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Preparing Your Online Business For Holiday Shopping

By: Shelly Lowder

6 Tips & Strategies To Prepare Your Online Business For The Holiday Shopping Season

The weather certainly doesn’t feel like the holidays are approaching and that makes it even harder to think about the countdown to the largest shopping season of the year.  Not to overwhelm you but there are less than 3 months until Christmas, so if you aren’t thinking about your plan and how the holidays will impact your business NOW is the time to start.
Consumers are shopping earlier and earlier so it is important to get your plans in place now to capitalize on those shoppers that are already searching for good deals and the perfect gift.  Consumers spent $108.15 billion online in November and December in 2017, a 14.7% increase over the 2016 holiday season, according to Adobe Digital Insights and the prediction is even better for 2018.
Planning for business is one of the most important things you can do right now.  We know you are wearing many hats in your online business but we suggest taking time to prepare so that you can reap the rewards of a well laid out plan.
We know it can be difficult to think of everything so we have put together six tips and strategies we suggest you do to prepare your online business for holiday shopping to help you make the best of this holiday season!


Update Inventory on Your Website

Hopefully, you keep your inventory up to date on your site but we suggest doing an inventory sweep to make sure all products are up to date.  You want to make sure that you have every opportunity to fill all orders when they come in. We also recommend making sure you stay on top of your inventory each week or even daily with your vendors.  This is a busy time for everyone and products quickly sell out so you want to reflect that on your site so that you are managing expectations with your customers and not promising something you can’t fulfill.


Set Up Abandoned Cart Emails

Abandoned cart emails are a great way to get back in front of customers that changed their mind at the last minute.  Maybe the customer was trying to purchase on their phone or became distracted and did not complete the transaction. By sending them a reminder email about the product(s) they forgot in their cart you are not only one step closer to a sale but you also have the opportunity to offer them a discount on their purchase.  This builds credibility with your customers and it also keeps your website top of their mind.


Reach Customers Through Social Media

Social media is key to reaching online customers.  It is a great strategy to drive traffic to your website and is a great way to remain relevant to your customers.  Consistency is also key with any social media efforts. A social media plan goes hand in hand with your promotional plan that you are offering.  Promote any new products, sale events, or exciting news through your social media outlets. Not everyone sees every post so it’s ok to post on multiple social media accounts and post often.  You want to stand out from the crowd during this time because customers are bombarded with companies trying to grab their attention. You do not want to just promote your website and products but also include important information and inspirations to show potential customers the validity of what you are offering them. A great way to do this is through video marketing. You can create an information or instructional video on how to use a product or why a certain product(s) will make the perfect gift this holiday season.
Why social media? Well, it will help you reach a vast number of potential customers especially the Gen Xers and millennials. According to Salesforce, 30% of Gen X and 48% of millennial consumers indicated that they will use social to find out about products to purchase. Studies also show that 69% of Facebook users visit to find discounts and share information with friends. Shoppers also love to post about the gifts they receive on social media. Therefore, social media is a great platform to reach customers before and after the holiday season!


Create Excitement with Festive Images On your Site

Just as brick-and-mortar stories play holiday music through the speakers to set the mood for holiday shopping you need to set the mood on your online store. Having a holiday theme on your website is a great way to make your online store look and feel different.  Plus, customers will love the festive feel! Create banners and fun elements that will attract customers as they come to your site. One thing to note, don’t over do it and make changes to categories or the navigation.  This will only confuse your customers. You can make subtle changes that are festive and bring in the holiday cheer. If you need a little extra help to enhance your business – check out the ecommerce design services we offer at Pure-Ecommerce.


Offer Competitive Pricing with Promotions

Getting your ideas on paper will go along the way as you start to plan your business over the next couple of months.  A promotional calendar is a great way to make the holidays less hectic and put you on the right track to having your best year yet.  For many retailers, the holidays represent as much as 30% of their sales. As you can see it’s important to have a plan and be consistent.  Think about products or categories that you can promote each day or each week. Create a banner that you change out on your website that leads customers to your promoted products and don’t forget to promote on social media. Make plans now for how you want to run your business during this busy time.  It is also important to offer discounts to stay competitive throughout the holiday season. Customers love incentives and a great way to give them savings is through a graduated coupon so the more they spend the more they save!


