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Realities of Running an Internet Business Internationally

Are you interested in owning your own internet business while living internationally, but still not sure if it is for you?


In our previous post, “Live and Work from Anywhere in the World – Is it for you? we posed questions to help you decide whether this is the route for you. We know…we know…this is a major decision and you still may need more information to decide. Now we would like to share with you the actual experience of one of our Pure-Ecommerce clients who lives internationally.

Let us introduce you to Anna Dalaire, she is the owner of a custom internet business named With the guidance from the team at Pure-Ecommerce she started her own online fitness business. We recently interviewed Anna to share her insight into being a valued international customer of Pure-Ecommerce in order to give you a glimpse into her experience and how it can help you understand the realities of running an internet business internationally.

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1. Where do you live?

Vancouver British Columbia Canada

2. Why did you purchase an internet based business?

I purchased my online business so I could turn my passion for fitness and fashion into a second stream of income.

3. Do you travel while running your internet business?

I have traveled while working on building my online business. I’ve worked from home, from the office, from my hotel room in San Diego, from the airport and from the beach.

4. What are the pros for owning a business that allows you to live and travel internationally?

Pros of owning my own online business is that I can work from anywhere, all I need is access to the internet. Another big pro for me is by making my passions my business I never feel like I’m actually “working”.

5. What are the cons for owning a business that allows you to live and travel internationally?

The only con I can think of for me personally, is I never shut off. Because I can work from anywhere, I’m always working!

6. What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced when starting your online business?

My biggest obstacles has been juggling my time. I own a consulting business in the mining industry and keeping that operation running smoothly while starting up FIT and Flirty has been very time consuming.

7. What was easier than you thought it would be when starting your online business?

There was actually more involved in the process than I originally thought, but Pure E-commerce provides the tools and road map and you decide how much time and dedication you are willing to put it. The combination of Pure E-Commerce’s experience and your commitment to your online store will determine the success!

3D set of domain pin-pointers with various countries flags

Pure-Ecommerce is here to provide you with key information that will benefit you will making the decision to rule your life and become the own your own internet business. Our team has worked with clients not only from the U.S., but Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and various other international locations. To find out more about living
and working internationally, check out these other blog posts:

Watch this brief video from Jennifer Varner explaining how you too can live and work anywhere in the world while running your own internet business!

Live and Work from Anywhere in the World – Is it for you?

Have you been day dreaming about being able to live and work from anywhere in the world?

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Just not sure if it is for you or not! It is time to ask yourself the following questions and truly examine if having a business with the freedom and flexibility to live and work wherever is right for you. Many people dream of traveling the world or living in exotic places while having a business they can do work from anywhere and enjoy the income stream it provides. Does this sound like you? Do you feel trapped in a job where you stay on the corporate “treadmill” and see the same scenery day in and day out? Would you like to run your own business? If you have answered “yes” to these questions, owning a live from anywhere in the world business may be the perfect solution for you to make your dream a reality!

A dream is just that if you don’t take steps to make it happen. How should you begin to determine  if it makes sense for you? We suggest looking at certain aspects of living and working internationally to dig deeper in discovering if this lifestyle will actually work for you. After dreaming of it, you can start to see if working internationally is right for you.

Ask yourself the following questions to find the answer if being able to live and work internationally is for you!

Where would you live?

the world at your finger tips

The world is at your finger tips – it is up to you where to go! You may already know the country or countries in which you are interested in living. On the other hand, you may not know, so you may need to “peel the onion” more in pinpointing the right match. For a successful stayabroad it is highly preferable to match your destination with your personal interests. In looking for a country in which to live, first you need to determine the nature of your goals and expectations in an overseas experience. Are you interested in a certain climate? Do you want to immerse yourself in a different language? Are there certain cultures that you want to experience? After arriving at a list of potential countries, do your own research in order to open your mind to the possibilities. Dive into the information you find and hone in on the countries you feel are a good match.

In addition to your own interests, there are other considerations when looking at a country in which to live. The political and economic climate in a country is a big factor. Many foreign countries experience political unrest, which is an environment that can impact the quality of your life there. Certain aspects of the economy may be important also. For instance, if there is high inflation you may see your spending power greatly diminished. Since we have experienced low inflation in the U.S. in recent years, it would be an adjustment to see prices of consumer goods go up every day!

Research the VISA requirements for countries you are interested in. This differs for each country. Many countries require a temporary VISA in order to stay for long periods of time. Sometimes there may be a long up-front time required in submitting the application and getting approved, so you definitely want to factor it into your timeline.

There are several countries that are very popular for U.S. expatriates, based on different criteria. You can find these easily on the internet. The provides valuable information about various countries. The bottom line is for you to explore different countries and how you might enjoy actually living and working there!

What are your priorities for you and your business? 

priorities concept

Make a list of your priorities, both personally and for a business.  You may find some of the following aspects of having a business and living internationally on your list.

1. Is it having a flexible schedule?

Many people who live and work internationally have had careers previously that kept them restricted or “tied down” to the job-so much so that they couldn’t take vacations and travel. Indeed, many times people find that they can’t even take the vacation they have accrued on the job because there aren’t backups in place to cover the work when they are gone. Maybe you have retired from the corporate world and still want to be productive and generate some income, as well as, travel and experience other cultures. If one of your priorities is to have flexibility in when you work and what time of day (or night) you can work, then an ecommerce business may be a good fit.

2. Is is the desire to become “the captain of your own ship” – be your own boss?

Have you spent your career and working life dealing with people first-hand and on the front-line? Maybe you have been in sales or customer service, or human resources, or a manager of people. Yes, having your own business means that you will do a little of all of these, but you are in charge. That makes all the difference. You set your goals. You make them happen. There is no corporate chain of command you have to go through. It is all yours! You don’t have to report to anyone how many hours you worked in a day, or how many days you toured the ruins. You work as you decide you need to. How does that sound to you?

3. Having a portable business that you can do anywhere?

If you love to travel and see new places, you may find that being able to run a business from wherever you are makes perfect sense for you. Can you see yourself in Costa Rica working from your room with a view of the beautiful coast? How about sitting at a vineyard in Tuscany and processing transactions before you tour wineries? How about living in the South of France and earning an income while you shop in the village square for the fresh dinner you are making that night?

4. Is it the desire to see something you start flourish?

Building a business and seeing it grow. Maybe you have worked for someone else your entire career life and have longed to have something that is your own. Building a business is a dream many people have but never act upon. Being able to achieve this while experiencing different cultures can be your absolute, ultimate life!

5. Do you want to leave a legacy for your family?

Perhaps you have a dream of building a business that you can leave to your spouse and/or children. Maybe you have your own retirement fund in good shape, but you don’t have enough saved to live a long life with travel included and have something left for your family. Doesn’t being able to travel and build a business at the same time sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. You can make it happen, and this may be the perfect solution for you.

Live and work from anywhere – is this the “Life” for You?

live and work internationally

By writing down your priorities, you begin to understand more fully the aspects of what a life of traveling or living in another country may look like. Exploring your goals, both personally and from a business standpoint, helps you in determining the most important things about being able to live and work living internationally. Seeking out forums and blogs can give you information from others who have done it so you can benefit from their experience. Attending conferences such as the “Fund your Life Overseas Conference” saturate you with many possibilities for business opportunities abroad. You can learn how you can work from anywhere in the world and what business opportunities will allow you this freedom and flexibility!

There are many things to consider when thinking of owning your business and working abroad. Hopefully, we have helped you get started on the path and generated some thoughts.  You may just decide that starting your own business and being able to live and work internationally is the “life” for you!

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