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Pick Your Path – Love What You Do! Start Your Own Ecommerce Business

Are you ready to start  your own ecommerce business? Then you should explore your options to decide whether a ready-made or custom design ecommerce business is the best fit for you!

By: Catherine Perry

You see many of the benefits in having your own ecommerce website business such as being the decision-maker, having flexibility in your schedule, and being able to work from anywhere. Most importantly, being an ecommerce owner can mean having a business that you love—one that you are passionate about, one that energizes you every day, one that supplies you with an internal feeling of fulfillment! When you pick your path, you can love what you do!
When purchasing an ready-made internet business, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to create a custom design ecommerce business or purchase an ecommerce business that is ready-made with a design, as well as, set up with the initial vendors and products all ready loaded. Either way, Pure-Ecommerce has a team of experts who have the knowledge and experience you need behind you. Let us help! In this blog, we’re going to give you information about both options. Whether you are thinking about going custom or ready-made as we want to help you decide the best option for you.

Which Industry And Market Do You Want To Be In? 

The first step in purchasing an ecommerce business is to know which industry and market you want to work in. This is often the most challenging part of starting a new online business. Is there an industry that you have passion for—pets, furniture, children, health and nutrition? Research the viability of the industry and market–especially if it is a niche market and especially if you’re thinking of creating a custom website.
You may already have a product you have researched and have a strong interest in selling. Or, it may be that you have several products of interest and need to do more research to see which one you want to sell. It should be an industry that has strong growth numbers and good profit margins.
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Here are some differences between building a custom site and buying a “ready-made” site as related to the industry and market:
Ready-Made: Purchasing a site that is “ready-made” allows you to start much more quickly than building a custom site. In buying a ready-made business, you get started with training and are able to go “live” sooner than with a custom site. But, even though working with Pure-Ecommerce in purchasing a ready-made site makes the process quicker, you still need to spend time researching the industry and market. This gives you the knowledge you need to work in that market.
Custom: Building a Custom design website from scratch allows you to incorporate your ideas about the design of the site and the products you will offer. After you research the industry and market in which you are interested, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to make a decision on the industry. Then you work with designers like the ones at Pure-Ecommerce to build the site.

What Do You Want The Design Of The Website To Look Like?

A website design that works for the industry and market you have selected is very important. If you are creative and already have ideas about the look and the organization of the site, then you may want to consider a custom-built site.  You can truly have a sense of ownership by taking a major part in the building of your ecommerce business. At Pure-Ecommerce, you work with an experienced designer to build a website that reflects your ideas. This is a collaborative process between you and the web designing team.
However, if you don’t have the creative inspiration for the design of a website, then purchasing a ready-made site is the best option for you. All the upfront work has been done! Pure-Ecommerce’s expert designers use their wealth of experience and knowledge when they create ecommerce businesses that are ready-made. By eliminating the time required in creating a website, you are able to go “live” a bit quicker. No matter which route you choose you want to ensure your website has a 100% responsive design so your customers will have a great experience no matter if they are shopping from their PC, tablet or smartphone.
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Here are some differences between building a custom site and buying a “ready-made” site in terms of design:
Ready-Made: When you purchase a site that is ready to go, the design and organization of the site is already done. You simply pick one that you like, go through your training, and go “live.”
Custom: When you build a custom site, you collaborate with the design team on the look and organization of your site. You’re involved during the entire process.

How Will You Select The Products And Vendors? 

The next task is the selection of the products to offer and the vendors who supply those products.  You will need to do some research on vendors in the event that drop ship vendors are not available for the type of products you want. One of the last issues you want to deal with is not being able to find vendors to work with!
When you purchase a ready-made ecommerce business with Pure-Ecommerce, the selection of drop ship vendors has already been done for you. Our websites are loaded with a large number of products that serve as a strong foundation in the beginning of your business. You always start with a few vendors when you purchase an ecommerce business from Pure-Ecommerce. This is incredibly helpful in your ability to get going quickly.
Ready-Made: When you purchase a site that is ready to go, the initial work has been done by the project teams to have products loaded in the beginning.
Custom: When you build a custom site, you are actively involved in researching and selecting your vendors and products.

Which Is Right For You–Custom Or Ready-Made?

In helping you decide on whether to build a custom site or purchase one that is ready-made, we put together a table that shows possible pros and cons. It is a big decision and we want to help you any way we can to make the right one for you!  When you pick your path and love what you do, success is almost a given!


Building a Custom Design Ecommerce Business:

Deciding on industry, market, types of products
Pros: You have the ability to select the specific market for you and the exact products you want to sell.
Cons: This takes more time than purchasing a ready-made site.
Designing the website
Pros: You take an active role in the creative process by working with a design team from the conception.
You have input on the look and organization of the site.
Cons: This takes more time than purchasing a ready-made site.
Selecting Vendors and Products
Pros: You research and select vendors, as well as the products you will sell on your site.
You know the products through this process better than when you purchase a ready-made site.
Cons: This takes more time than purchasing a ready-made site.

Purchasing a Ready-Made Ecommerce Business:

Deciding on industry, market, types of products
Pros: You have many to choose from with Pure-ecommerce.
You benefit from the experience of their team of marketers and designers.
Use Pure-ecommerce’s experience and knowledge of ecommerce trends and growth potential.
Cons: Only a con if you want to be more in control of this process.
Designing the website
Pros: You don’t have to be involved in the website design.
Pure-ecommerce has an expert design team who has done the work for you.
Cons: This is only a con if you want to be involved in the creative aspect of designing the website.
Selecting Vendors and Products
Pros: You start off with a website that has initial products loaded–including pictures, pricing, and product descriptions.
Cons: This is only a con if you want to be more involved in the initial stage of finding vendors.
Either way—building a custom site or purchasing one that is ready-made–Pure-Ecommerce has the team to make it happen for you! Working with us to create your custom website is easier than others because you have the one-on-one experience of working with our knowledgeable team who has valuable experience creating websites.
Pick your path–an industry you love — a website that works for you and You will love what you do! Then you will find that with hard work, time and dedication success can be right around the corner!
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Don’t Let Fear Overpower Your Desire to Become an Entrepreneur

Fear does not have the power – YOU DO! You can overcome the fear of the unknown to realize your dream of being your own boss and becoming an ecommerce entrepreneur.