Evaluate Your Shipping and Return Policy
Shipping fees can make or break a sale.  Many customers expect free shipping and wait for companies to offer free shipping before buying from them.  In order to be competitive during the holidays, you need to evaluate your shipping policy and determine what you can afford to do. Choosing a few days to offer free shipping is an option if you have a product line that does not allow you to offer free shipping every day.  It is a good idea to offer free shipping on and around Black Friday and Cyber Monday as they are two very important days during the holiday season. You can promote your shipping policy on your website and also through social media to entice shoppers.
Having a good holiday return policy is also a great idea.  It’s easy to say no returns and leave it at that, however, this may deter shoppers from purchasing from you.  No return policies sometimes make shoppers reluctant to buy from online stores especially when buying gifts. It is best to evaluate your policy and be sure you know the policies of your vendors as well to ensure things run smoothly.
One other suggestion is to know the shipping cut off dates with your vendors. For example, when is the last date a vendor will accept orders and still ship it out in time for the holidays? Shipping times change during the holidays due to the amount of volume each vendor has so be sure and understand this so you can communicate with your customers. Things come up and delays happen but you never want to over promise and under deliver.


We hope these tips help you as you plan out your holiday season.   Develop a great plan and then focus on flawlessly executing your strategies.  Be creative with your ideas, be consistent with your efforts and be confident that the time and energy you spent planning will bring in many sales in the coming months.

Holiday Dates You Need to Know For Your Ecommerce Business

The holiday shopping season is here and you do not want to miss a thing – Mark your calendars with the important dates we outlined below!

By: Catherine Perry

There is no debating it—we are in the holiday shopping season already! It seems to start earlier every year, doesn’t it? With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it means that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching. We know you are ready for the time of year when consumerism is at its highest. And, if you aren’t, get to it pronto!
We have given you the projections for this year’s holiday season in other blogs, but just in case you missed them, here they are again. It’s going to be big! According to Marketingland, reporting NetElixir’s tabulations of nine years of aggregate data from mid-sized and large online retailers in their article “2017’s Holiday E-commerce Sales Projected to Grow 10% Over Last Year’s Holiday Season,” the forecast is for this year’s holiday e-commerce sales to see a 10% year-over-year growth rate. That is just for e-commerce, folks.
In terms of all of retail, Marketingland forecasts consumer spending over Black Friday weekend to grow by 47% from the same period in 2016. This article cites RetailMeNot’s survey data that shows consumers planning to spend an average of $743 during the weekend that runs from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. And, another interesting statement to note in this article is that “Cyber Monday has become even bigger than Black Friday in terms of online sales.”  That’s you, Mr. and Ms. E-commerce Owner!
Another number projected for this holiday season comes from They report “U.S. retail e-commerce sales are expected to jump 16.6% during the 2017 holiday season, driven by increases in mobile commerce” and online shopping trends.
As you can see from these articles, this season is going to be very strong for e-commerce. So, in preparing to be as ready as possible through the entire holiday shopping season, we wanted to give you some shipping dates to put on your calendar for FedEx, UPS, and USPS. These dates are for shipments to arrive before December 25, 2017. (Please note we are giving you the shipping dates for within the U.S. Deadlines for shipping packages internationally varies based on the destination. See the specific service for dates if shipping with international destinations.)


See FedEx 2017 Last Days to Ship for entire holiday schedule.
Shipping within the U.S.:
  • December 15: Last day to ship for FedEx Ground
  • December 18: Last day to ship for FedEx Home Delivery
  • December 19: Last day to ship for FedEx Express Save
  • December 20: Last day to ship for FedEx 2-day
  • December 21: Last day to ship for FedEx First, Standard, or Priority Overnight



  • December 18: Last day to ship for UPS 3-Day Select
  • December 20: Last day to ship for UPS 2nd-Day Air
  • December 22: Last day to ship for UPS Next Day



See USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines for entire shipping dates.
Within the contiguous United States:
  • December 14: Last day to ship for USPS Retail Ground Service
  • December 19: Last day to ship for USPS First-Class Mail Service
  • December 20: Last day to ship for USPS Priority Mail Service
  • December 22: Last day to ship for USPS Priority Mail Express Service
If you currently own an ecommerce business we invite you to read the following blog posts for tips in preparing your online business for the holiday season!

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