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Use Social Media to Boost Online Sales!


By: Catherine Perry

Connect and reach your customers through social media to help you boost the sales of your ecommerce business – here’s some helpful tips to get you started!

The area of marketing cannot be underestimated in developing and sustaining your business. It is the lifeblood of creating your brand and the achieving the visibility that is essential in building a successful business. Social media has become the channel to use in marketing your ecommerce business and boosting online sales. According to, “The power of social networking is such that, the number of worldwide users is expected to reach some 2.95 billion by 2020, around a third of Earth’s entire population….as of 2016, 78 percent of the United States population had a social networking profile.”


Quote From:, in their Small Business advisory area
We think you can see the importance of using social media to build a presence for your online business and boost sales because it is easy to use and so powerful when it comes to reaching your customers. But, how do you get started? Which social media platforms are the best in boosting sales? How do you tackle the enormity of social media to get your small business noticed? We think that the three social media platforms on which you should focus, especially in the beginning, are Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you develop your marketing plans using these three channels, you will have a strong foundation on social media.
There are many different ways to employ social media and there are many resources available where you can find information about it. But, the last thing you want to do is become overwhelmed with too much information in the beginning stages of your business. So, we’re going to get you started with three basic ways you can use social media to boost your sales.

Building Your Brand

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business and you can build a brand on social media by being there on a regular basis. Your brand is the thing that sets you apart from your competition. Your brand is how you’re portrayed to the customer and is the message the customer remembers you by. For instance, think about Coke versus a generic soda.
So, exactly what do we mean by “build a brand?” The brand is made up of several things–your logo, tagline, and other facts about your business that you want people to remember. Your logo is the most important part of your brand and must be visible on all communication.
And, if you haven’t come up with a tagline, you may want to give it some thought. It can be something short and catchy that functions as a messaging tool. An example of a tagline for a pet clothing business might be “For the best dressed dog in the town.” Building a brand means that you consistently get the message out so that people begin to know what your business is. This happens over time with continuous and consistent exposure on social media.

Engaging With People

Social media has raised the bar for customer engagement. Customer engagement provides a way for you to stay in front of the target market and obtain valuable information about the market. A good way to engage is through communication that asks people to take action or respond. This can be in the form of soliciting responses to questions you ask that help you define what your customer wants. For example, you could take two products and ask which they like better or which they would buy. Another example of customer engagement is through creating quick surveys.


People have short attention spans and don’t like to read a lot on social media, so the key is keeping the communication short and visual. The bottom line is that you are continually keeping your brand in front of mind and getting noticed.

Driving Traffic

The end goal of marketing is to drive traffic to your online business. But, you don’t want just any and all traffic—you want targeted traffic, and social media can help you do this. Using social media you can reach your target market through ads and marketing communication. Here are a few ways to generate and drive traffic:
  • Create communication with incentives for your target market by using special offers such as coupons and time-limited sales.
  • Write guest blogs for sites that are in your niche market. Using Google you can locate these sites and see the kinds of blogs that are on them. It is important to see if it is a good fit with your market.
  • Comment on forums and blogs that are relevant to your site. You will become “known” in the community and readers will come to your website as a result.
  • Advertise on social media. In terms of ads on social media, start small so that you aren’t spending big bucks and yet are getting important information about what works with your market.
Here are some quick tips for using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as the platforms for marketing your online business and boosting sales.