By: Catherine Perry

We talk to a lot of people who are interested in owning an ecommerce business. They are frustrated with the corporate 9-to-5 life of commuting to work and having little time either with their families or for themselves to develop meaningful relationships and recharge energy. They feel that they have the entrepreneurial spirit and they feel the pull to have their own business. They long for a more flexible schedule and the ability to direct their own futures. But, so many times they are afraid to make a change. They let fear be the driving force in their future instead of the desire to have the life they dream about.
Is this you?
  • Have a long commute each way to get to your corporate 9-to-5 5-days a week job.
  • Have an OK salary (or not) and you never feel fully appreciated for the work you do.
  • Have 2 weeks of vacation each year.
  • Sometimes you feel secure in your job, but most days you don’t.
  • Dream of being an entrepreneur.
But, is this what you really want?
  • Working at home where your office is easy to get to and comfortable.
  • Running the show, making the decisions with no boss checking in.
  • Having a flexible schedule so you can run errands during the day, spend time with the children and pets.
  • Meeting friends for lunch.
  • Knowing what you do each day for the business contributes to your success as an entrepreneur.
  • Having more money.
The difference between the 2 lists comes down to you being able to make the change from employee to business owner. The inability to make this change keeps you stuck where you are and dissatisfied.



Most of the time the inability to change comes from fear. Our fears can be rational or irrational. They can affect us positively or negatively. Our fears can positively affect our lives by keeping us physically out of harm’s way. But our fears can also negatively affect our lives if they are irrational fears and we let them control us. We thought it would be helpful to talk about some of the irrational fears that people let rule their decisions and keep them from becoming the entrepreneurs they really want to be.
If you find that fear is causing you to stay in a less-than-ideal work situation and, therefore, is keeping you from making the move to entrepreneurship, this article is for you! We are highlighting 3 fears you may be experiencing that are holding you back in pursuing your dream of being an entrepreneur.


The fear of failure holds people back from making a change. According to the article “Overcoming Fear of Failure” on, “fear of failure (also called atychiphobia) is when we allow that fear to stop us doing the things that can move us forward to achieve our goals.”
What is important is first to recognize that this fear is causing you to be stuck and then to change your mind set about failure.  You can look at failure as something terrible, or you can look at failure as a learning experience. When you change the way you look at “failure” and the way you define it, you can look for the lessons you can learn from that experience. In this way, failures become growth experiences because they can keep us from making the same mistakes again. It is helpful to write down what is the worst thing that can happen if you take a chance and fail. You will more than likely find that nothing on the list is irreparable.

The Unknown

Most of us fear what we don’t know. Starting a business can be pretty scary if you are giving up a lot to get it going and if you haven’t started a business before. The keys are to prepare and have a plan of action. Get into the learning mode. Read as much as you can about what is entailed in owning an ecommerce business. Learn about the responsibilities and tasks involved in operating an online business. Look for forums where other ecommerce owners are having conversations about their work. Ask a lot of questions. By educating yourself as much as possible, the venture won’t be as much an unknown and won’t be as scary. Then, come up with your plan of action. By having a plan you will feel much more in control and less afraid of going forward.



Financial Stability

If you have always worked at a 9-to-5 job, you may be fearful of the financial aspect of starting your own business. You may think that owning a business has less financial stability than your regular paycheck currently provides. The fact is that, as an entrepreneur, you have the potential for much more financial stability than by just being an employee. Again, the “not knowing” creates a fear that can stop you from embarking on the path that will lead to greater financial success than you know today.
One thing that can help with this fear is educating yourself and preparing. In the article “The 7 Fears all Entrepreneurs Must Conquer” on, Aaron Agius says that “financial ignorance is one of the main reasons eight out of ten businesses fail in the first 18 months of business. Getting a good hold of your own financial know-how…helps you ride the entrepreneurial wave.”
Here are some other things you can do when fear gets in your way:
  1. Be clear on why you want to start a business. Write it down. Make a list of your personal goals. These are things you can come back to when you are feeling uncertain.
  2. Have an optimistic view. Be positive about starting your business venture. Understand that there are risks and things can go wrong because this is real life and it doesn’t always go just as you planned. But, you can understand the risks and find ways to overcome them.
  3. Be persistent. As the owner of a business, you will have obstacles to get around from time to time. The power of being persistent can’t be over-stated. Go back to your list of why you started the business and your personal goals to remind yourself that this is the path for you. Stick with it!
  4. Start the business part-time (if you’re already working full-time). Getting the business up and running does take time and hard-work, but you do not want to overwhelm yourself at first. You want to work at your own pace and have the understanding that you are starting a business, therefore, it takes time to get going. You can work your online business around your full-time job, this may give you the jump you need before you are ready to quit your job.



Facing a fear takes courage, but courage is the first step toward taking control of your destiny. Starting and running your own small business can be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. Don’t let your fear cause you to miss out on the life you are meant to have. Let us at Pure-Ecommerce help you make that decision and move forward. To find out more about starting your own ecommerce business click below to request our complete information Package and how we can help you get started!


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