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Ecommerce March Madness – Great Time to Start an Online Business!

let the madness begin

It’s March Madness time – for ecommerce that is…..Now is a great time for you to start an online business and spring into this exciting industry!

I know a slew of you are probably thinking, “Finally, it’s spring,” after the brutal winter most everyone on the North American Continent has had! We all have visions of daffodils popping out of the frozen ground and buds emerging where leaves on trees will soon appear. There is a count-down of days for the first sign that life is returning to the barren landscape most of us have experienced for the last several months. Can we be any more excited about spring?  Congratulations! You have made it through another winter!!!!
We know in the U.S., college basketball sports fans are undoubtedly thinking “March Madness.” Once again, that time of year is upon us when you’re glued to the television and pulling for your favorite teams as we wind up the basketball season. The excitement of competition and viewing the best our country has to offer in college basketball gets our blood pumping once again! !” It’s CRAZINESS!


Well, guess what? We at Pure-Ecommerce have a little “Ecommerce March Madness” going on this month too!! We are so excited about the end of winter, spring being on the horizon, Saint Patrick’s Day, college basketball play-offs, and anything else we can celebrate this month that we decided to offer some extraordinary “Ecommerce March Madness” packages with add-ons that will support your success!
Take a look at these outstanding “Ecommerce March Madness” extras you get when you purchase a Ready-to-Go Internet Business in a Box or Custom Website Design Package #3 or #4 during the month of March! (Please forgive all the basketball metaphors—we got a bit carried away!)

Free Mobile Marketing Site

There is no question that ecommerce businesses must be mobile-friendly in order to fully capture customers in today’s market. Since 54% of all smart phone users use their phones to access websites and 38% of them make online purchases from their phones, having a mobile site is a “must have.”
When you purchase either a Ready-to-Go Internet Business in a Box or a Custom Website Design Package #3 or #4 during the month of March, we will design a Mobile Marketing Site to match the website you select FOR FREE! This addition will get you positioned for a lay-up goal in the mobile shopping world! A value of $350!!

Two Years Access to elearning Library

We believe knowledge is power. Our clients tell us that the training materials and information we have developed, which is available in our elearning library, is invaluable in their ability to get started quickly and ramp up their businesses. We want each of you to have the greatest chance of success; we believe our training and consulting program is a big factor in achieving this.
When you purchase either a Ready-to-Go Internet Business in a Box or a Custom Website Design Package #3 or #4 during the month of March, you will receive an EXTRA YEAR of access to our ecommerce 10-step instructional program and all our ecommerce materials! This means you have the material for your reference for the 1st two years of your business!! This could be the equivalent of a 3-pointer goal! A value of $250!

A Credit for 100 Products Loaded

That’s right!  When you purchase either a Ready-to-Go Internet Business in a Box or a Custom Website Design Package #3 or #4 during the month of March, you will get a credit for 100 products to be loaded onto your site by Pure-Ecommerce! This is a great opportunity to expand your product collection as you grow your business so you can offer your customers even more fabulous products. Adding products can be a very time-consuming task that takes your time away from doing other important things like marketing. We are more than happy to assist in making this a slam dunk for you! A value of $150!!

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Spring is a time of re-birth!

If you’re considering becoming the owner of an internet business, you may be thinking of this new venture as your own “re-birth” or “re-invention.” With spring around the corner, it is the perfect time to get started on the exciting new life you’ll have as the owner of an internet business!
And, with our “Ecommerce March Madness” package add-ons, there is no question about it–March, with all of its “madness,” is the month to purchase an internet business!
Visit us at to find out more about this limited time special offer to you when you purchase an internet business in March! Let us help you start an online business – see our complete collection of ready to go internet businesses for sale at Request a quote today and we will send you our complete information package to get you started….
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Live the “Sweet” Life – Start Your Own Online Business

Live The Sweet Life

It’s time to #LoveWhatYouDo and you can when you start your own online business!

It’s Valentine’s Day which leads you to start to think about LOVE! I invite you to take a moment to ask yourself these 5 simple questions…..
  1. Do you love what you do?
  2. Are you passionate about your job?
  3. Are you happy with where your career path is leading you?
  4. Are you looking for a deeper fulfillment?
  5. Do you have the desire to live the “sweet” life and be your own boss?
At Pure-Ecommerce we are celebrating the month of “love” and asking you to REALLY ask yourself, “Do you love what you do?” If not, then now is the time to let Pure-Ecommerce show you the way and for you to start your own online business! We offer budding entrepreneur like you the opportunity to start their own online business in hopes of being able to live the sweet life.

What Makes Pure-Ecommerce Different?

For the past eight years we have guided hundreds of people searching for online business opportunities in opening the virtual doors of their online store. Pure-Ecommerce not only offers highly professional website designs, not templates, in some of the most popular niche markets in the online marketplace. We do not stop there, our exceptional team of project managers, research, contact and set up the initial drop ship vendor relationships for you. Our online businesses are loaded with a variety of products from vendors who will drop ship the products directly to your customers. This allows you the ability to run a business with very low overhead.


We do not stop there! When you choose to work with Pure-Ecommerce you will receive 40 hours of ecommerce consulting during the first year of business. Knowledge is power and having the support of consulting team is simply priceless. You can find out more about the Pure-Ecommerce Process by going to We are not a company that will leave you out there all alone in “cyber space”, you will have step-by-step training to better understand how to set up, run and market your new online business!
We also have two different routes you can take to starting an online business. You can go with a ready to go internet business in a box or you can #GoCustom to create your own online business with the concept, design, vendors and products you choose. It is our mission to offer anyone with the desire and drive the tools they need to start their own online business.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

Hard Work & Dedication Leads to Success

It is true the barrier of entry to get online is pretty simple, but just by being online does not give you the ability to create a successful business. It takes hard work and dedication to lead you down the path to success! Sure, it may be pretty simple for some to acquire their own vendors, have a site designed and put it online. However, the actual running and marketing of the website business is the key piece to helping create a successful online store. If you don’t educate yourself as to what needs to be done, what goes into doing it you may fail, but the choice is up to you! You need to have the desire and drive to push yourself to achieve success!
It’s time for you to decide…..Do you love what you do? Do you want to live the sweet life?

To see our current collections of internet businesses for sale jump over to now. Take the first step and contact the ecommerce professional at Pure-Ecommerce to fin out how you too can start your own online business!

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