Post on Facebook on a regular basis. You may choose to post three times a week or daily, just be consistent.
  • Use photos and/or videos in your posts for the biggest impact. You can use services such as Canva to create eye-catching images to draw your followers in to find out more about your post.
  • Be entertaining and interesting. No one wants to be bored. Don’t post anything that will offend though, this is a sure fire way to turn customers off!
  • Be sure to include your website logo or an image of the product, if relevant, to the post. It all goes back to branding – create that brand awareness when and where you can.
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Communicate on Twitter consistently just like you do with Facebook. Tweet information that relates to your ecommerce business.
  • Optimize your Twitter profile by using your logo as your profile picture and your brand name as your Twitter handle and username.
  • Use your brand name as your hashtag and include it in all your tweets.
  • Locate your competitors and follow them to gain an understanding of what they are doing.
  • Tweet and re-tweet information that is relevant to your products.
  • Even though you are limited to 144 characters, you can embed links to your website as well as other information (articles, blogs, product information) that help build the brand and authority of your site.
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You must have a presence on Pinterest. Ultimately, you should have at least 90% of your products pinned in order to have a strong impact.
  • Put keywords in the titles of your Pinterest boards so that people can find them easily, but be careful not to “over stuff” them.
  • Create boards that are relevant to your business. Keep them fun, interesting and insightful!
  • Pin on a regular basis. A good number is 20-25 pins a day. If you don’t have time, 10-15 pins should be your goal. The point is to pin, pin, pin!
  • Re-pin old pins because not everyone will see all of your pins, especially new users. So, re-pinning pins that are a month old or older can reap rewards.
  • Follow people. Use this feature to find users who might be interested in following you: Replace “YOUR DOMAIN” with your website URL or the domains of your competitors.
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We have hopefully given you some actionable items in marketing your business and boosting sales. We also hope we have inspired you to be creative and have fun with it! Just remember that it is a process that works over time. Be consistent and persistent and you will reap the rewards!
And ALWAYS remember this……


Tips to Build Facebook Fans for Your Internet Business

Facebook Tips (1)

Get your customers to not only “like” you, but love you with these tips to build Facebook fans for your online business!

When you are a new business, you start from pretty much “zero” in terms of customers. Yes, I know I am stating the obvious. But, I just want to start at the very beginning and let you know that everyone begins at this point. So, how do you spread the word about your new business? Nowadays it is all about Social Media to get as much exposure as possible. Facebook is the best choice right now in terms of its reach.  reports Facebook has reached 1.23 billion active monthly users. As you can see using Facebook for your business will allow you to reach a mass amount of potential customers.
Maybe you just opened your internet business, or maybe you’ve been open several years. It doesn’t matter because the process to build a fan and customer base doesn’t end. There is no magic number that you want for fans—you want as many as you can get! Regardless of how long you’ve been in business, you still may need some ideas for getting the word out there. We all can get stale and need fresh ideas. You definitely don’t want to hit your friends and family over the head with a big stick day after day, asking them to like, share, and suggest your Facebook business page. I would like to provide you with some helpful tips to help build your fan base through Facebook.

Consistency is the Key

The key with any advertising is to be consistent and methodical. Use these guidelines for posting to Facebook:
  • Post daily or at a minimum 5 times per week
  • Be authentic
  • Offer value
  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Be seasonal
TIP: Always remember the 60/30/10 Facebook posting rule. You can use this as your guide in posting about your internet business each week.

The Facebook Posting Rule


Finding People to Reach on Facebook

OK, I think we all know that Facebook is the primary avenue to achieve all this exposure. But, first you have to find the audience who is on Facebook who will receive your information. We know they are “out there.” How do you find them? Well, there are many different ways to go about it. We found some very good resources on the internet like this article from HubSpot, “How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page“, or this one on WikiHow, “How to Get More Fans for Your Facebook Page“. As well as, this informative infographic from Mari Smith who is one of the social media “gurus”. Here’s has her own list of the “14 Ways to Get More Facebook Shares“.



Even though these articles have some excellent ideas, I know your time is limited and you may not have the time to research this topic for hours. So, because I know you, I’ve cut through some of the things that may be too simplistic or complicated and come up with a short list of 7 ideas for building your fan base through the use of Facebook.  Here they are:
  1. Facebook Ads

Place Facebook ads. This is one of the best ways to introduce your business to a targeted market. By clicking on the “Boost Post” option on FB you can define and select a market who will get this information. You choose the amount of money you want to spend daily and the number of days the ad will go out. This method works best when you use it consistently. You will find your fans increase rapidly through using FB ads!
  1. Facebook Personal Profile

Add a link to your business FB page onto your personal Facebook profile. By adding a link to your business page, you are letting people know of your business and connecting it to you personally without having to send a separate post. This 2010 article from Social Media Examiner ( has some very good suggestions for this.)
  1. Emails

