the same period in 2016. Their reporting showed that Black Friday came in at $5.03 billion and Thanksgiving Day at $2.87 billion in revenue.
Based on an email from Sucharita Mulpuru-Kodali, an analyst for the market research firm Forrester, the Washington Post reported that sales growth from Thanksgiving through Sunday, November 26 2017 topped their growth estimate of 12 percent. And, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF) as reported in the same Washington Post article, “holiday spending is expected to increase as much as 4% this year, to $680 billion.” The NRF will release final results numbers on 11/28/2017.
Adobe reports that the holiday shopping season thus far, which is November 1 – 27, has driven a total of “$50 billion in online revenue, a 16.8% increase.” They predict that this will be the “first-ever holiday season to break $100 billion in online sales!”
Wow! These numbers are incredible and great news for all of our ecommerce business owners! There has never been a better time to be in the online retail industry.

Mobile Leads Online Shopping

What is leading the online retail sales? Mobile devices are. Mobile devices set a new record, showing 47.4% of visits, with 24.1% on smartphones and 9% on tablets. Here is the breakdown:
  • Smartphone traffic grew 22.2% year-over-year
  • Smartphone revenue grew 39.2% (totaling $1.59 billion) year-over-year
  • Mobile transactions are closing at a 12% higher rate as compared to Cyber Monday 2016
  • Apple iOS leads with an average order value of $123 in comparison to Google Android at $110
Mickey Mericle, VP of Marketing and Customer Insights at Adobe, is quoted as saying that using smartphones to shop and buy is becoming the “new norm and can be attributed to continued optimizations in the retail experience on mobile devices and platforms.” As this trend grows, consumers are becoming more savvy and efficient in their shopping. And, of course, the millennials are a big reason for the explosive growth in shopping via mobile, “with 75% expecting to shop via their smartphone,” Mericle says.

What It Means for Ecommerce Website Owners

This means tremendous opportunity for ecommerce website owners. Consumers are shopping around looking for the best products and top-notch service, not simply the best deals. The total customer experience is what is important. Price and shipping costs are definitely under scrutiny, there is no question about it. But, it is still a wide open playing field with service and security being a huge concern for online shoppers.
Shoppers want not only fast, as well as,  smooth transactions. They want to be able to click and find the products they want to purchase in a fast, convenient way. This is why it is important to have an ecommerce business that is 100% responsive design website, that is well organized and offers online shoppers a variety of products to fit their needs. Great customer service is imperative. Online shopping has affected the expectation of the customer. This stands to reason because you’re not standing in front of someone in a store when you are shopping online, so your trust is built on the service you receive. (See’s article “The Importance of Providing a Great Customer Experience [Infographic]” for more information.)
Small business owners are in a position to give consumers the one-on-one attention they want.
This past weekend, Fortune reported that Macy’s had a “massive slow down” due to credit card and gift card processing on Black Friday. This was a setback that could hamper its sales significantly and possibly “lose the department store chain massive amounts of money at the start of the holiday shopping season.”

Be Sure Your Business is READY for the Holidays!

If you already own an ecommerce business, we strongly suggest that you have your business ready for the holiday season.  You are in an industry that is growing tremendously and you need to do the work it takes to be noticed in the online marketplace.
What can you do? For starters, be sure you keep your business in front of your target market through Social Media Marketing and keep your website optimized for the search engines. Get your home page and categories in a festive mode (see our previous post for tips). Don’t wait to prepare your ecommerce business for any season of the year. Work hard all year long to ensure customers are shopping with you!

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Here are some tips to capitalize on this holiday season for your business:
  • Be sure your shopping cart is in good working order for a positive customer experience
  • Engage social media marketing to brand your business and advertise
  • Reach out to your consumers through emails – newsletter marketing is key to staying in front of your customers
  • Entice your customers with special offers – for example – coupons with dollar amount off when purchase a certain amount; percentage off total purchase; and of course, free shipping on orders of a certain amount
  • Optimize for the search engines
  • Tighten up your pricing and shipping costs
  • Decorate your website for the festive season so you look the part
We hope these Thanksgiving weekend numbers have excited you for the potential of online shopping this holiday season. Continue to steadily work at it and you will reap the rewards!

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