If you are a new business, send out emails to your friends and acquaintances letting them know about your business in an introduction and with a link to the website. If you have been in business for a while and have an “opt-in” list, send out emails encouraging them to become a fan and “Like” your business page.  Be creative by asking them to write on your Facebook page wall or come up with other ideas to get more “Likes” on your page. Be sure that your business FB page is shown by adding a link on your email signature block.
  1. Print Media

Be sure to add the Facebook logo to any print like business cards, letterhead, printed newsletters and brochures. This will inform your customers you have a Facebook page and they will want to come and follow your business!
  1. @ Tag

Use the @ tag to inform friends when posting on your personal FB page. The way this works is this: as you post on your personal FB page you can also let folks know that you have something going on like a special event or discount sale by tagging your fan page with an @ tag. To do so, just type the “@” symbol and the first few letters of your business FB page. This becomes a subtle hyperlink that your FB friends can click on to get to your business page. Note: In order for the @ tag to work, you have to be a fan of your business FB page! You can also tag others, such as, others you want to give a “shout out” to in your postings. This will alert them you have tagged them and hopefully they will “like” and “share” your post.
  1. Cross-promote using your Twitter Account

Add a link to your Facebook page on your business Twitter profiles. Tweet about your Facebook page periodically to encourage Twitter followers to visit your business Facebook page. Use a posting scheduler system like HootSuite to link your Facebook, Twitter (and LinkedIn if you have one ) accounts so the same post can go out to all 3. By using the “lowest common denominator” of 140 characters, a post on Facebook will meet Twitter’s character requirement.

    7. Use Images

Everyone is extremely visual these days and you will want to draw people in with beautiful product pics, creative banners, inspirational quotes, and other forms of informative media. You can create easy marketing banners using program like, or Images are a great way to draw your followers in, plus posts with images have the most engagement and here’s the proof from in the article, “Photos Are Still King on Facebook” by SocialBaker.


Photos are still king - socialbaker

Tips for Posting Facebook Business Page

Post frequently! A reasonable number of posts each week is 1 to 3 times per day. You want your business to stay in front of people’s minds. If you are a new business and busy with your SEO 150% of your time, then you may set a goal of 1 to 2 times per day for the first month or two, then go to up to 3. Don’t minimize the importance of the exposure to your business that posts on Facebook are. As I said earlier, Facebook is the primary social media for your business.
What can you post? Many times, new business owners have “Poster’s Block” when it comes to generating ideas for posts. (Kind of like “Writer’s Block, get it? I just made that up!)  On a scheduled and periodic basis, create posts that are compelling with exciting news, recent changes, special incentives, and other “news” about your business. Include an invitation to your friends to join your fan page. Don’t forget to “share” these posts on your personal FB page.

Tips to Use When Searching for Content: 

Entertain: Find news items, entertaining videos on YouTube, interesting anecdotes, or anything that is appropriate and funny. People want to be entertained with interesting information on FB. Just do not go too far off your target market. You will want your post to pertain to the industry you are in, for instance, if you have a pet internet business then you can find cute videos of pets or a cute joke. Be creative and have fun!
Educate: Find or create information that educates about your industry. Your blogs can be a very good source for posts; you definitely want to create a Facebook post each time you publish a blog to your website. For example, let’s say you own a website that provides mobility aids. In this scenario, you might write a blog about the percentage of falls that result in death and post that blog on Facebook. The key is to either create or share other’s information on a valuable topic to your audience.
Inform: You will want to always post special events, sales, and offers for your business. Anything that is “new” about your website needs to be a post.
Use seasons: Always have a play for each season and holiday. In other words, have something special like a sale for every notable date (example: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s, Fat Tuesday, President’s Day, etc.). These are easy “reasons” to offer something to your customers with the added plus of having a “theme.”
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60/30/10 Rule: Again, I go back to this rule of thumb when posting about your business on Facebook. 60% of the time you will become a resource for your followers providing helpful tips and information about an area of your industry. 30% of the time you will be building your brand – you can share personal stories or announcements, sales or news about your internet business. This will help build trust and your persona with your audience. 10% of the time you will want to share content from others. Whether you are giving recognition from a joint marketing venture, sharing a helpful article or video tip from someone else (not your competition) it is great to build from other influencers.
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